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Top 40 Freshest Teen Boy Haircuts

Teen boy haircuts have gone through a lot of changes in the past few decades. There are so many types of hairstyles available out there and they are created to flatter all face shapes and hair types. The innovation and creativity coming from men hairstylists can be overwhelming at times.

You can pick teen boy haircuts that range from popular ones to edgier, more avant-garde looks. In the end, the choices depend on your fashion style, type of personality and face shape. Here are some of the freshest teen boy haircuts that are trending right now.

1. Faux Mohawk and Shaved Sides

Those shaved sides are there for a reason; they help create the idea of a Mohawk when in fact you just tease your hair to make it seem like you’re sporting a Mohawk. Pretty neat trick, isn’t it?

teen boy haircuts recommendations

2. The Layered Haircut for Teen Boy Haircut

If you’re looking for one of the most demanded teen boy haircuts out there, look no more. Go for a layered haircut that works for all age groups, face shapes and hair types. It is a choice that can never go wrong.

teen wearing a grey hoodie

3. Faded Sides, Undercut and Teased Hair

Most teen boy haircuts get noticed for one thing in particular: they combine different hairstyling techniques. So it’s no problem if you go for an undercut, if you tease your hair till it looks like a Mohawk and choose faded sides for a more dramatic look; it’s all allowed when it comes to fresh looking teen hairstyles.

rebellious teenager

4. Irresistible Messy Short Hair

Being a teenager can be frustrating at times with all the mood swings, physiological changes and whatnot. But this can be the best time one can have, too. You can explore new styles and looks and see what best suits you. You can always go for a natural look, by choosing a messy short hairstyle if you haven’t figured out yet what can work for you.

teen guy in the woods

5. Rad Hairdo for Teen Boys

The “less is more” principle applies here. This rad hairdo is perfect for those cool teens who don’t want to sport something edgy to get noticed. A comfortable, simple haircut can sometimes be enough to get people’s attention. As long as you feel good about the way you look, that is all that matters.

blonde teenage boy

6. Short Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair and long for some extra volume, go for a short layered haircut. It will work wonders for your hair.

red head boy

7. Asymmetric Layered Haircut for Teens

Nothing compares to sporting an asymmetric haircut. Short hair can be manipulated in many different ways; for example, you can go for a layered haircut with asymmetric strands of hair in order to attain that carefree, cool guy look.

multi layered haircut for boys

8. Modern Haircut for Teen Boys

Do you keep up with the latest fashion trends? Do you love trying out new things? Here’s a modern hairstyle to go with your style.

guy with cool hairstyle

9. Justin Bieber Platinum Blonde Hair

Since his rise to stardom, Justin Bieber has served as a trendsetter for many teen boys out there thanks to his many iconic looks. If you have a daring sense of fashion, here is a platinum blonde hair recommendation to make you stand out from the crowd.

justin bieber undercut

10. Popular Haircut for Teen Boys

This is one of the most demanded teen boy haircuts. The wavy locks can be added using a hair curler and the texture can be fixed using hair wax or hair spray.

teenage boy with popular hairstyle

11. Short Afro Hairstyle for Teens

Black teen boys can go for a short afro that never goes out of style. It’s trending at the moment.

pondering young man

12. Curly Hairstyle for Teen Boys

Some of the cutest teen boy haircuts are the ones for curly hair. A curly boy will always look cute, regardless of his age. Curls can also make your hair seem more voluminous than it really is.

teenage boy in the woods by the river

13. Very Short Hairdo for Teens

If you’re looking for a hip hairdo, this short haircut can do the trick. It is a low maintenance hairstyle and it helps you achieve the bad boy look.

teen boy haircuts

14. Retro Haircut for Teen Males

A bit nostalgic over long gone decades? Or interested to find that perfect haircut for a very special event? If this is the case, go for a retro haircut. It’s a safe bet and it looks incredibly swell.

teen boy with bowtie

15. Groovy Swept Hairstyle

When most men hairstylists say teen boy haircuts their mind instantly goes to a swept hairstyle like this one here. It’s one of the most iconic looks a teen can sport.

teen boy in a car

16. Long Hairstyle for Teen Boys

Let’s not forget about long haircuts either! They are so popular and awesome and they can be styled a million ways. This layered haircut and the blunt cuts go so well together.

messy layered long hairstyle

17. The Tousled Hairstyle Look

You can look amazing without too much effort. Pick the tousled hairstyle look, tease your hair and add a few wavy locks and that’s about it.

