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50 Handsome Classic Mens Hairstyles

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The last couple of years have been full to the brim with trends such as the man bun, the top knot, man braids and perfectly shaved undercuts. However, there are still a few classic mens hairstyles that just transcend decades and style standards. They are the ones that have been working for almost a hundred years, and ...

45 Outstanding Black Men Hairstyles

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Here is a piece that we decided to dedicate exclusively to black men hairstyles. While doing the research for this one, we were amazed to see just how many fantastic options there are. Close cropped waves, flat tops, natural tips, afros, retro flairs are just a few of everything we have to show you. Therefore, all you ...

45 Boys Haircut Ideas to Inspire You

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When it comes to boys haircut ideas, you know you have to choose for them, more often than not. That being said, you have two options. You can choose a classic cut - that’s been in use for decades now, or even more than that, as you’ll see below. Or you can go for a more modern option. To help you out of this ...

50 Mens Hairstyles to Try Out

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We have comprised in this article a comprehensive selection of 50 outstanding mens hairstyles for you to choose from. They work for men with all types of hair, ranging from short to medium to long. You will also find options depending on what type of hair you have, be it fine, wavy, curly, thick, thinning, straight, ...