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45 Groovy Old School Haircuts

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Fashion and style are cyclical, we all know that. Right now, for example, we are living in a full-on 90s meets 50s revival where the entire male population seems to be divided into two teams as far as hairstyles go. They are either wearing some version of the 90s heartthrob haircut or a pompadour. Still, are there ...


45 Amazing Neymar Haircut Ideas

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This article is focused on the thing that we love most about the Brazilian player, other than his mad skills on the field, of course, his hair. Changing from year to year, Neymar Jr.’s hair has his own league of fans by now, not to mention all the men out there who want to copy it. With that in mind, we have ...


50 Cool and Rugged Viking Hairstyles

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Before we plunge into our list of the 50 coolest and most rugged Viking hairstyles, answer us this question. Are you ready for the most epic haircut of your lifetime? The one haircut you can wear into a battle? Because this is what you’ll get if you go for the Viking-inspired look. We have raided the Internet and ...


45 Hot Men’s Shoulder Length Hairstyles

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Growing your hair out will be one of the best styling decisions you ever make. There’s just something about medium hair that looks so casual yet slick, confident, and sexy at the same time that the ladies simply cannot resist. And when you model your hairstyle on a celebrity, it’s even better. Here are the hottest ...