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So you’re interested in being a guest blogger for our publication? Here is what you need to know:

At MEN Hairstylist we are dedicated to providing interesting and unique men hairstyle ideas that our readers can try out in their day-to-day lives.

If men’s hairstyles are your specialty and you love writing engaging content on this topic, then we’d love to hear from you, regardless of whether you are a seasoned blogger or a freelance writer.

Why Should You Write for Us?

We are a fast-growing men hairstyle publication, with an increasing number of readers. If you are looking to make a name for yourself in this niche, then you’ve come to the right place.

As writers, we know how important it is to have a well-established portfolio and this is why we will credit each of our contributors with a short author bio, where they can introduce themselves in front of our readers and include a link to their blog and/or social media profile.

What We Are Looking For

Your guest post should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Hairstyle ideas/suggestions
  • Tutorials/How-to Guides
  • Industry trends
  • News from the men’s hairstyling industry

Here’s How to Get Started

If you’d like to become a contributor for our publication, you may contact our editor Elaine Goodman at elaine[dot]goodman[at]menhairstylist[dot]com.

Please note that we do not accept articles that have been submitted directly, without first having gone through an approval process. Pitch us one or more article ideas that you would like to write about and tell us why you would be suitable to write on those topics. It would also be helpful to send us a small outline with the main points that you would like to cover in your article.

Once your idea has been approved by our editors and after you’ve received our full guest posting guidelines, you may then start writing your article.

Once you’ve finished your draft and you’ve sent it to us for review, one of our editors will read it and check if it meets all of our editorial guidelines.

If your article was accepted for publication, you will receive an e-mail from us informing you of this.

Submitting your guest post to us does not guarantee publication. We take the quality of our content seriously and if our editors do not find your article suitable enough for publication, they will – unfortunately – reject it. Nevertheless, if you do follow the steps outlined above and carefully review our editors’ instructions, then your articles will stand a great chance at being published.

How to Write a Great Guest Post for MEN Hairstylist

  • Be original. We do not mind if your article idea has been approached before. We do, however, care if your content is plagiarized or if it’s been previously published somewhere else. We do not promote syndicated content, therefore your guest post should be 100% unique for our publication.
  • Don’t be too formal. Keep your tone fun, friendly, and conversational.
  • Have an authentic voice – let your personal style shine through
  • Include lots of visuals. Since hairstyles are directly linked to visual content, we encourage our authors to make use of images and videos in order to enhance the value of their articles.
  • Make it interesting to read

With that being said, we look forward to hearing from you and we can’t wait to read your guest posts!