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45 Cool and Rugged Viking Hairstyles

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Before we plunge into our list of the 45 coolest and most rugged Viking hairstyles, answer us this question. Are you ready for the most epic haircut of your lifetime and one that you also wear into a battle? Because this is what you’ll get if you go for the Viking-inspired look. We have raided the Internet and ...

45 Popular Shaved Hairstyles for Men

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For a few years now, shaved hairstyles for men have been back in style. They provide a bold, statement look, that speaks volumes about the wearer. However, they are extremely versatile as well, allowing you to be just as creative as you want in length, volume, and texture. In this article, we have gathered 45 ideas ...

45 Modern Emo Hairstyles for Guys

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The emo culture has its roots in the crazy 80s. Back then, it was a type of manifestation that branched out from underneath the punk movement. Even though it had its ups and downs in the past almost 40 years, it still holds it ground, nevertheless having appeal and allure to many boys and girls around the world. Most ...

45 Unique Dread Styles

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Dread styles are all about creativity and uniqueness. They say a lot about your personality and who you really are by how you wear them. Dreadlocks are a particular hairstyle that has always managed to intrigue people with its singular beauty. Even though dreads have been with us for decades now, they still manage to ...