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Most Iconic Hairstyles in History

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Trends in hairstyle come and go, but obviously some will stand out in history as iconic. As with many trends, there's always the source: the person who wears it, gets known for it, and then other people start to adopt it as their own. But here's the catch: Hairstyles are ALWAYS coming and going out of ...

7 Undercuts Trends for the Modern Man

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The contrast of extremes that undercuts emphasize also highlights just how cool this haircut can looks when done right. Undercuts are a bit of an older style, but the style has come back in vogue in recent years. Some men like it for the simplicity offered by certain variations, while others stay away because of the ...

Haircut Tutorial: Drop Fade

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The drop fade is a hairstyle that’s becoming increasingly popular for men. Everyone from top celebrities to the mailman walking down the street seems to adopt this stylish cut. This special style of fade combines easily with different hairstyles making it versatile and easy to adopted, hence its popularity. Beyond ...

10 Unique Crew Cut Looks For Men

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Insert ImageInsert Image A crew cut is a stylish, but low maintenance, hairstyle popular with men of all ages. This haircut has remained popular over the years as it is well-suited for all hair types and face shapes. The masculine cut is also said to give a man a more athletic and chiseled look. While there are ...