60 Pompadour Haircut Suggestions for 2016 Men Hairstylist

60 Pompadour Haircut Suggestions for 2016

The pompadour haircut has its historic roots in the mid-15th century. At that time mainly a women’s hairstyle, the pompadour was a sign of nobility and fame. The rockabilly era brought it back to the main style scene. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash rocked the pompadour haircut and made it a classic. Nowadays, the pompadour haircut has been spotted in the hottest fashion scenes of the world, on the streets and bars. Celebrities, men, and women alike, adore this haircut. In honor of this stunningly versatile haircut, here are 60 pompadour haircut suggestions that every gent must try in 2016.

1. Pompadour Haircut for Men

pompadour haircut for men

You spot it a mile away and it’s never less impressive than the first time you saw it. This classic pompadour haircut is one of the most versatile haircuts for men. It’s easy to style for a tamed look suitable for business meetings or a clubbing night with the boys.

2. Deep Fade Pompadour for Men

 fade pompadour

Slip into the world of daring choices with this stunning pompadour highlighted by the deep fade sides. A well-styled wave is reminiscent of the rockabilly era but brings a modern twist into the play.

3. Edgy Pompadour Haircut with a Buzz Cut Base

edgy pompadour haircut

Although it looks complex, this haircut is easy to pull off. A buzz cut base adorned with some edgy razor defined patterns and the pompadour top are perfect for the style-forward man.

4. Classic Pompadour Haircuts

classic pompadour haircuts

We’ve seen this haircut before and it looks like it’s here to stay. A preferred hairstyle in 2016, the classic pompadour features a long top combed upward and backward in an effortless voluminous style.

5. Stylish Side Swept Pompadour

 side swept pompadour

With an amazing texture enhanced by highlights, this side-swept pompadour is exactly what you need for an individual stunning note.

6. Asymmetric Pompadour Deep-Side Fade

pompadour deep side fade

This is a pompadour haircut with a modern twist. The deep side fade allows the asymmetric pompadour to shine in all its beauty.

7. Men’s Haircut Pompadour

haircut pompadour

A slightly shorter pompadour haircut is a good way to start if you’re not sure this hairstyle suits you. Trust us, once you’ve tried it on, you’ll love it.

8. Cool Long Top, Taper Fade Pompadour

taper fade pompadourThis may be what it’s popularly called a hipster hairstyle. Nonetheless, it’s stunning, classy and edgy. All the style elements combine in a perfect modern pompadour hairstyle for the style-forward gent.

9. High Feathered Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

feathered pompadour hairstyle for men

The modern versions of pompadour haircuts allow for these tiny yet effective style twists that create looks more in tune with your personality. Don’t comb your hair backward. Instead, adopt the ruffled or feathered look that’s one of the hottest this year.

10. Modern Pompadour Haircut

pompadour haircut

A short, well-trimmed pompadour haircut is bound to bring some envy your way. Not to mention the ample room for variation with just one simple haircut.

11. Deep Side Fade High Top Pompadour

high top pompadour

Feel like creating a look that’s not too high maintenance? Go for deep side fade undercut and a high top pompadour. You’ll notice how easy it is to style your haircut to suit your mood and personality.

12. Taper Fade Sleek Pompadour Haircut for Men

pompadour haircut for men

While the top follows the rules of the rockabilly era pompadour haircut, the taper fade side and the razor defined deep side part are modern edgy style elements bound to make a difference.

13. Haircut Pompadour Style

haircut pompadour

Classy? Beyond the shadow of a doubt. Hot and sexy? Definitely. This sleek tamed pompadour haircut is bound to earn you some style credits no matter where you flaunt it.

14. Short Pompadour Swept to the Front

short pompadour

This may be what’s called a reverse pompadour. Yet, it’s an interesting alternative to wearing your long top swept backward in a high voluminous shape all the time.

15. Taper Fade and Side Swept Pompadour

taper fade side swept pompadour

Soft and rough at the same time, this haircut is meant for the daring gentleman who is looking for a statement haircut.

16. Taper Pompadour Haircut

pompadour haircut

Feel like having a shorter, easier to maintain haircut? Then this pompadour haircut and style may be the answer for you. Short enough to fly by even in more conservative environments, it keeps the charm of the classic pompadour intact.

17. Pompadour Haircut with a Twist

pompadour haircut

Geometric patterns on a faded side represent a new element of style that rockabilly era pompadour aficionados wouldn’t have dreamed of. Try it on for an edgy, daring look.

