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45 Fascinating Mullet Haircut Ideas

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Believe it or not, the mullet haircut is making a comeback. Ever since David Beckham sported a modern version of it at an event in Hong Kong earlier this year, the world has been convinced. Yes, the mullet is definitely back in our field of vision. And it’s looking better than ever. Therefore, we have prepared for ...


45 Undercut with Curly Hair Styles for Men

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The undercut is a perfect match for curly hair. It’s an awesome way to modernize your look if you have curly or wavy hair and you’re tired of looking in the mirror. Adding an undercut or even an under shave to your look is an incredible way to get the best of both worlds. One the one hand you get to keep your ...


50 Creative Long Hairstyles for Black Men

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African Americans have naturally thick hair that can be quite difficult to manage and style when it’s very long. That’s the main reason why they prefer braids, twists, and dreads because they are so much easier to handle. These options are also what we now call protective hairstyles. However, this doesn’t mean ...


50 Cool Spiky Hairstyles for Men

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Spikes are back in style! They used to be a staple in fashion back in the 2000s when absolutely everyone, from movie stars to singers to your next-door neighbor used to wear them. Slowly but surely, they faded away, making room for other, more modern hairstyles. However, our love for everything retro has brought them ...