50 Short Hairstyles for Men in 2016

50 Short Hairstyles for Men in 2016

Try on these super hip short hairstyles for men if you’re looking to refresh your look and style up this season. Short haircuts and hairstyles for men never go out of fashion. However, with each season and year, new versions and twists are introduced for the classics. Versatile and easy to style, short haircuts are a must try this summer. Find your inspiration with our extended collection of 50 short hairstyles for men.

1. Classic Short Hairstyles for Men

classic short hairstyles

Classics like this outgrown buzz cut are timeless and always stylish. This simple hairstyle for men with short hair fits thick hair or thin hair and is flattering for all of you gents.

2. Dreamy Wavy Outgrown Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Men

outgrown faux hawk hairstyle

If you’re sporting dreamy waves like this gent, try this short faux hawk hairstyle. It’s classy and cool. Not to mention the ample room for styling to suit any environment and situation.

3. Short and Rough. Taper Cut and Spikes

short hairstyles for men spikes and tapered sides

Shorter sides are a constant in short haircuts for men. However, mix them with a daring hairstyle for short hair like these spikes and create a rough look bound to turn some heads.

4. Short Wavy Hairstyles for Men

short wavy hairstyles for men

If you’re a classy gent who wants to show off his short wavy hair, go for this gorgeous hairstyle that’s just right for a late evening summer cocktail party.

5. Classy Short Wavy Hairstyle for Men

short wavy hairstyle for men

This summer is all about embracing the natural looks of your hair. Let those curls and wave show in an organized manner. Trim the sides and style the top to reveal the beauty of your natural hair.

6. Short Side-swept Faux Hawk Hairstyle

short side swept faux hawk

Faux hawk hairstyles have been around for quite a while now. Successfully stylish with each style element that has been introduced, faux hawk cuts seem to remain in the top preferences of gents around the world. A short, well-trimmed faux hawk like this still provides ample room for versatile hairstyles.

7. Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

hairstyles for men

Edgy and cool could be used to describe this attractive hairstyle for men with short hair. Let your buzz cut grow and create a messy look that looks effortlessly voluminous and structured. The ladies will love it.

8. Short Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Men

short buzz cut hairstyle

Buzz cuts are the classics of hairstyles for men with short hair. If you want to sport an effortless look this summer, go for short buzz cuts.

9. Back-swept Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

back swept pompadour

If you’re undecided between a short hairstyle and a medium-length hairstyle, try this pompadour hairstyle with short faded sides. Wear your mane in a sleek back-sweep or messy. Your choice reflects your individuality.

10. Cool Short Hairstyles for Men

cool short hairstyles

The cool factor of this hairstyle for men with short hair is rendered by the well-defined layered strands. They’re ideal for styling quickly and effortlessly into a rocking hairstyle for a style-forward gent.

11. Short Hairstyle for Men with Thin Hair

short hairstyle for men

Thin hair or thick hair, it makes no difference when you’re sporting a short layered hairstyle revealing the natural beauty of your manly mane.

12. Taper Cut, Long Top. Cool Hairstyle for Short Hair

cool hairstyle for short hair

A hairstyle that simply screams vacation and long trips on foreign roads. This outgrown taper cut combines the better of two worlds. With a deep side part and a sleek side-sweep for the long cut top, you’re guaranteed a hairstyle that’s easy to wear in more formal environments or on a safari trip.

13. Hairstyles for Short Hair Men

hairstyles for short hair


Taper cut on the sides and deep side part. This hairstyle is classy and effortlessly gorgeous. Try it on this summer for added comfort and its cool overtones.

14. Deep Side Fade. Short Hairstyle for Men

side fade

Are you looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle in 2016? Try this eccentric side undercut that draws all the attention to the luscious top. Borderline short, but certainly cool and daring.

15. Long Loose Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

pompadour hairstyle for men

Although pompadour hairstyles require slightly longer hair, they’re still part of the short hairstyles for men category. This example makes no exception. If you have straight thick hair like this gent, give it a try. It’s one of the favorite hairstyles in 2016.

