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45 Rock’n’Roll Harry Styles Haircut Ideas

You’ve literally seen his entire career unfold right before your eyes. From the first time he stepped on stage at the X Factor up to the present moment when he has rightfully been called a prince of rock’n’roll and an ‘artthrob.’ Harry Styles has evolved from a teenager’s boyband crush to a true style icon. And here are 45 Harry Styles haircut ideas to prove it.

1. The Short Harry Styles Haircut

He has had many hairstyles over the years which we have covered exhaustively in this article. But we will begin with a simple one. This is a short and shaggy crop with a few strands hanging down his forehead, complementing his beautiful features.

2. The Space Buns

Out of the five One Direction boys, Harry has always been the funny and fun-loving one. He has never shied away from being ‘class clown’ so to say. Therefore, it’s only logical that he would love these space buns.

3. That 70s Haircut

In 2016 Harry featured in three photo shoots for the magazine Another Man. You will see most of the pictures in this article because they helped shape and establish him as the style and fashion icon that he is today. Here he is with a 70s haircut and an oversized distressed jumper with a v-neck by none other than Dior and Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons.

4. The Medium Slick Back

Even when relaxing and not posing for any photoshoots, his hair still looks fantastic. Therefore, this medium wavy slick back is truly a Harry Styles haircut you can copy any time you want. It’s simple and easy to maintain.

5. The Chestnut Harry Styles Haircut

Although he loves his dark hair and is usually loyal to this shade, he also sported some other colors as well. This is Harry with chestnut brown hair and some lovely golden brown highlights that accentuate his facial tone.

6. Volume Up Harry Styles Haircut

Pun intended, this is a volume up Harry from every point of view. Even his hair decided it was time to turn up the volume. You can copy the look by using a soft round brush, a hair dryer, some mousse, and a lot of hairspray.

7. The Man Bun

Seeing as he is one of the most stylish guys around, it was virtually impossible for Harry Styles to refuse what is possibly the hairstyle of the decade – the man bun. But here’s the trick. He makes it look incredibly good.

8. Short Cropped Bangs

Here’s one more take from Another Man magazine. Harry is sporting a roguish haircut with very bluntly cropped bangs that give off a strong 70s rock star vibe. Exactly the persona he wants to play the most.

9. Layered Ginger Hair

Yes, in case you were wondering, this is our beloved Harry. A king of the rockability style, he decided to go ginger for a while and look how amazing the entire styling choice is! The layered medium cut plus the lacey high collar makes him look like a Shakespearean dramatic character.

10.  The High and Tight Harry Styles Haircut

Going back to something a little more familiar, this is a high and tight fluffy brush cut type of hairstyle which suits him perfectly. It brings out his playful nature. And we cannot help but notice how good he looks in a choker.

11. The Rockstar Harry Styles Haircut

The first thing that goes through your mind when seeing Harry with this haircut for this photoshoot is Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Velvet Goldmine. Which we’re sure he would positively love as a style comparison.

12. The Long Bangs

Coming back to reality, but just for a second, here’s a Harry Styles haircut you can copy and actually wear in your day to day life. It’s a short crop with long and asymmetrical bangs. It works great if you have wavy or curly hair.

13. The Spiky Harry Styles Haircut

Spikes are not a thing of the past. They are still in. The difference is that, if you like and want to wear them, you have to adapt to the modern trend. Harry Styles will show you how. You’ll need a comb and a somewhat large quantity of hair wax.

14. The Dunkirk Hairstyle

In 2017, Harry made his cinematographic debut in Dunkirk, a movie directed by Christopher Nolan about the evacuation in said city during the Second World War. The movie was called by critics the greatest war movie ever made, and Harry’s performance was acclaimed.

15. The Rolling Stone Harry Styles Haircut

Harry sat for another famous photoshoot, this time for Rolling Stone magazine. He had all of his hair flattened down, with a side part and asymmetrical strands of bangs hanging down his forehead and the sides of his face.

