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45 Hollywood Inspired Blonde Men Hairstyles

Blondes have more fun. Or do they? A common stereotype often links blonde hair in men with a surfer dude type of persona, which might be a bit offensive since that is not true at all. That is exactly the type of myth we are here to break down today. We have gathered 45 blonde men hairstyles inspired by your favorite Hollywood celebrities which will prove just how elegant, dapper, fun, and cool you can be with blonde hair.

1. The Dan Stevens

Although he wears his hair in a very natural chestnut brown now, actor Dan Stevens became famous as a blonde. We’re talking about his role as the dashing cousin Matthew in Downton Abbey. Both colors highlight his incredibly blue eyes which landed him the role of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

2. The Charlie Hunnam

Whether you’re familiar with him from The Lost City of Z or King Arthur, actor Charlie Hunnam is major blonde men hairstyles inspiration. He typically wears a medium layered haircut, which makes him look casual and laid-back.

3. The Tom Hiddleston

Not a lot of people know this because he has changed so much today, but actor Tom Hiddleston is actually naturally blonde. And he has very curly hair. This is a throwback pic of him when he was younger which you can use as inspiration if you are a natural blonde as well.

4. The Kenneth Branagh

From Hamlet to Gilderoy Lockhart to Hercule Poirot, actor and director Kenneth Branagh is the picture of elegance. He has beige blonde hair which he wears in a short and spiky crop with just a shadow of a beard in the same natural blonde.

5. The Benedict Cumberbatch

No blonde men hairstyles list could have been complete without another British blondie in disguise. Yes, naturally, Ben is blonder as well, just like his pal Hiddleston. He also has wavy hair, although nowadays he wears it short and a lot darker.

6. The Ryan Gosling

The world fell irrevocably in love with Ryan Gosling as the blonde, goofy guy who tried and succeeded to live the love story of a lifetime with Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. As far as blonde men hairstyles go, we are completely sold.

7. The Chris Hemsworth

Say hello to the most famous blonde of the past few years. It’s Thor! Or actor Chris Hemsworth, if you will. The Aussie has medium blonde hair in real life as well, which highlights his blue eyes and makes him a perfect addition to our blonde men hairstyles list.

8. The Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has had many faces over the years and, sure enough, one of them was him wearing long, blonde hair. We cannot deny it. He still looks amazingly good. Therefore, you can use his style as an inspiration.

9. The Alexander Ludwig

Formerly a Disney star when he was a child, Alexander Ludwig is now putting terror in the hearts of men in the highly acclaimed show Vikings. Even though he has a braided, Norse hairstyle on the show, in real life, he wears his blonde hair short.

10. The Travis Fimmel

It only fitted that we placed these two actors one right after the other on our list of blonde men hairstyles. Travis Fimmel plays Ragnar, Alexander Ludwig’s father on Vikings. In real life, he used to be a Calvin Klein model thanks to his blonde, blue-eyed good looks.

11. The Alexander Skarsgard

Let’s stay in that part of the world a little while longer to catch a glimpse of Alexander Skarsgard’s blonde men hairstyles. He cuts a dapper and fashionable figure when in a suit and tie. Here’s a tip – his brother, Gustaf, is also on Vikings.

12. The Robert Redford

Now it’s time we took a trip down memory lane and see one of the seminal blonde men hairstyles, as well as one of the very first blonde heartthrobs Hollywood ever had. Robert Redford used to wear a casual and cool Oxford cut, looking much like a professor in his spare time.

13. The Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is, probably, the most famous male blonde actor of all time. He is blonde in real life as well, and he has very seldom ditched the color in his movies too. Who can forget the blonde braids from Troy, the blonde buzz cut in Ocean’s Eleven or the bleached very long hair in Legends of the Fall?

14. The Tom Felton

It’s safe to say that, if Brad Pitt is the most famous male blonde actor of all time, Tom Felton comes in at number two. Harry Potter school’s antagonist kept his blonde hair even after he finished the movies and better he could not look. Talk about blonde men hairstyles! Spoiler alert – we also have number three, so keep reading!

