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37 Flat Top Haircut Suggestions in 2018

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Flat top haircuts have become immensely popular as soon as they appeared, being the first choice for many men and women even nowadays. Although history points out that this hairstyle was largely worn by black men, these days everyone seems keen to embrace it. The flat top haircut styles are trendy and, apparently, ...


45 Surprisingly Good Bowl Haircut Ideas

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Much ink was spilled over the bowl haircut, and even more photos have been shared of it. It has the reputation of being one of the less fortunate styling ideas mankind has come up with over the years. The name alone can give you an inkling why. It has a very straight fringe, and the rest of the hair has to follow the ...


45 Modern Mens Fade Haircuts

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Even though they have been all the rage in the past few years, mens fade haircuts have actually been around for a lot longer than that. They have always been a preferred detail by both men and stylists because they are easy to pull off as well as to maintain. It’s a classic look which you can adapt according to your ...


45 Fascinating Mullet Haircut Ideas

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Believe it or not, the mullet haircut is making a comeback. Ever since David Beckham sported a modern version of it at an event in Hong Kong earlier this year, the world has been convinced. Yes, the mullet is definitely back in our field of vision. And it’s looking better than ever. Therefore, we have prepared for ...