16. Short Windswept Haircut

We’re back to the Another Man photoshoots for yet another hairstyle. This time it’s this short, spiky, and windswept crop. We also have to give a thumbs up to the styling. The overcoat embroidered with sunflowers and gilded leaf patterns over a nautical black and white jumper is pure fashion genius.

another man magazine harry styles haircut


17. Curly Harry Styles Haircut

But Harry also takes a breather from time to time and simply wears a T-shirt and a hat. His hair is relaxed as well, hanging down his shoulders in his natural, loose curls. It’s a Sunday style which you can wear as well.

18. The Long Harry Styles Haircut

It’s probably safe to say that his long hair was the most iconic hairstyle he has had up to date. He wore it in his natural dark chestnut with wavy curls and in a slick back over his head. No parting of the hair was needed for this Rockstar.

19. The Hair Scarf Style

Harry Styles loves hair scarves. That’s a fact. What’s also a fact is that it took him a while to learn how to tie them and wear them. This is one of his first attempts. He looks cute enough, but it can’t actually pass as high style. Don’t worry, we have better examples below.

20. The Teenager Harry Styles Haircut

Do you remember back in the 2000s and 2010s when all the teenage boys used to wear this haircut? It’s part hair helmet, part emo swoop, part bowl haircut, part skater hairstyle, part grownups wondering how are they not hot under there? But we loved it!

21. The Half Up Half Down

One of the reasons why Harry Styles is a fashion icon is that he can take a simple haircut such as this one and make it look like the epitome of cool. You know you can do it at home as well. But making it look like Instagram gold is another thing altogether.

22. The Princess Harry Styles Haircut

Tapping into that rich source of class clown, Harry never backs away from the opportunity of bringing joy and sunshine into a room. He has no problem in sporting absolutely any hair accessory whatsoever. Here he is with a tiara.

23. The Wet Look Harry Styles Haircut

The wet hair bad boy look originated in the 90s, when you could see it personified by the biggest heartthrobs of the moment. We’re sure it’s headed for a comeback now that icons such as Harry Styles have decided to revive it.

24. The Comb Over

As all his other haircuts, this comb over is perfect too. To copy this look, you will need a soft comb and some hairspray. What you’re going for here in terms of styling is a modern-day Elvis who, incidentally, is one of Harry’s inspirations.

25. Headband Harry Styles Haircut

This one is perfect for hitting the gym, running in the park or yoga. If you have curly or wavy hair just like Harry, then surely you always struggle with flyaway strands of hair after you tied it all up in a man bun. A headband is the key.

26. The Goofy Hairstyle

That’s another pun intended because this is not Goofy at all. This is Minnie Mouse. We absolutely adore Harry’s styling here. The contrast between his rocker persona with countless tattoos and a bare chest and that pink shirt and Minnie ears with polka dots is fantastic.

27. Boyish Harry Styles Haircut

As a little boy, Harry used to rock a bowl, blonde hairstyle. Not of his own choice, of course. We suspect his parents had a little say in this. However, we’re happy to see that he had the same enthusiastic grin on his face.

28. Man Braids Hairstyle

After the man bun came the man braids as the next hairstyle that took the whole world by storm. Naturally, Harry couldn’t keep away. Here he is sporting warrior braids and a messy top knot at the back of his head.

29. The Volumized Comb Over

We imagine that, if and when he went to his own prom, this is what he looked like. A teenager with a volumized comb over or slick back wearing a suit and a black, silk cravat. His killer sense of style was showing even then.

30. The Punk Harry Styles Haircut

Once again Harry benefits from outstanding styling that highlights his best physical features and captures his personality beautifully. You can tell how comfortable he feels in this 80s getup by just looking at the photoshoot. He really has come a long way from his One Direction days.

31. The Stylish Harry Styles Haircut

Did you know that the first ever song we heard Harry singing was on the stage of X Factor? He auditioned with Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely. Sadly, though, he didn’t make it to the ‘Boys’ group. However, it was Nicole Scherzinger who suggested he be joined by four other boys who had also been rejected and form a band so that they could progress to the next stages of the competition.