15. The Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright! We’re talking about Hollywood inspired blonde men hairstyles! This is what actor Matthew McConaughey would say. He’s wearing a medium, naturally curly, sandy blonde hairstyle, which gives off the vibe of a surfer on vacation.

16. The Owen Wilson

We are so used by now to Owen Wilson’s blonde men hairstyles, that if he were to dye his hair brunette or brown, we wouldn’t even recognize him. It’s also important to mention that he has been faithful to the same haircut for a long time, wearing it in almost every movie he’s been in. Copy the look!

owen wilson blonde men hairstyles


17. The Jude Law

The gorgeous Jude Law has naturally wavy hair. It’s darker than this, but he likes to dye it to get a shade of wet sandy blonde, which is a perfect solution that you can try. Show your stylist the picture and tell him you want this exact shade.

18. The Robert Downey Jr.

It’s a bit weird to see a blonde Ironman, but even Tony Stark has his quirks, right? However, we do have to say that the actor looks just as handsome when he’s trying blonde men hairstyles. Therefore, you can copy his look too.

19. The Ewan McGregor

The voice of Lumiere in the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie loves to wear his hair in a short crop with big spikes on top. It’s a very young and boyish cut. As far as blonde men hairstyles go, he’s wearing a dark honey shade of blonde.

20. The Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber grew right before our eyes. He went from cute child YouTube sensation to a young adult heartthrob who broke the hearts of millions across the globe. So, when he decided to go platinum on his buzz cut, the whole world applauded.

21. The David Beckham

Is there any hairstyle left that David Beckham hasn’t tried yet? We don’t think so. Therefore, it was only natural that he also took his chances with blonde men hairstyles. In fact, he went through quite a number of shades, this just being one of them.

22. The Paul Bettany

You cannot actually see his face as Vision in the most recent installments of The Avengers and Captain America, but Paul Bettany is blonde. And he looks incredibly good. He has striking green eyes and a good measure of English charm that we can definitely call his superpower.

23. The Neil Patrick Harris

Another especially famous male blonde actor is Neil Patrick Harris who loves to keep his hair short and with a few spikes at the front. But is it natural? You can bet it is. His eyebrows and beard are blonde as well, so we’ll check this in the natural blonde men hairstyles column.

24. The Jon Bon Jovi

Although this layered and feathered medium haircut Jon Bon Jovi is wearing is very famous and has been copied worldwide, it’s nothing compared to the big, blonde, curly hair he used to have in the 80s during the glam rock period. Those were the days for blonde men hairstyles.

25. The Paul Walker

This would definitely be something that, in this day and age we could call the ‘good guy haircut.’ Or the ‘guy next door haircut.’ In a world filled with slick backs, man buns, and undercuts, you don’t get many of these anymore.

26. The Sting

A natural blonde as well, Sting is more famous now for the lack of blonde men hairstyles than for them, if you know what we mean. We applaud his resilience of sticking to his hair and not deciding to shave it all off when the first signs of thinning appeared.

27. The Jack Gleeson

We promised we also had the number three most famous blonde male actor in the world, and here he is. Jack Gleeson played King Joffrey on the massive hit series Game of Thrones, which is why his face is instantly recognizable. Sadly, Jack has retired from acting.

28. The Rutger Hauer

If you were looking for an unconventional way of wearing your blonde hair in your mature years, you’ve found it. Actor Rutger Hauer wears his in a medium and layered cut. You can also rewatch that fantastic version of Merlin he was in now that you will be copying his look.

29. The Orlando Bloom

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Orlando Bloom was missing his years as the blonder than life elf Legolas, so he decided to go blonde in real life as well. At least he isn’t wearing a long wig. Still, he is blonde men hairstyles goals.

30. The Martin Freeman

Speaking of Legolas, here’s Bilbo Baggins. In real life, actor Martin Freeman wears a short Harvard crop with his hair parted on one side. His hair is a natural smoky blonde, in which you can see gray hairs.