16. Short Curly Hairstyles for Men

short curly hairstyles for men

If your natural hair is curly, don’t hide it with a buzz cut. Try a taper cut with a longer top that lets those curls arrange naturally in a beautiful hairstyle for men with short curly hair.

17. Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle

short faux hawk hairstyle

Maintaining your hairstyle doesn’t get any easier than with this short faux hawk. It’s daring, classy and cool, all in a refreshing bundle of style elements for gents with short hair.

18. Men Short Hairstyles: Back-swept waves

men short hairstyles

Taper cut sides create a supportive structure for the astonishing arrangement of waves on top. Try this good looking hairstyle for the style-forward gentleman.

19. Short Faded Faux Hawk Hairstyle

short faded faux hawk

Whether you’re a fan of hair products or want a hairstyle that’s easy to style in the morning, a short faded faux hawk is exactly what you need. It’s versatile, yet simple and rough.

20. Short Hairstyle for Men: the Buzz Cut

short hairstyle for men buzz cut

A clean buzz cut is a classic. Not only is it flattering for everyone, but it also suits thick or thin hair, straight or curly hair.

21. Messy Short Hairstyle for Men

messy short hairstyle

Start with an undercut faux hawk as the basis. Then use professional hair products to create an eye-catching mess that’s bound to earn you some style credits.

22. Taper Cut and Styled Pomp for Men’s Short Hair

taper cut and styled pomp

For hair that naturally holds a strong structure and volume, a pompadour hairstyle is absolutely stunning. Style those strands upward and slightly toward the back. Your next going out hairstyle is ready.

23. Short Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

short hairstyles for men

A taper fade cut on the side and a razor defined side part are all the style elements you need to create a stunning hairstyle for short hair. The long side-swept top adds an extra cool note.

24. Short Taper Cut for Men

short taper cut

Another variation of the previous hairstyle for short hair is this short and rough taper cut. Messy, spiked or feathered, it will look just as attractive.

25. Outgrown Buzz Cut for Short Hair Men

outgrown buzz cut hairstyle

Short hair doesn’t necessarily imply a cut that’s under one inch of length. Let that buzz cut grow a bit, particularly if your hair is thick.

26. Short Length Hairstyles for Men

short length hairstyles

Short hairstyles for men can bring some more inches to that mane. It doesn’t mean your hair is long. Try this super cool hairstyle this summer for a sleek, classy look.

27. Short Textured Haircut for Men

short textured haircut

Textured haircuts for men are ideal for thin and fine hair. They create structure and add depth and volume in no time. Complement short hairstyles for men with a luscious beard like this gent and you’re bound to turn some heads.

28. Messy Hairstyle for Short Hair

messy hairstyle for short hair

Reveal the natural beauty of your hair with this short messy hairstyle. It will take longer than one minute to achieve, yet it’s totally worth the extra invested time.

29. Short Hairstyles for Black Men

short hairtstyles for black men

A short, well-trimmed Afro hairstyle with a clean cut razor side part is one of the most attractive hairstyles for black men who want to keep their hair short.

30. Stylish Short Hair Men Hairstyles

stylish short hair men

Add a playful note to your overall manly look with a short hairstyle featuring a preppy note thanks to the short side-swept bangs. A textured short haircut like this is ideal to achieve the look.

31. Feathered Faux-Hawk Hairstyle

feathered faux hawk

Are you looking for a way to add texture and a rough note to your hairstyle? Try a feathered look like this one, ideal if you’re sporting a slightly longer faux hawk.

32. Very Short Hairstyles for Men

very short hairstyles

An outgrown buzz cut that’s barely a few inches long can easily be styled in a textured messy look that’s quite versatile and easy to wear.

33. Faded Spiked Faux Hawk Hairstyle

faded spiked faux hawk

Refresh your look this year with a faded faux hawk featuring a feathered or a spiked top. Choose your style elements to suit the occasion and style to impress. This short hairstyle for men is ideally suited for this task.