18. Stylish Outgrown Taper Pompadour

 outgrown taper pompadour

The basis of this haircut was a taper fade cut. Slightly outgrown as it is, it creates lovely structure and texture.

19. Short Pompadour Haircut

short pompadour haircut

Styled with spikes and messy strands, you’d never guess this short haircut is a pompadour haircut. Yet, the structure gives it away. This stands as proof that pompadour haircuts are super versatile.

20. Classic Pompadour Haircut for Men

classic pompadour haircut

Classic pompadour haircuts featured this long top, short and trimmed toward the back. The novelty element here are the taper fade sides.

21. Cool Messy Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

pompadour hairstyle for men

You finally got the hottest haircut of 2016. Now achieve this cool and playful look by creating a messy bundle of strands with that extra-long top.

22. Pompadour Haircut Men. From Rockabilly to Modern Pompadour

pompadour haircut

These are just three instances of how versatile a modern pompadour haircut can be. Even if you choose one reminiscent of the rockabilly era. These gents earned our admiration for the perfect styling of their pompadour haircuts.

23. Casual Pompadour Haircut

casual pompadour

Sometimes, more is less. If you feel more comfortable with shorter hair, then choose a shorter pompadour haircut that’s easy to style to fit any occasion.

24. Pompadour Fade Haircut

pompadour fade haircut

This may not look like a pompadour. Yet, that’s due to the fact that the hair is shorter and swept toward the front. Switch the style elements and you’ve got another proof of this hairstyle’s versatility.

25. Classy Rockabilly Pompadour Haircut

rockabilly pompadour haircut

If this gent reminds you of the rock icon Elvis Presley, that’s because he’s sporting the same haircut that was brought back into the limelight by the rockabilly god.

26. Long Pompadour Haircut for Men

long pompadour haircut

Long sides, long top, shorter back. The secret ingredients to successfully pulling off the pompadour haircut in a modern setting.

27. Long Front Short Back Pompadour Haircut

 short back pompadour haircut

This is an astonishing example of a modern pompadour. It requires some time to style properly. Once you’ve got the technique pinned down, styling will become a breeze.

28. Upswept top Short Sides Pompadour Hairstyle

pompadour hairstyle

Here’s a way to keep the iconic hairstyle looking sharp and edgy. Trim the sides to a shorter length and keep long lengths for the top. This makes it easy to style your haircut for every occasion.

29. Male Pompadour Haircut

male pompadour haircut

Astonishingly well-trimmed taper fade sides draw even more attention to the flawless pompadour hairstyle this gent is sporting.

30. Taper Fade Pompadour Haircut

pompadour haircut

Enjoy the envious glances you get when you flaunt this super cool pompadour hairstyle. It’s more low-maintenance than others and easily adaptable.

31. Shaggy Pompadour Hairstyle

shaggy pompadour hairstyle

There’s no rule that says a pompadour haircut should be worn in a certain way. This gent proves loads of individuality through the shaggy approach.

32. Hottest Pompadour Haircut for Men

pompadour haircut for men

If you’re not sure which pompadour haircut to choose, go for this classic. Sexy and easy to style, it’s a match made in heaven for style-forward men.

33. Long Top Pompadour Haircut

long top pompadour cut

Textured sides and long top pompadour are flattering for everyone, regardless of the face form or hair type.

34. Loose Pompadour for Classy Casual Men

loose pompadour

There are days when you simply don’t feel like going anywhere near the hair products stand. To prevent a messy hair day under these circumstances, make sure that your pompadour haircut is perfectly suited for your hair type. Take your hue from this classy gent.

35. Men Pompadour Haircut

men pompadour haircut

A classy pompadour like this one inspires confidence and manliness. Wear the top in a messy feathered style if you don’t feel like looking too sleek one day.

36. Sleek Style Pompadour and Beard

pompadour and beard

A well-styled pompadour denotes class and style. Combine this elegant haircut with a luscious beard for a unique manly look.

37. Taper Fade, Razor Cut Feathered Pompadour

 razor cut feathered pompadour

Speaking of an edge to your style, notice the style elements this gent is sporting. A taper fade is always a good idea. But razor cuts are reserved for the daring, while the feathered top is uniquely playful and cool at the same time.

38. Rockabilly Pompadour Haircut

rockabilly pompadour haircut

Here is another instance of a classic take on the rockabilly pompadour. It looks as timelessly gorgeous as ever.

