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40 Exuberant Afro Hairstyles

The outset of Afro hairstyles is a controversy. What started as a revolutionary statement stands now as pure art. The ‘fro is now a hairstyle embraced by more and more people all over the world. Afro hairstyles are and will be a very long living trend that offers so much to explore. The hair, due to its unique texture can be worn in various ways, with the right skills and knowledge. We’ve roundup some fabulous Afro hairstyles, open for you to explore. You’ll discover new and unbelievable Afro features like color, braids, curls, puffs, dreads and geometric shapes. We have everything that will help you enhance your hairstyle and add some flare and personality. Stay tuned because you will surely see some new ideas that you’ll want to try out. Afro hairstyles are vivacious, effervescent, exuberant.

1. The Classic ‘Fro

Natural and straightforward, the classic Afro hairstyle is the inception. At its peak in the 1970s, it came with numerous variations. All of them have their own name like The Professional, The Duke, The Executive, The Prince, The Flattop, Suave,  Blow-Up, The Perfecto, Private Eye. Many of these variations have new names nowadays, but we will never forget the Classic. This is one of the Afro hairstyles will never go out of style.

2. The Elevated Afro

The Elevated Afro, much more present nowadays, offers a more voguish look. It’s easy to obtain with nothing more than a comb, a blow dryer and a pair of skill full hands. This latest Afro can make you look dashing. It’s a beautiful combination of classic and modern.

3. Flat Top Afro Hair

The Flat Top Afro is also known as the Box Fade. The trademark of hip-hop era, the flat top make us feel nostalgic and brings back memories. Nevertheless, it’s back, and the styling is more than simple. Shaved sides and a 2 inches top. Depending on the shape of your head you may adjust that length.

4. Natural, Curly, Medium Length Afro

Natural and Curly are synonyms to Afro. This is Afro all about.  Embracing your curls and use it as a fundamental tool of your hairstyle. Leave your hair to grow, give it a shape and wear it proud. Natural, long and curly Afro is an incredible sexy hairstyle that gives a certain smugness.

5.  The Short Afro

When you want to go for the business look, the short Afro is a perfect choice.It’s nothing much. Cut the hair short. Not too short, though. The beauty of the Afro, are, of course, the curls. Therefore, let your curls to be seen and keep the Afro look. Classy.

6. The Fashion Afro Quiff

This hairstyle makes a very chic Afro appearance. It keeps the Afro hair, but the styling is pure art. It’s a style that comes with a confident attitude and a powerful message. Afro hairstyles can represent many things. We’ve come to a point when Afro hair is more than an expression of style. It’s  embracement of origins, comfort, and style. The Afro Quiff is a winning combination between old, bold and chic.

7. The Red Round Afro

We give you that. It takes guts to wear your Afro with a bold color. Adding some spice to your round Afro is most of all a step out of the ordinary. Choosing red guarantees that. One important step is to decide your dye type carefully. Due to its unique texture, Afro hair can be easily damaged.

8. High Fade Short Afro

With shaved sides and short top hair, the high fade short Afro is a very common hairstyle. Also, some wear it because it brings back some part of the NWA. The attitude is definitely there. We’ve seen it on the big screen, also as a freakishly hot street style and we can’t get enough of it.

9. Afro Twists

This is a very popular hairstyle among the men who desire more individuality for their hair. The truth is that the hair twists give an incredibly stylish and charming appearance. Elevated, spiky, with an undercut and more. We find this Afro twists a very absorbing appearance. Read on and discover the other twists that will make your jaw drop and maybe you’ll find the perfect match for your hair.

10. Afro Puffs

We have one word that describes the Afro puffs. Unbelievable. Forward and brave, the puffs represent one hell of a statement. You have probably seen more of the Afro puff. As in a single one. The puffs are beyond usual. With this Afro hairstyle, we are sure that the   ’fro is no longer a hairdo relegated to the 60’s.

11. Elevated Afro Twists

There in no specific hair shape when it comes to twists. There is a specific length. It must be long enough to let you twist small or large hair sections and to remain like that. The process is easy. Take a section of hair, coat it in hair gel and the twist it around the finger. Simple and suited for every occasion. Jamie Foxx wore his spiky twists arrogantly on the Red Carpet, and it turned great for him.