31. The Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik’s hair is so famous on its own that we needed a whole article to talk about it. You can find it right here. In the meantime, as far as blonde men hairstyles go, you can use this as an inspiration if you want to get frosted tips.

32. The Jared Leto

Leave it to Jared Leto to push the envelope and to show you what blonde men hairstyles are really about. A while back he took the plunge and dyed his hair platinum blonde. Happier we could not be because he looks outstanding!

33. The Eminem

We’ve already listed the most famous blonde actors, but about singers? The number one spot has to go rapper Eminem who made waves back in the day with his boldness of being a white rapper who dared to bleach his hair blonde. That’s how you do blonde men hairstyles!

34. The Billy Idol

At the other end of the spectrum, in the rock world, we need to give the award for the best inspirational source in blonde men hairstyles to rocking legend Billy Idol. Who do you think about when you say blonde rocker? The answer will always be Billy Idol.

35. The Garrett Hedlund

You know Garrett from Country Strong, where he showed us his amazing singing talent or from the epic Troy, where he played Patroclus, Achilles’ cousin, whose death later leads to Hector being killed. In real life, the actor has supermodel good looks, including a medium sized blonde haircut and gorgeous blues eyes.

36. The Sean Bean

Speaking of Troy, here’s another actor present at the battle as King Odysseus although, evidently, you know him from many other movies. Off-screen, Sean Bean cuts a dapper and gentlemanly figure with his dark blonde hair cut in a short crop with wispy bangs.

37. The Viggo Mortensen

The Hollywood connections continue, and Sean Bean leads us through the paths of Middle Earth to Viggo Mortensen. The actor loves his medium, bottle blonde cut in real life. Notice the side swept bangs he wears and use them as inspiration for your blonde men hairstyles.

38. The Bradley Cooper

Here’s another very famous Hollywood pair of blue eyes who decided that blonde is the best color to highlight that feature. Bradley Cooper opted for a medium, shaggy cut for his natural curly hair, which makes him look young and easy-going.

39. The Matt Czuchry

It’s impossible to have been a fan of Gilmore Girls back in the day and not to have had a crush on Matt, who played one of Rory’s love interests on the show. He had the perfect 2000s boy band look with short and spiky blonde hair and Prince Charming chiseled square face.

40. The Leonardo DiCaprio

As famous for his blonde locks as he is for his good looks and out of the ordinary acting abilities, Leonardo DiCaprio has always remained faithful to this hair color, ever since we saw him as a child in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. We couldn’t imagine him any other way.

41. The Kevin McKidd

As far as blonde men hairstyles go, you can never go wrong with a such a classic one as Kevin McKidd always wears. He’s the embodiment of tall, blonde, and handsome, which makes him perfect as the inspiration for your next visit to the stylist.

42. The Dominic Monaghan

Yes, one of the hobbits is blonde in real life as well. Actor Dominic Monaghan will forever be remembered as the hobbit Merry Brandybuck in The Lord of the Rings where he wore a blonde, curly wig. In real life, he sports a shaggy, spiky, and much shorter blonde cut.

43. The Zac Efron

Actor Zac Efron has come a long way since his days as a child star on the Disney channel. Now he cuts quite the dapper figure in body-hugging suits and a modern, blonde hairstyle to match. He wears a slick back mixed with an undercut.

44. The Alex Pettyfer

You know him from Magic Mike and I Am Number Four and you love him because of his extraordinary good looks. He owes this, in part to his fantastic blonde hair which he wears in a curly short haircut. Is it just us or could he have been a fantastic Christian Grey as well?

45. The Hunter Parrish

Godspell and Weeds were amazing, but how cool is Hunter Parrish’s haircut? It really reminds us of a simpler time back in the 2000s when we used to wear a bit of gel or hair wax in our hair, do some spikes and that would be it. Awesome!

Blonde men hairstyles are a godsend if you happen to have natural hair. However, remember that, if you want a makeover and need to dye your hair to get that sweet blonde you want, it will require a lot of maintenance. It’s best to discuss your options with your stylist first and check out which shade of blonde suits you best. Let us know in the comment section below what do your blonde dreams look like!

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