39. Long Wavy Pompadour

 wavy pompadour

Embrace the natural waves you’re flaunting in this modern pompadour with a twist. Any hair type is suited for this haircut, so go ahead and try it on for size.

40. Short Feathered Pompadour Cut

feathered pompadour cut

A cool, laid-back overtone doesn’t hurt when you’re looking forward to a relaxed trip or stroll in the park. Use some hair wax, style the short pompadour like this and get going.

41. Pompadour Style Haircut

pompadour style haircut

If you’re one of the men who’d rather have shorter hair, choose this pompadour haircut. It successfully combines short hair and long lengths on the top for comfort and ease.

42. Loose Side-swept Pompadour

casual side swept pompadour

A must try pompadour haircut in 2016 is this natural looking pompadour cut. Shorter on the sides and in the back, it perfectly emphasizes the beautifully styled top.

43. Pompadour Haircut for Long Wavy Hair

pompadour haircut for long wavy hair

It’s the details that make the difference. And in 2016, the details relate to natural looks. Waves and loose curls, even for men, are a must try this summer season.

44. Edgy Pompadour Haircut

pompadour haircut

This is one of our favorite haircuts for this year. Edgy and rough, it inspires manliness through every strand of hair.

45. Long Back-swept Top and Faded Sides Pompadour

back swept top and faded sides pompadour

Live the dream! Have the better of two hairstyles combined in one haircut. Short and long hair offer a world of possibilities when it comes to styling.

46. Long Top Pompadour Haircut

long top pompadour cut

This pompadour too is on our favorite list. It’s ideal for more formal occasions, as well as for a drink with friends.

47. Taper Fade Long Hair Pompadour Haircut for Men

pompadour haircut for men

Closely resembling an undercut Mohawk, this pompadour haircut is on the top list of preferences this summer. Try it on for size. We’re sure you’ll love it.

48. Pompadour Haircut Fade

pompadour haircut fade

Remember the old Superman movies and the haircut sported by Kent Clark? Well, this is a pompadour take on the classy hairstyle.

49. Deep Side Razor Part Feathered Pompadour

deep side razor part feathered pompadour

Here is a haircut fit for the daring. The main style element that sets it apart from others is the deep side razor part. It’s an effective way to create structure and draw attention at the same time.

50. Short Wavy Hair Pompadour for Men

short wavy hair pompadour for men

Shorter wavy hair can also be the basis of a stunning pompadour haircut. Look at this classy instance that’s here to prove the point.

51. Cool Pompadour Haircut for Men

hipster pompadour haircut

Another instance of a hipster hairstyle that gents simply adore. It’s on our list of favs. Will it make it to yours?

52. Taper Cut and Pompadour Hairstyle

pompadour hairstyle

This is a high-maintenance haircut, but it’s also one of the most spectacular hairstyles in this category. Make sure you will always keep it trimmed and well-styled.

53. Short Pompadour. Stylish Haircut for Men

short pompadour

It doesn’t get any manlier than this. A short haircut with ample potential for versatile hairstyling.

54. Taper Cut Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

taper cut pompadour

A short classic pompadour haircut that’s flattering for all you gents out there. This year’s top trends include this haircut or variations. Thus, choosing one to suit you should be a breeze.

55. Buzz Cut Side and Long Top Pompadour for Men

buzz cut side long top pompadour

Leave it to your hairstylist to create this stunning look for you. All you have to do is maintain it and flaunt it.

56. Classic Pompadour Haircut

classic pompadour

We mentioned in the beginning that this haircut was brought back to the heights of fame by Cash and Presley. This iconic image is a style lesson for all of us.

57. Messy Feathered Pompadour

messy feathered pompadour

A pompadour with a modern twist in the form of a feathered upswept top rather than a sleek comb toward the back.

58. Classy Pompadour Cut for Men

classy pompadour cut

Style it up a notch with this super-hot take on the pompadour haircut. Let it fall naturally like this gent for an added elegant note.

59. Taper Fade Cut Pompadour

fade cut pompadour

If you’re looking for a pompadour cut that’s simply flattering for everyone, this is your choice. A taper fade combined with the pompadour is flattering for all hair types and face forms.

60. Relaxed Pompadour Haircut

relaxed pompadour haircut

Choose a pompadour cut that falls in a relaxed manner without hairstyling products or hours spent in front of the mirror.

The pompadour haircut is back in style and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. Choose your hairstyle with these inspiring 60 pompadour haircut suggestions and let your hairstylist do the rest.

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