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50 Artistic Low Fade Haircut Ideas

The low fade haircut is by no means an invention of the 2000s. It already saw its hype and celebrity days back in the 80s. However, since we are now reliving the two decades that marked the fashion and styling world in the craziest of ways, the 80s and 90s, it’s safe to say that the low fade haircut is making a comeback. Not only that, but it has taken on a more artistic and hipster look. Here are 50 ideas to convince you that you need to go for this haircut right now!

1. Short Fade Haircut

Let’s start off with the basic low fade. It consists of a very short haircut, presumably with a bit of a slick back. The temple area, as well as the back, have been gradually shaved, so as to get that ‘faded’ effect that is the basis of this hairstyle.

2. The Black and Blue

The beauty of the low fade haircut is that it doesn’t have to be a haircut in itself. In fact, it renders itself superbly to a basis. This means you can use it as a starting point for a plethora of other hairstyles, as creative and artistic as you wanted them to be.

3. The Disconnected Low Fade Haircut

As the name suggests, a disconnected haircut is any cut that contains a hard part somewhere in your hair. The idea is that your hairstyle or hairline is not continuous anymore. This is a perfect example of a modern quiff with a low fade and a beard, complete with a hard part that goes all around.

4. High Taper Fade Mohawk

To be more specific, this is a modern type of Mohawk. The top of the haircut does not have the old-fashioned punk-rock spikes anymore. Instead, they have been replaced with a very long brush cut. This one originated in the military so you will have a manly element going on.

5. Low Fade Haircut Designs

Another cool fact about the low fade haircut is that you can use the shaved part of the hairstyle as a canvas for hair designs. They have been all the rage in the past few years, and you can easily see why.

hair design low fade haircut


6. Low Fade Haircut with Part

Here’s the difference between a side part and a hard part. The first one occurs naturally. You can just use a comb or even your fingers if your hair is soft enough to part your hair and you’re done. As far as the latter is concerned, your stylist will create it using a razor.

7. Low Fade Long on Top

If your hair is not naturally curly or even wavy, don’t worry about it. The low fade haircut plus a long top allows for a lot of creativity. You can use a curling iron to create some outward curls that will give the illusion of volume and depth.

8. The Low Fade Haircut with Top Knot

We love it most when two trends come together to create something truly magnificent. That is exactly the case for the low fade and the top knot. This is a hairstyle that works perfectly well both for the office and late-night clubbing.

9. Pompadour Low Fade

Besides the magnificent beehive, otherwise known as a pompadour that’s going on here, we are also in love with the adorable front ombre. It’s a deep brown base that opens up to tones of beige, sandy, and platinum blonde.

10. The V Slick Back

Combining a low fade haircut with a slick back is just like putting peanut butter and jelly together. They are two ingredients that simply go too well to resist. The bonus is that you get this wonderful V shape in the back that will make you look irresistible even from behind.

11. Artistic Waves

When we said that you could get as creative as you want with this haircut, we meant it. This beautiful textured and layered slick back has been so perfectly styled that it actually looks like the waves of the ocean on your head.

12. Low Fade Slick Back

This is a blonde, textured slick back with very choppy ends and a low fade in its natural brown color. We love the fact that the hair is layered and there are all sorts of strands that hang out of the slick back, making it look messy and cool.

13. The Throwback Low Fade Haircut

Here’s a hairstyle that will surely remind you of the 90s and 2000s. Remember back then when we all used to wear spikes and lots of gel in our hair? You can channel that look today using hair wax instead of gel and combining the style with a low fade to make it look more modern.

14. The Teenage Low Fade Haircut

The teenage version of this cut is just as you’d expect it to be. Cool, hip, urban, very fresh, messy, and unkempt but in a very well-groomed fashion. Add the Harry Potter style round glasses to show everyone where your loyalties lie, and you got yourself a winner look.

15. The Tattooed Low Fade Haircut

Hair tattoos are a type of designs, which we’ve already described above. The difference is that they are a bit more minimalist in style and, therefore, go amazingly well with a low fade. Try a geometric pattern or even some simple lines.