34. Long Top, Short Sides. Hairstyles for Men’s Short Hair

short sides hairstyles for men

At the meeting point between a pompadour and a classy faux hawk, this short hairstyle for men is a playful, cool look that requires just a tad of maintenance every now and then. Keep it trimmed and enjoy the comfort.

35. Best Short Hairstyles for Men: Buzz Cut

buzz cut short hairstyles for men

You can’t deny the manliness of a buzz cut, especially on the thick hair. Perfectly flattering for all hair types and everyone, the buzz cut is the hairstyle to choose for a relaxed manly look.

36. Short Wavy Hairstyle for Men

short wavy hairstyle for men

Waves and curls don’t have to be hidden. They too can contribute to a manly look if they’re styled properly and trimmed for the show.

37. Short Afro Style for Men

short afro style for men

A short Afro is a super cool short hairstyle for black hair. It lets your mane grow out naturally in a structured form. That is if you don’t want to keep it short forever.

38. Short Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair

short hairstyles for men

Taper cut sides and a slightly longer top are ideal for creating a versatile hairstyle for short hair. It’s so easy to create different looks with this hairstyle that it would be a pity to not give it a try.

39. Deep Side Part Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Men

deep side part buzz cut

We love this natural look with an effortless deep side part that adds more individuality to the classic buzz cut. A style lesson learned.

40. Deep Side Razor Part Taper Hairstyle for Men

deep side razor part taper

Another way to create a unique hairstyle for short hair is to highlight the deep side part. Ask your hairstylist for a deep side part, well-defined by the razor. Keep in mind that it will require constant trimming and a tad more time invested in your looks.

41. Short Hairstyles for Men with Beards

short hairstyles for men with beards

When you’re looking for hairstyles to fit your manly beard, take the form of your face into account as well. This faux hawk with a twist is flattering for all face types and goes well with a beard, completing a cool modern look.

42. Deep Side Part for Short Straight Hair

short straight hair

It may look like a schoolboy hairstyle, but this deep side part on short straight hair is one of this year’s hottest short hairstyles for men. A business meeting or a date night may benefit from such a versatile hairstyle.

43. Classic Short Buzz Cut

classic short buzz cut

Keep it clean and short with the classic buzz cut. You won’t have to worry about your hairstyle for a second this summer.

44. Short Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

short hairstyles for men with thin hair

Keep it classy with this short hairstyle for thin hair. Taper fade for the sides and back and a well-trimmed top spell out class and style.

45. Men’s Short Hairstyles: Messy Short Hair

messy short hair short hairstyles for men

Revel in the beauty of your strands with a messy short hairstyle that’s bound to earn you some hair envy.

46. Cool Spikes Short Faux Hawk

cool spikes short faux hawk

An outing at the gym or a night out in town are perfect occasions to flaunt this short hairstyle for men. Spikes and faux hawk cuts work like a charm.

47. Short Messy Hairstyles for Men

short messy hairstyles for men

There are so many messy hairstyles that you can achieve with short hair that it’s a pity to remain stranded to the classics. Take a hue from this guy.

48. Classy Short Hairstyles for Men

classy short hair


A short mane with tamed waves like these never goes out of style. It’s a classic hairstyle, flattering for gents of all ages.

49. Thick Buzz Cut: Classic Short Hairstyles for Men

thick buzz cut classic short hairstyles for men

A buzz cut on thick hair doesn’t just look classy, but also stylish and luscious. Get this hairstyle if you’re looking for a hassle-free look every day.

50. Men Hairstyles for Short Hair

men hairstyles for short hair

This short hairstyle for men features a taper cut on the side and short side-swept top. It’s ideal for funky summer looks or more tamed office suited hairstyles.

Take your pick from these 50 short hairstyles for men. This year is all about natural looks and hassle-free hairstyles that all gents should embrace.

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