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40 Amazing Neymar Haircut Ideas

A recent study by the Football Observatory ranks Neymar as the most expensive footballer in Europe, his transfer rate coming to a whopping $268 million. However, this article is focused on another thing that we love about the Brazilian player, other than his mad skills on the field, his hair. Changing from year to year, Neymar Jr.’s hair has his own league of fans by now, not to mention all the men out there who want to copy it. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 40 amazing Neymar haircut ideas that will surely serve you as inspiration.

1. High and Gelled

If there’s one thing we can give Neymar credit for hair wise is the fact that he took a lot of haircuts which we now consider outdated and completely made them his own. Here he is sporting a gelled high top with shaved sides.

2. Combed Foreward

As you might have already noticed if you are a fan, Neymar loves his fringe. He does everything he can to highlight it and cover his forehead. Here he is doing just that, with a very simple, yet effective haircut.

3. The Bleached Blonde Neymar Haircut

This style is all about the faux bleached Mohawk, which Neymar Jr. absolutely adores. He proudly pairs it with the long bangs, which he pulls over his forehead, in a signature hairstyle that has made headlines.

4. The Elegant Neymar Haircut

Even though he is all about playing sports and being comfortable, the soccer player can also kick it up a notch and take the elegant road. This hairstyle has trimmed, but not shaved sides, and a wavy top.

5. Messy and Relaxed

This is what Neymar’s hair looks like when he is not wearing copious amounts of hair gel or wax in it. It’s long and relaxed, giving him a roguish look and boyish charm.

6. Short and Curly

When he was younger and hadn’t discovered the wonders of the hair gel yet, Neymar used to wear his hair as natural as possible and cut very short. As you can well see, he has his natural curls as well as his natural dark hair color showing here.

7. The Platinum Blonde Neymar Haircut

When the hunger for blonde strikes, it seems to hit everyone in the Barcelona soccer team. Apart from Neymar himself, who is sporting a short and very blonde hairstyle, you can also see Lionel Messi in the background, wearing the same shade.

8. The Brush Top

Here is Neymar wearing a more natural look. His hair has been cut down to a minimum, leaving only the top, which resembles a brush. In other words, it’s spiky, messy, and very rugged.

9. The Quiff and Mohawk

The Mohawk is one of Neymar’s favorite hairstyles. Therefore, he has done everything in his power to keep things interesting in that department. In this instance, he has managed to transform the front of his Mohawk into a quiff.

10. High Tops in Brunette

If you feel that you are a bit vertically challenged, then this is definitely the haircut for you. The very high flat beehive will add a few inches of height to your figure. Use high-quality product to get this effect.

11. The Alien Mohawk

We don’t know if the space movie was his inspiration for this haircut or not, but this is surely what it looks like from behind. The hairstyle is a spiky Mohawk, flecked with blonde highlights. It also leaves his neck tattoo exposed, which is a plus.

12. Long Spikes

Taking a cue from Cristiano Ronaldo, here is Neymar showing his love for spikes. You will need a hefty amount of hair gel or wax for this one. Also, if need be you can also use a straightening iron.

13. Dark Honey All Around

For this formal suit and bow tie occasion, the soccer player has opted to dye his hair a dark honey shade. He is also sporting a very simple and elegant hairstyle, which you can easily copy if you own a comb.

14. Two Shades of Mohawk

Here is another Neymar haircut that should truly inspire you. It’s a perfectly layered Mohawk, made up of two shades. The undergrowth is his natural, we presume, darker color, and the upper locks are bright blonde.

15. The Messy Spikes

As you can well see, not all spiked hairstyles have to be formal and well groomed. You can also take a walk down memory lane back to the nineties and spike up your gelled hair into a messy tangle of spikes.

16. Blonde Top and Hipster Glasses

Neymar is no stranger to the hipster trends, which he seems to love. Here he is combining a very formal attire with hipster glasses, oversized earrings, and of course, his signature blonde quiff.

17. High Top with Razor Lines

This dark colored hairstyle has a very high and flat top and faded sides. To all of this, Neymar decided to add a razor line where his side parting should have been, giving it an extra kick.

18. Copper and Gel

As you might have guessed, if you want to copy some or all of Neymar’s looks, then gel has to become a huge part of your life. This is a comb over, in which all of the strands have been combed over to the back.

19. The Fluffy Mohawk

Here is a picture of the soccer player from when he was younger. His hairstyle is Mohawk that has not had its parts arranged with mousse, gel or wax. Instead, it’s all natural, fluffy, and coarse.