12. Blue Flat Afro Top

Do you want to add some color to the flat top? Choose blue. It’s only natural to want to add something new. The flat top has been around for at least three decades. It’s about time to give it an energizer. It remains snazzy and will look cool.


13. Spikes Locs Afro

Locs, dreads, short for Dreadlocks are part of many Afro hairstyles. Not really easy to maintain, the dreads request a skilled full  hand and a lot of attention at maintaining. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Short, long, highlighted, with beads. Read on to find out more on dreads.


14. Cornrows Dreadlocks

This is an old African hairstyle. Besides the music and the backward pants, Kriss Kross made the cornrows famous in a heartbeat. The iconic style of the duo shaped the ’90s generation and rocked the cornrows dreadlocks. Since then, this Afro hairstyle was upgraded thousands of times. It remains one hot Afro hairdo that deserves a place on our list of 40 Breathtaking Afro Hairstyles.


15. Short Afro Waves

Although short, this is an Afro hairstyle that requires very much effort and patience. You will need to sleep with a du rag every night and brush you hair daily for about an hour. Nevertheless, this short waves Afro really justifies all the work. It’s amazingly seductive.

16. Afro Undercut with Bun

The best thing about Afro hairstyles is that you can mix it any way you want. Dreadlocks braids, buns, short, long, undercut buns. It has so many variations. You can easily create your own hairstyle and be unique. Or you can choose an existing one and add a personal touch. Like a bun.


17. Afro Taper Fade with Highlighted Twists

This is another favorite Afro hairstyle among men all ages. With or without the twists, the Afro taper fade comes with clean shaved sides, faded as it rises to the top. The twisted highlighted locks look absolutely fabulous and make a refine appearance. If you want to add a personal touch, you can let your facial hair to grow.

18. The Short  ‘Frohawk

The Mohawk in Afro hairstyle is called a ‘Frohawk. It’s a style loved by rock stars, sporty guys, and macho men. If you feel like you are one of them, maybe you need to choose a ‘Frohawk. The short, simple version of this Mohawk is easy to obtain, and there’s no need to add anything else to it. However, you can certainly play. Add something you feel like it represents you. Read on and you’ll get some brilliant ideas.

19. Rastafarian Dreads Bun

Rastafarian dreadlocks have one single owner. Bob Marley. However, brave men embraced it like their own style and added a personal touch. In this case, apart from the glasses, we have one big healthy bun. It looks great, and we are sure Bob would be impressed. We are.

20. Messy Twists

At this point, it’s clear that the Afro twists is a charming way for men to wear their natural hair. No matter the way you choose to arrange it, these sexy twists can fully complement your face. Also, twists seem to be part of a new hairstyle evolution that can make you look trendy and irresistible.

21. Braided Long Dreads

This is a jaw dropper. Afro long dreads, carefully braided can and will look stunning. Few words can describe the feeling you get when you walk around with this look. All eyes on you. Only a very experienced hairdresser can pull this off and look fascinating. Needless to say, this is one epic Afro hairstyle.



22. Short Afro Side Parted

If you are not into dreadlocks and you want to go for a more serious cut, you can always choose a classic. The Afro side parted it’s not much, but it looks neat and sincere. If your everyday outfit is a suit, then this is the appropriate hairstyle. Immaculate.

23. Wavy Fade Afro Pomp

Speaking of immaculate, here’s another stylish and trendy haircut. The wavy fade Afro pump is an exquisite hairstyle. It comes with a certain charm, and that is exactly what you need to be irresistible. Charismatic and with that “je ne sais quoi.” Make sure you go to a barber that has skills. This is a particularly hard one to get.

24. Blonde ‘fro

If you are not entirely convinced by the red or the blue hair color, here’s another idea. Blonde Afro. It’s youthful and fresh. Go for a makeover this spring and choose blonde. Be careful with the bleach and keep your curls healthy. Better yet, go to a hairdresser and do it the professional way.

25.  Pink Dreads

So blonde is too mainstream. It’s ok. We also have pink. The pink dreads are heart stopping. You are way out of the mainstream with this hairstyle. However, you need to be ready for this choice. It’s putting on the spot. There will be heads turned and eye rolling.

26. Short Afro for Receding Line

Don’t think for a second that thick, curly hair doesn’t have receding tendencies. Les than the normal hair, probably, but it’s there. Fortunately, we have a sexy hairstyle to cover that. The short Afro for receding line is exactly what you need. We find it mature, hot and graceful.

