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40 Amazing Taper Haircut Styles for Men

It’s no surprise at all why most men prefer to go for the taper haircut. With so many types of taper haircut out there, it’s hard not to find one suitable for your age, face shape and hair type. It’s that kind of modern haircut that never gets out of style.

The following amazing taper haircut styles for men can inspire you to choose a new look and enjoy the advantages of sporting such a low-maintenance, trendy haircut. This iconic look exudes masculinity, confidence, and power. It’s definitely worth a try.

1. Taper Haircut and Hair Tattoo Mix

You can combine a simple taper haircut with a hair tattoo design of your liking. This look is simply amazing and it won’t go unnoticed.

taper haircut

2. Symmetric Taper Haircut

This bad boy haircut is to die for. You can wear mostly any kind of outfit when sporting such a hairstyle.

sided taper cut

3. Fade Taper Haircut

There is something so alluring about triple undercuts and fade taper haircuts. This look is easy to pull off and even if it requires constant maintenance it is certainly worth the trouble.

man in khaki shirt

4. The Backdo and Simple Taper Cut

What men seem to love about the taper haircut the most is the fact that it is suited for all ages, hairstyles and face shapes. So if you have thin hair, this is definitely the best haircut that you should try out. You can also go for a backdo while rocking a taper haircut.

man with receding hairline

5. Short Afro and Taper Haircut

A lot of black men love combining a short afro hairstyle with a taper haircut. It looks incredibly awesome and it’s not hard to care for it either.

profile of a man and his haircut

6. Layered and Taper Hairstyle

If you want to go for a subtle taper haircut, make sure you pick the layered look, too for extra hair volume.

man with messy hair

7. High Taper Haircut

The good thing about the taper haircut lies in its versatility. This type of haircut can start from any location you want to, from high to mid or low taper haircut; it’s all up to you.

stunning taper haircut

8. Short Taper Haircut

You can play with short hairstyles and add texture by going for a taper haircut and by adding a few waves and curls here and there.

man standing outdoors

9. Typical Taper Hairstyle Look

Some men prefer to keep their hair as short as possible, going for a full taper haircut. It’s the perfect choice for those who don’t like long hair during summer or due to the fact that it’s too much trouble to take care of long locks.

man with shades and goatee

10. Geeky Taper Haircut

You can adapt the typical taper haircut to mostly any fashion style or profession you might have. The geeky taper hairstyle is a subtle kind of look that deserves a go.

guy dressed like a geek

11. Long Strands of Hair and Taper Hairdo

You are probably familiar by now with the long-at-the-top, shaved at the sides popular hairstyle for men. You can go for this kind of look by choosing the taper haircut instead of shaved sides.

man getting a taper haircut

12. Low Taper Fade Look

You can gradually make a change when it comes to your haircut. Go for a low taper fade haircut and see how that works for you. If you enjoy your new look you can experiment some more with a full taper haircut.

man sporting short hairstyle

13. Taper Fade Mohawk

Bad boys most definitely enjoy the taper fade Mohawk. It’s a very pretentious haircut because it requires constant trimming and styling, but it does make you stand out from the crowd.

guy dressed in camouflage clothes

14. The Afro Taper Fade

Big afros and taper fade haircuts do go well together. It is yet another cool taper haircut that deserves a chance.

taper cut and afro

15. Cute Mohawk and Taper Fade Look

It seems that both Mohawks and taper haircuts are quite versatile; being manipulated in different ways. So, if you don’t like obvious Mohawks, go for something subtle, like this little Mohawk here.

stylized mohawk

16. The High Taper Fade

The taper haircut can be spotted mostly anywhere you can think of; at work, on the streets, at the university. Celebrities, athletes, and trendsetters have all sported a taper haircut at least once in their lifetime. The high taper fade is somewhat of an extravagant choice and you need a bold sense of fashion in order to rock such a hairstyle.

basketball player with afro and taper haircut

17. Taper Fade with Short Haircut

This look never gets old and just like wine it keeps getting better and better. If you have a short hairstyle add a few spiky strands of hair for a cooler look. Let the taper fade work its magic and create the idea of having hair volume.

man with glasses squints his eyes

18. Taper Fade with Sideburns

When the taper fade is subtle and simple, hairstylists suggest you get a more avant-garde look by stylizing your sideburns. Just like the taper haircut, sideburns can have some intricate designs that grab people’s attention.

man at the barber's shop

19. Simple Taper Haircut and Beard

The simplest of hairstyles can sometimes be the most impressive one. Go for a simple taper haircut and make sure the beard is trimmed and shaved at a similar level like your haircut and get ready to enjoy a new look.