teen boy standing against a fence

18. Faded Side Haircut for Teen Guys

This wicked trendy haircut deserves a go. Make sure you go for the faded side haircut and leave your top looking smooth and sleek.

modern haircut for teenage boys

19. Wonderful Medium Length Hairstyle

A fine hairstyle will always stand the test of time. Like this medium length hairstyle that looks great and doesn’t need any styling to catch someone’s attention.

cool young dude

20. Breathtaking Short Hairstyle for Cool Teens

Teen boy haircuts can make a guy look like a teen male model. A short haircut is low maintenance and it is a bliss during summertime. So if you’re that laid back guy, go for an awesome short haircut. You won’t regret it.

teenager chilling out

21. Marvelous Smooth Hairstyle for Teen Boys

If you have fine hair, your best bet is a cute smooth hairstyle. It will add shine to your hair.

teenager riding his scooter

22. The Modern Pompadour for Teens Only

You can always look like a modern James Dean or Elvis Presley with this stylish pompadour.

teenage dude with puffy hairdo

23. The Bad Boy’s Haircut Look

If you like to highlight your “bad” side, go for a tough looking haircut like this one here. You can also take things a little further by dyeing your hair in a bold color.

teenager with dyed blonde hair

24. Appealing Hairstyle for Teens

This hairstyle has made a comeback. It was popular among teens in the 90s and now it’s back on the catwalks and on the streets.

guy sitting in the woods

25. Superb Dyed Hairstyle

Color contrasts will always be appealing to the eye. Go for a crazy hair color and create a contrast by choosing some bold colors for your outfit.

fiery red hair

26. Medium Length Haircut for Teen Boys

Considered one of the most inspired teen boy haircuts, this medium length hairdo deserves a chance.

teenager gazing at something in the distance

27. Fabulous Edgy Haircut for Teens

If you enjoy the punk or emo subculture, this hairstyle is definitely an inspired choice. The edgy haircut and the single blonde lock help you achieve a rebellious look.

teenage boy with one blonde lock

28. Highlights and Textured Hair

Short haircuts can be easily noticed when using strategically placed highlights. The highlights can be subtle and natural or very obvious. It’s up to you.

teenage boy with subtle highlights

29. Asian Inspired Hairstyle Trend

Nobody can deny the fact that the Asian fashion trends have inspired the Western fashion style. This asymmetric angular bob is to die for and it definitely flatters teen boys the best.

trendy asymmetric hairstyle for teens

30. The Modern Bob

This extravagant bob works best with a classier look. But it can be sported with some casual outfits, too.

teen boy with cool bob

31. The Punkish Hairdo

Got tattoos? Do you have an artistic side that you explore on a regular basis? This punkish hairstyle will suit you like a glove.

tattooed teen boy

32. The Classic Sided Hairdo

Some hairstyles might be retro, but they certainly flatter one’s facial features. This sided hairstyle might look pretentious, but it is part of the latest hairstyling trends for all the right reasons. Would you try it out?

classy sided hairstyle for teenage boys

33. Formal Haircut for Teen Boys

In search of a modern yet elegant look? Well, the search is over thanks to this posh smooth hairstyle that would highlight any suit you choose to wear. The subtle teased hairstyle will add volume to your hair.

pompous look for teen boy

34.The Ombre Layered Haircut

There is such thing as a subtle ombre and it works great for men, too. This teen boy haircut will help you turn heads.

guy speaking on the mike

35. The Back-to-School Haircut

You can combine an edgy cut with a sweet hairstyle to respect the school’s etiquette. With so many hairstyles for teens, it’s easy to pick the right hairstyle nowadays.

shy teen boy staring at the ground

36. Sleek and Smooth Hairstyle

If you’re a big fan of the androgynous look and you like to keep up with the latest hairstyling trends, try this look out and see how it works for you. It’s simply astonishing and it can be the perfect choice for a teen boy with an eye for fashion.

androgynous teen boy

37. Swept Hairstyle for Teen Boys

The wet hair look or the swept hairstyle has been a popular favorite among men and women for some time now. It’s easy to see why; this hairstyle looks incredible.

blonde teen boy with swept hairstyle

38. Straight Long Hairstyle for Teenagers

If you love listening to rock music and adhering to rock fashion, this long straight hairstyle is a winner.

teenage rock dude

39. Smooth Side Swept Bangs

The side swept bangs and layered haircut make any teenage boy look awesome and effortlessly cool.

cool looking teen boy

40. Long at the Top Trending Hairstyle

If you like to look tough, the shaved sides and long at the top hairstyle is the right mix for a guy who likes a manly look.

guy blowing kisses at the camera

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