16. Medium Low Fade Haircut

A medium low fade doesn’t have to mean medium in the back or on the sides, just in case this hairstyle didn’t make any sense to you. It actually means a medium cut on top of your head. In this way, you can style it any way you choose.

17. Retro Inspired Low Fade Haircut

Are you a huge fan of the 50s and 60s? Then we have you covered. This is what a low fade looks like when you get your inspiration from those decades. Lots of hair gel, a comb, and a small pompadour in the front that reminds you of Elvis or James Dean.

18. Cool Haircut Fades

As if the low fade haircut wasn’t cool enough on its own, how about pairing it up with a slightly slanted pompadour. It gives the air of a reckless, yet dapper gentleman, who definitely knows how to swoop a girl off her feet.

19. Skin Fade Quiff

The ingredients needed for a quiff are a brush, a lot of hair wax, more hairspray, and even more time and patience. However, once you get the hang of this hairstyle it will be worth it. Just look how cool of a haircut it is!

20. Little Boys’ Low Fade Haircut

Another amazing thing which makes us love the low fade even more is that it’s a haircut suitable for all ages. Yes, that means you can now get a matching haircut with your son. How cute will the two of you look together?

21. The Long Comb Over

This is a low taper fade haircut with a long comb over on one side that has been gelled into perfection and a beard to match. Here are a few tips – don’t go for any kind of parting with this cut and keep your beard well-trimmed.

22. The Platinum Low Fade Haircut

Here’s another blast from the past. Remember frosted tips? Well, they are making a comeback and it surely looks as if, this time, they’re here to stay. It’s all about keeping your natural hair color as a basis and then getting some platinum tips.

23. Low Fade Buzz Cut

It was only a matter of time before the low fade haircut was combined with the military-based cuts. Here is a mix between the induction cut, which is the basic buzz cut, and the low fade. It also has a lovely shape up.

24. Modern Fade Haircut

Longer tops can be styled and textured so that they don’t look limp and hang about your face. For example, you can use a soft brush or even a curler to get these waves and rolls into hair. They look dapper and oh, so beautiful!

25. Wavy Hair Fade

The low fade haircut is amazing when it comes to wavy hair as well. This is a gorgeous taper fade with a slim hard part and a set of finger waves. If you were blessed with natural wavy hair, consider yourself lucky. If not, you can always get it with a flat iron.

26. The Short French Crop

This hairstyle is called a French crop. We love it because it looks extremely manly and butch with all the hair on top combed to the front. We are also huge fans of the fact that the fade is very deep, being more of a shave than anything else.

27. Tattoos Galore

A low fade haircut will allow you to display your skull tattoos. If you are interested in finding out more hairstyles that can help you in this regard, we have written a whole piece about Viking haircuts just for you. Skol!

28. The David Beckham

Soccer legend David Beckham is just one of tons of celebrities who are huge fans of the low fade haircut. And, seeing as we are huge fans of him, we don’t see why we shouldn’t pick him as our muse when it comes to fashion and style.

29. Boy Haircuts Fade

If you want to make a low fade haircut look as young and fresh as possible, we suggest you go for a non-conventional color. We happen to love this stony, rainy day gray but you can choose one that speaks more to you.

30. The Rainbow Low Fade Haircut

For example, building on the above, if you can’t make up your mind, you can go for the rainbow or peacock fade with a quiff. The colors here are completely of your choosing. A summery look will have more blue and teal while an autumn one will have more coppers and moss greens.

31. Fern Greens

Speaking of the color green, how about this shade of fern green? It’s a delicate yet bold move that will work both for the autumnal season and for the hot one. You can just see it paired with flip-flops on the beach and with a warm scarf on a rainy day.

32. Throwback Gets a Makeover

Oh, yes indeed. We talked about frosted tips before in this article. However, if you truly want to bring that trend into the modern age, then this is how you do it. Frosted tips have never looked cooler, more urban, or, let’s face it, sexier than they do now.

33. The Unicorn Pink

If platinum or green are too boring for you, how about a dash of hot pink? This can easily be your festival look for the following summer season. Just imagine yourself at Coachella or Burning Man with a hula shirt and a neon pink quiff with a low fade haircut.

unicorn pink low fade haircut


34. New Style Fade Haircuts

When you have a low fade haircut as the basis of your new look, the sky is the limit. You can even try the new ideas, such as this model with long bangs that have been highly gelled onto the forehead.

