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50 Creative Hair Designs for Men

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The best thing about hair designs for men is that they allow you to express your personality and imagination in a very creative way. There are numerous barbers nowadays sufficiently skilled to transform this incredulous hair art into reality. With that in mind, we have done our homework and put together for you a list ...

50 Cool Slick Back Haircut Ideas

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The slick back haircut has a longer style history than you can imagine. We can travel a few decades ago and meet a very young Johnny Depp making his first appearance in 80s slasher films donning this very hairdo. Then we can go back to the 50s to an Elvis concert and see the king himself sporting the slick back ...

45 Hot Top Knot Men Ideas

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One thing is certain when we refer to top knot men ideas. They are all hot. It doesn’t really matter if you have just started growing your hair, if it’s medium sized or already very long, it doesn’t even matter what color or how thick or thin it is. It is a very well-known fact that a well-placed top knot will ...

50 Soccer Haircuts for Enthusiastic Fans

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Soccer athletes have become the stuff of legend. With their amazing talent, chiseled good looks, and rocking bodies, they are rapidly turning into the new superstars of the styling world. The soccer pitch is no longer just the arena for a good, long match, it’s also a place where they defiantly strut their soccer ...