20. The Dirty Blonde Neymar Haircut

He has, indeed, sported a lot of shades of blonde so far. However, it seems as though this is the one he should be sticking to, as it perfectly complements his hazel eyes as well as his beautiful skin.

21. Dark Chocolate

However, that doesn’t mean to say that if he looks astoundingly good in dirty blonde, he doesn’t look good in anything else. Take this dark chocolate shade of brown he is wearing in this pic and see how well it frames his face.

22. In Between

Now, let’s take the two colors we talked about so far and put them together, adding his favorite hairstyle, the Mohawk, of course. What do we get? This masterpiece of a hairstyle with platinum blonde undergrowth and chocolaty natural spikes.

23. The Copper Mullet Meets Mohawk

There aren’t a lot of people of there who would brave the mullet in this day and age. However, Neymar is one of them. In fact, he died his hair a fiery copper, styled it into a Mohawk and added mullet bangs and tails to it. Wow! Now, that’s brave!

24. The Gelled Version

Still, that’s not all that he can pull out of this hairstyle. Therefore, if you want to copy it, you must take all of the above, meaning Mohawk, mullet, bangs, and tails, and add a copious amount of gel to it.

25. Bleached Blonde and Bangs

This Neymar haircut is all about the bangs. Apart from the fact that he has dyed his hair a bleached blonde, he also divided his bangs in half. The lower part rests on his forehead while the upper part is up in the air, in spikes.

26. The Umbrella Style

Remember those days in the nineties when you thought this style was just the coolest and your mom wouldn’t let you get it? Well, now you can seeing as Neymar himself endorses it. Plus, he makes it look so cool!

27. The Red Crew Cut

Here is another hair color that the superstar soccer player has tried over the years. You can easily copy this hairstyle, seeing as it is a simple crew cut, with the top side grown out. However, you might want to visit your stylist if you want to get exactly that shade of cherry red.

28. This Boy Is on Fire

Yes, indeed he is. This is Neymar sporting a Mohawk with a fringe and a tail, of course. The color is a blazing red, which brings out the color of his eyes, as well as his beautiful complexion.

29. The Gelled Mullet and Bangs with Headband

Even though he managed to pull off this awesome and intricate hairstyle, Neymar still has to go out on the soccer pitch and play. Therefore, he came up with the idea of keeping his locks in place with a headband, which quickly became a trend.

30. The Copper Mohawk with Faded Sides

Here is another Neymar haircut which is bound to serve you as inspiration. It’s a small front Mohawk with shaved and manicured sides. All has been dyed in his now trademark fiery red.

31. The Natural Pompadour Neymar Haircut

Here is the soccer player sporting a very natural looking pompadour, which he managed to pull off with a handful of hair wax. The sides of his head are also shaved, giving him a more slender looking facial bone structure.

32. Golden Boy

Seeing as he is now the most expensive player in the world, it’s safe to say Neymar is soccer’s golden boy. Therefore, it is only befitting that he has a hairstyle to match. This is a curly platinum blonde high top with naturally dark shaved undersides.

33. The Elvis Presley Neymar Haircut

This side of the lovely Neymar reminds us a bit of Elvis. Maybe because both men have the same boyish charming good looks which are due, in part, to their wonderfully similar hairstyles.

34. The Warrior Look

When he’s out on the soccer pitch, Neymar looks like the true warrior that he is. Therefore, he usually adopts hairstyles which match that ideal. Here he is with a short and spiky top and faded sides.

35. The Grindelwald

Anyone familiar with the Fantastic Beasts movies will be able to tell you that this is one great, Grindelwald-looking cut. The dark undergrowth brings out the faded blonde upper locks, making both men worthy opponents.

36. The Platinum Mohawk Neymar Haircut

Seeing as he loves to play mix and match with his haircuts so much, Neymar really went to town with this one. It’s a fluffy Mohawk which he has dyed platinum blonde, for added effect.

37. The Pop Singer Heartthrob

If he weren’t a famous soccer player, Neymar could have easily been a teenage pop singer, by his good looks and charm alone. Moreover, he has the hair to back that up so, why not?

38. The Bed Head Selfie

All of his fans know that Neymar is absolutely in love with Instagram and taking selfies. Here he is taking one in his bed and wishing his followers a good night. We couldn’t help but notice that even his bed head looks amazing.

39. The Neymar Haircut with Copper Peekaboos

One way to jazz up your current hairstyle or haircut without changing it too much is by adding some peekaboos to it. Take a cue from our forever inspiration Neymar and dye yours dark copper as well.

40. Simple and Sweet

No, we’re not talking about his smile, but about this Neymar haircut. It is absolute perfection, seeing as it is based on the soccer player’s naturally curly hair and dark color.

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