stylized taper haircut

20. The Bald Taper Haircut Look

There are some men who really hate having to style their hair on a daily basis. For those men, there are many wonderful solutions like the bald taper haircut look.

man getting a haircut

21. Ryan Reynolds Taper Cut

Celebrities can’t get enough of the taper haircut. Ryan Reynolds has sported this kind of haircut on various occasions and it most certainly flatters his facial features; without a doubt.

ryan reynolds in a grey shirt

22. Skin Taper Haircut

Men with rectangular shaped faces should try sporting a skin taper haircut since it will flatter their look effortlessly.

man resting his head on a pillow

23. Military Style Taper Haircut

The taper haircut has a bad boy/intimidating look about it, so it’s no wonder why even the military prefers sporting such a low maintenance, manly haircut.

man preparing to salute

24. The Lumbersexual Taper Hairstyle

Who would have thought that the lumbersexual look (that promotes facial hair and long hairstyles per se) would also include the taper hairstyle? It’s possible to go for the lumbersexual look and sport a long hairstyle that is highlighted by a subtle taper haircut.

man with long thick beard

25. Skin Fade Taper Cut

This is a bit of a more complicated haircut to achieve, this is why it is best to go to a barber or a hair stylist to help you achieve the cool skin fade taper cut that can be spotted from the get-go.

hipster look

26. Jay-Z Taper Haircut

Jay-Z is sporting an impeccable taper haircut that goes well with a very elegant suit. This is proof that taper haircuts work for more formal occasions, too.

jay z in a suit

27. Mid Taper Fade

The mid taper fade is best highlighted by an undercut so you can combine different hairstyles without any problem since the end results are simply stunning.

stunning details of a taper haircut

28. The Smooth High Taper Hairdo

Who said that retro and modern haircuts don’t go well together? Just take a look at this mix of a 20s inspired retro hairstyle and the taper cut that is a modern hairstyle per se. Use hair wax on the hair portions that you want to look smooth and retro and that’s about it. It’s nothing complicated when it comes to styling, but this hairdo certainly looks spectacular with little to no effort.

comb over and sided taper cut

29. Comb Over Taper Hairstyle

The comb over has been a popular men’s hairstyle for centuries now so why not adapt it to more modern times by adding the taper hairdo to the mix? You won’t regret it.

man on the barber's chair

30. Stylish Taper Hairstyle

If you want to achieve a younger look, go for this stylish taper hairdo that doesn’t require too much styling. Make sure to stylize a part of your hair and add a few messy, wavy locks here and there for a more textured look.

man in baby blue shirt

31. Taper Fade with Spiky Hair

If you have thin hair or receding hairline you can keep a simple spiky hairstyle as long as you choose a taper fade, too. It will help your hair regenerate faster.

fading taper haircut

32. Cool Low Taper Hairstyle

You can tease the ends at the top to add some volume to your hair and add a taper hairstyle on the sides. It’s a cool low taper hairstyle look that never goes out of style and even the ladies like this look, too.

teased ends and taper haircut

33. Bob Hairstyle with Taper Cut

A bob hairstyle or a wedge hairdo can be combined with the typical taper cut for a new look. It’s not a daring look, but it gets noticed fast either way.

teacher in class

34. Taper Hairstyle for Receding Hairline

If you want to stop your receding hairline from being too obvious, one awesome solution is to go for the taper hairdo.

man getting out of a vintage car

35. Flat Top Fade Taper Hairstyle

Thick hair can easily be manipulated into a flat top and a taper hairstyle for that smooth, sleek look most men prefer.

man getting a taper hairstyle

36. Comb Over Taper Hairstyle for Fine Hair

If you have no idea what to do with your fine hair, go for a comb over and a taper hairstyle. These two combined will add volume to your hair.

man with comb over and taper haircut

37. Wavy Hairstyle and Taper Hairdo

Wavy locks can be easily highlighted by a taper hairdo so don’t be afraid to mix these two different hairstyles together.

close up of a man sporting short wavy locks

38. Low Taper Fade and Beard

There’s something irresistible about a low taper haircut and a well-trimmed beard.

man with big beard

39. The High Taper Fade

It seems that the high taper fade haircut is back in town and it certainly flatters all face shapes, too. Wanna give it a go?

hairstylist with tattoo using a razor

40. Drop Fade Taper Hairstyle

The drop fade taper haircut is a bit more obvious than other types of taper haircuts, but it certainly looks great on many guys.

three guys sporting a taper haircut

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