Afro Hairstyles for Receding Line


27. Medium Taper with Side Parted Bangs

Afro hair doesn’t need a particular shape. It goes well with various forms, and this is the beauty of its texture. If you want to give it a more defined contour, the medium taper with side parted bangs is one of the most fitting choices you can make. It’s easy t maintain, and if you grow bored with it, you can always add some highlights.

28. Medium Length Stringy Hairstyle

If you have the Afro hair but not thick enough to wear it loose, this is an excellent choice. Medium length stringy Afro is the kind version of the Afro hair. It’s an easy deal with its thin texture. One Afro hairstyle that is casual and trendy.

29. Long Black Micro Dreads

All Afro hairstyles require patience.You need a lot for this one. Every inch of your hair needs to be smooth. Be very careful, because this micro dreads ask for the perfect balance between clean and moisturized hair. Hard to get and to maintain. The operative word for this hairstyle is patience.

30. Afro Bun Hairstyle

An Afro bun is another way to turn heads and step out of the crowd.A very urban, street style that is easy to pull off and to maintain. Make sure you make regular visits to your barber because the fade below must be kept clean.

31. Side Swept with an Undercut

A high fade Afro like this asks for a very healthy top hair. You gathered a few tips to help you. For combing, only use a wide tooth comb, it will help to prevent breakage. The shampoo choice is also critical. Choose the ones that are designed for this exact type of hair. Unlike the products designed for Caucasian hair, these will moisturize your hair properly.

32.  Lattice Design Micro Dreads

Another major Afro piece of art. The dreads are pulled back to create a foundation. Then the top dreads are intertwined into a lattice pattern. Easy to say, right? Pretty complicated to do. It’s really important to know the best products for this type of styling. Beeswax and Shea butter are the ones you are looking for.

33. High Top Dreads

The high top dread is a flat top with a twist. Let’s say is the Fresh Price of Bel Air with a Weekend twist. It’s fresh, urban and does not require too much maintenance. If you want to turn a classic into something new, this is where you should stop.

34. Geometric Shaped Afro

Inspired by a renowned hairstylist, Jamie Stevens, this a futuristic haircut. Probably more appropriate for the catwalk, this hair look signifies half masculinity and half femininity. An Afro hairstyle proving that although timeworn it still has some aces up it sleeves.

35. Afro Caesar Cut

2000 years later, the hairstyle choice of the Roman Emperor is still a challenge. An Afro with a Caesar cut is a winning combination. However, the front line it’s important for this hairstyle. It’s cut to draw attention to the eyes and at brow height. It’s a look with a major impact. Manly and classy.


36. The Purple Afro Crew Cut

Short recap. Red, blue, pink, blonde and now purple. If someone says that Afro doesn’t come in various shapes, sizes and color are apparently blind. A rare texture like the Afro can look amazing in neon colors too. The fine print, are the glasses. Original, fabulous and upbeat.


37. Platinum Blonde Afro

This is an edgy Afro hairstyle that looks absolutely jaw-dropping. The striking contrast between the platinum top hair and the black facial hair gives you the star appearance. The platinum blonde Afro looks amazing on light olive skin tones, not to mention that brings out your best facial features.

38. Faded Sides, High Mohawk Top

This is one of the Afro hairstyles that has serious individuality. It’s very well styled, and it’s the perfect choice if you are looking for a hairstyle that will elongate your round face. Also, the faded sides will frame your face features just correctly. It’s a ‘hawk with a classic low fade with an avant-garde twist.

39. Short dreads with Fade

A hipster hairstyle that is a huge trend right now. It’s an Afro cut that reinvents the 90’s high top with faded sides with short dreads and the Mohawk with dreads. Inventive, playful and full of charm. A truly breathtaking Afro Hairstyle.

40. The Unkempt Afro

Keeping your hair unkempt is actually a hairstyle. If you push it to one side of your head with only your fingers, you’ll make it more trendy. The thing is, this works best only for Afro texture. It’s amazing how Afro hairstyles are so cool without any effort.

Afro hairstyles will always represent first of all culture, fashion and a unique style. The versatility of the Afro hairstyles is increasing each year. Furthermore all men out there tend to grow their individuality by bringing new, modern twists. Afro emphasizes a natural, playful, sophisticated hairstyle. It’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a man with a desire to convey a fashion sense and a striking style.

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