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40 Glamorous Hairstyles for Prom

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This guide for hairstyles for prom offers you many options to choose from. After deciding on the formal wear ensemble and prom party location, the last detail is hair. There is no need to do something extravagant with hair for prom. If you have short hair, wear it short. If you have long hair, wear it long. Even as ...


40 Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

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Medium length hairstyles for men come with a great deal of options, you can choose to wear your hair messy or neat, classic or modern, worn up or down. It may seem that short hair requires low maintenance but that’s not always the case. A perfect cut with tapered sides can vary in length between barber visits. ...


40 Rebellious Long Hairstyles for Men

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Long hairstyles for men have become as popular and important as that of women. Grooming and makeup are no longer considered a woman's domain. Through times the long hairstyles for men are trendy and have changed the perception about men in a positive way. Wear it at the office or at home, on formal occasions or on a ...


40 Eccentric Mohawk Haircuts

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A Mohawk haircut looks insanely attractive and eccentric. There are various kinds of hairstyles in this area, that it is hard for a man to pick just one to go with. However, this article contains the trendiest and the coolest Mohawk haircuts for men. Take your tine and look at the pictures below, it will give ...