32. The Tie Back Harry Styles Haircut

Continuing on the above, this is how our beloved One Direction was born. And, as it turns out, Harry would play a huge part in the history of the band. He was the one who suggested the name to the other boys. They loved it!

33. The Schoolboy Harry Styles Haircut

Harry was also the one who suggested in 2014 that One Direction should take a prolonged hiatus. His reason was that he did not wish to tire their fans after releasing five albums between 2011 and 2015. The group did, indeed take an indefinite break in 2016.

34. The Shaggy Harry Styles Haircut

It’s been quite a while since Harry was sporting haircuts such as this one. To continue the story, in 2016 he went his separate way writing songs for other major artists such as Ariana Grande and Michael Buble and starting to record his first solo album. Harry proved he is a music man through and through.

35. The Side Part Harry Styles Haircut

By 2017 his transformation was complete. As you can see, he no longer looked like a boybander, but like the true Rockstar that he is. His first single was released in the same year and was called The Signs of the Times. It was a smashing hit both in the UK and the US, being rightfully called one of the best songs of the year. The video was directed by Woodkid.

36. The Layered Haircut

Layered is a perfect word because that’s what Harry proved to be. A layered artist who could do far more than pop. His first album, eponymously named, was influenced by glam rock and soft rock from the 70s. Variety called it a ‘classic cocktail of psychedelia, Britpop, and balladry.’ Here’s the entire article for further reading.

37. The High Pompadour Hairstyle

Harry was also called a true prince of rock thanks to his fashion style and on-stage persona. A lot of that has to do, of course with his hair and the way he wears it. He has stated that he was influenced by glam rock. Here are more pompadour suggestions.

38. Rock’n’Roll Hairstyles

Speaking of Harry Style’s style, in an interview, when asked about his flamboyant costumes, tattoos, jewelry, and hairstyles, he quoted Paul Simonon from The Clash who stated that “Pink is the only true rock & roll colour.”

39. The Medium Harry Styles Haircut

The first song One Direction ever sang as a band on the X Factor was a rendition of Torn. Even though they were highly popular and Simon Cowell liked them and even signed them on for a contract, they finished third on the show.

40. Headband Hairstyles

As promised above, we have another example of Harry wearing a hair scarf, only this time it’s better. You can roll up a thin scarf and use it as a headband on summer days.

41. The Gelled Harry Styles Haircut

Harry also had another band before One Direction. It was back home, where he lived, and it was called White Eskimo. He auditioned for the X Factor when he was asked to do so by his mom and the rest is history.

42. The 13-year Old Haircut

Did you also know that Harry used to play soccer for his team back in his home town when he was a boy? But, according to him, he quit because girls were more important at that age. He soon discovered singing as well.

43. The Cute Harry Styles Haircut

His unique sense of fashion combines flashy suits, satin flares in different prints, high heels, and lots and lots of pink. He is a natural when it comes to styling and has been described as ‘rock’n’roll’ and ‘flamboyant.’

44. The Nick Cave Haircut

There is no end to Harry Styles channeling iconic rockers and, frankly, we cannot get enough of it. Here he is resembling the larger than life Nick Cave and even wearing a rose at the top button of his shirt. Where the wild roses grow.

45. The Messy Bun

Harry Styles’ style has evolved from tracksuits and T-shirts which were very teen-friendly to iconic pieces taken from the catwalks of the best and mightiest, such as Burberry, Gucci, and Saint Laurent. We can’t wait to see how his style continues to evolve.


In 2017, after the release of his first solo album, Harry returned to the X Factor to sing the third single from the album, Kiwi. It was his second ever single performance on the show after his audition. It was also the moment when, after eight years, his dream of performing solo on that stage finally came true. That, alongside this exhaustive list of Harry Styles haircut ideas, can be an inspiration to you both in fashion and in life.

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