35. The Hipster Low Fade Haircut

No hairstyle idea list is complete without the hipster version of it. In this case, the hipster alternative is a long and wavy top with curls that remind one of the 20s and 30s. The moustache belongs to that period as well.

36. The Justin Timberlake

Another celebrity who couldn’t resist the allure of the low fade haircut is singer Justin Timberlake. Frankly, we’re happy he did. Seeing as the world is going through a revival of the 90s, we were afraid he would go back to his blonde curly ramen-looking hairstyle.

37. The Ricky Martin

Oh, how beneficial the passing of time can truly be! A good example of this is none other than Latino singer Ricky Martin. With the passing of the years, he has turned into an incredibly handsome and dapper man.

38. The Butch Cut

This is yet another type of buzz cut that has escaped the confines of the military base and entered the mainstream of style and fashion. Your stylist needs to use the number four or three guard to give it to you plus lower ones for the taper on the sides.

39. The Man Bun

Ever present everywhere you turn your head, pun intended, the man bun has definitely been the star of all hairstyles in the past few years. Here’s an idea for a disconnected hairstyle with a messy and casual man bun and a low fade haircut.

40. The Textured Crop

This hairstyle is just so amazing on so many levels. First of all, the color. It’s a very natural looking sandy blonde that has the taper on the sides looking almost invisible. Second of all, the layering on top gives it a lot of structuring and depth.

41. The Connor McGregor

Since he became a huge star in his respective field, there isn’t one man watching his fights who doesn’t wish to copy the Connor McGregor hairstyle. In other words, that’s a low fade haircut with a classic side part and a bit of an Ivy League going on.

42. The Forgotten Era

A true hipster such as yourself knows that your hairstyle needs to borrow heavily from times long passed. For example, here is a haircut that reminds us of the late 1800s, when men used to wear those large waves in their hair and bushy, long, fatherly beards.

43. Taper Fade Afro

Yes, you can combine a low fade haircut with an afro as well. We really weren’t joking when we said that you can mix this haircut with literally anything else. Just try it for yourself and you’ll see.

44. The Gentleman’s Low Fade

A gentleman’s low fade consists of a small but very well-groomed pompadour with plenty of hair product to keep it in place. Evidently, you will need a special comb to establish those perfect side parts that make it so gentlemanly.

45. The Edgy Low Fade Haircut

A little edge never hurt anyone, so why not take a risk and take your haircut to the next level? Go big or go home, right? This is a punkish, rebellious, and eclectic textured slick back dyed platinum blonde and with a natural low fade.

46. The Zayn Malik

Singer Zayn Malik was nominalized by a scientific study as one of the top ten most handsome celebrity men. According to science, he has some of the most perfect facial features. Once you know that, it becomes evident why you should copy his hairstyle.

47. The Tom Hardy

Actor Tom Hardy might not have a perfect face in the eyes of science, but in our hearts, he’s the rugged, handsome package that we just want to copy in our day to day style. He should really campaign more for a James Bond role, especially with that low fade haircut.

48. The Michael B. Jordan

The son of the most famous basketball player in the world, Michael B. Jordan, turned out to be a delicious cupcake when he grew up. He’s a dashing young man with a style that is worth following. We also love his very short hairstyle with a low fade haircut.

49. The Nick Cannon

Actor and TV personality Nick Cannon might be famous for his brief marriage to pop singer and full-time diva Mariah Carey, but we also love him for his style and undeniable good looks. His quirky fashion sense always makes us smile.

50. Taper Fade with Bangs

The easiest way to manage your long bangs when you have a taper fade is simply to comb them to the front and then slick them using some high-quality hair care product. Make sure they cover a portion of your forehead.


Here are the 50 low fade haircut ideas we promised. From low and long bangs to 50s cuts inspired by Elvis and James Dean to afros, slick backs, pompadours, quiffs, unconventional colors, 90s throwback, and frosted tips, we took a walk through a plethora of hairstyles that you can combine with a low fade haircut. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one was your favorite.

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