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10 Cool Styles For Short Layered Hair

Not long ago, short hair was frowned upon while long hair received all the glory. Hair was considered an ornament, and it was only cut when people were mourning. It is for this reason that long hair has been seen as the core definition of beauty. However, times have changed and short layered hair is increasingly becoming a trend.

In recent years, layered hairstyles have been popular, and there seem to be no signs of these hairstyles going out of fashion. Look at any red-carpet event you attend and you will notice many celebrities and ordinary women with short layered hair. This article provides you with an in-depth analysis of the subject of short layered hairstyles, including what to consider before cutting your hair, the benefits of having a short hair, and some cool styles for short layered hair.

New Do New You - Is It Time?

short layered hair

It can be easy to fall back on a given hairstyle that you consider safe and working for you. It is, as well, easy to develop a feeling of being in a hair rut. Not many people have the courage to lop off a few inches of their hair, and most them delay the decision to have a haircut. Whether you are opting for a complete shave, a bob, or perhaps short layered hair, one thing is for sure you are joining the trend.

Short layered hair is lovely and timeless, which explains why most people are embracing short layered hairstyles. Perhaps you are wondering if you should take the plunge and cut your hair. When is the right time for the new look? Getting a haircut is a major decision, which you should not make in a rush.

Factors To Consider When Cutting Your Hair

cutting hair

Cutting your hair is a big decision, and if you are still hesitant about your choices, then it is advisable to go in stages. Once you elevate the initial fears and find it fun, then you can take a plunge. The following are important factors to consider when cutting your hair.

The Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face is one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind. Face shapes include round, oval, square, and heart-shaped. Each face shape needs a haircut which compliments it. A long face will need shorter layers to give it a rounder appearance. If you have a round face, longer layers will help you attain an elongated shape. An oval-shaped face is more narrow than long; it goes well with both long and short layers. The bold haircut goes well with most face shapes.

Hair Volume

Short layered hair is great if you want to add volume to your hair. Long hair thins out towards the end, so short hair makes your hair look more voluminous. The layers are a great volume booster for short hair.

The Hair Texture

Think about the texture of your hair before making that cut. It is good to note that you can make a cut regardless of your hair texture. Whether your hair is curly or short, or if it is slippery with straight strands, when it's short, it adds volume. Curly hair shrinks, which means it has to be hydrated constantly, so keep that in mind.

Consider the Hair Color

If you have color highlights in your hair, be mindful of the haircut to avoid a misplaced look on your hair. You can add color to your hair to compliment your new style.

The Benefits Of Short Layered Hair

man having a haircut

Perhaps you are wondering whether or not to cut your hair short. We get it, it can be uninspiring at times, and especially when you consider the time and effort you have invested in it. However, short hair comes with magical powers and limitless benefits. Here are some benefits of short hair that you will enjoy.

Short Hair Is Easy to Maintain 

Looking good requires careful consideration, especially when you have long hair. Contrastingly, you do not have to worry about most of the things that you did when you had long hair -you can comb your hair with your hands, literally. If reaching for the comb feels like a lot of work to do, then you can just run your fingers through your hair and it falls into shape. Again, you will not need a lot of shampoo to wash it since you only need a little shampoo and it spreads evenly.

Short Hair Dries Faster

If you are like any other ordinary person, you can attest to how stressful it feels to have to wait for your hair to dry. With short layered hair, you can let your hair dry on its own without the risk of wetting your clothes. In addition, you will be free to take part in some activities, such as swimming, because the hair will dry faster.

It Will Give You a Younger Look

Shorter hair enhances your visibility by giving your face an instant lift. This boosts your natural beauty and makes you appear younger.

It Is Empowering

We cannot deny the fact that sitting on that salon chair for a haircut can boost your adrenaline as you anticipate losing some inches off your hair. But, the entire experience is energizing when you consider that it is your hair, and you can style it any way you want.

Fewer Tangles

Shorter hair does not have the knots and tangles often found in longer hair, which can be so annoying. This also means that there is less breakage and reduced split ends with short layered hair.

Faster Morning Routine

With short hair, you will probably take the shortest time possible to wash and dry it. Less time in the bathroom translates into a quick morning routine. In addition, short hair is easy to style, so you will take less time achieving the best hairstyle for the day.

10 Cool Styles For Short Layered Hair

Whatever your reason is for adorning a short layered hairstyle, you not only need to choose the most appealing, but also the most suitable hairstyle. Here are some cool styles for short layered hair to inspire you.

1. Classy Layered Pixie

classy layered pixie

This is a timeless style which brings out a youthful look. It is a gorgeous pixie which is a mix of a messy and sleek look. You can use a texturing product to style it or simply adorn it as it is, depending on your hair texture.

2. Feathered Bob

feathered bob

Layers are known to bring depth to a haircut, and this hairstyle is easy and cute. It is a trendy style for short layered hair which exposes your face prominently.

3. Short Asymmetrical Bob

short asymmetrical bob

This is a fun hairstyle which makes styling easy and stress-free. In order to achieve this look, tuck some hair behind the ear and let the rest hang forward. To achieve volume with this kind of style, use a round brush to comb and to blow dry.

4. Dark Pixie Cut

dark pixie cut

This is a simple short layered hairstyle with emphasis on the shape. The forehead and the sides are skimmed to create a classy frame.

5. Layer Stacked Pixie

layered stacked pixie

Short hair allows you to explore different dimensions of layers. This style helps you achieve more volume by allowing you to have stacked layers. To increase the depth of your hair, add different shades of your color to your short layered hair.

6. Blunt Bob

blunt bob

This is a sexy and versatile short layered hairstyle which is fun and sleek. The blunt ends give the edge a neat look while the layers add volume to the hair.

7. Chopped Undercut Pixie

chopped undercut pixie

This is a short yet feminine hairstyle which is lovely, voluminous, and allows for movement.

8. Messy Razored Pixie-Bob

messy razored pixie bob

Although it looks messy, this style is cool. The teased and tousled layers give it a full volume and a stylish look.

9. Long Tapered Pixie

long tapered pixie

This hairstyle can have a messy, tall, and teased crown to give it volume. It is cute, easy to maintain and you can easily style it on a daily basis.

10. Stacked Bob with Lifted Crown

stacked bob with lifted crown

This style is shorter at the back and longer at the front. It is voluminous while at the same time maintaining a sleek look. This is a classic hairstyle which is quite interesting. The lifted crown adds more volume.


More women are opting for a short layered haircut, especially due to its liberating power. Society no longer dictates the length of a woman’s hair, so women are empowered to make the most comfortable decisions concerning their hair. Short layered hair is a timeless style for both young and aged women. It is a comfortable style which is liked by women from all walks of life.

Short layered hair increases the volume of your hair, which makes it ideal for almost all face shapes. It is important to find a balance between the hair texture, color, and the shape of your face. Choose the bangs carefully to help you in flattering your face. Short layered hairstyles are many, and it is important to consider the various aspects before deciding. Talk to a professional hairstylist to help you decide on the best style for short layered hair if you feel overwhelmed.

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