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Best 50 All Time Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

There are so many exquisite hairstyles for men with long hair that it becomes increasingly hard to pick just one of the many versatile looks out there. The greatest advantage that men with long hair seem to have is the fact that their heir length allows many manipulations and styling can be done a thousand ways.

The following hairstyles for men with long hair have a modern look, but there are also some recommendations that are influenced by the popular and fancy retro style that a lot of men seem to love.

1. Incredibly Gorgeous Long Ombre Hairstyle

hairstyles for men with long hair


The ombre hairstyle has swept a lot of women off their feet. But not only women’s fashion has been influenced by this inspired look. Men’s hairstyles and fashion have also adopted the ombre look. This is one of the best hairstyles for men with long hair since it highlights one’s haircut like no other hairstyle could.

2. The Natural Messy Hairstyle Look

Who doesn’t love the “I woke up like this” look? Even men tend to take selfies with their long locks messed up a bit. This natural messy hairstyle deserves a go.

man with long locks

3. Teased Hair and Braids

This is one of the most recommended hairstyles for men with long hair. It is a bit edgy, but it is the perfect concert or festival look. The braids create a funky contrast with the teased hair.

teased hair and braids

4. Cool Hairstyles for Black Men with Long Hair

This is the kind of intricate hairstyle that deserves all the time and effort in the world because it looks absolutely mesmerizing. Black men with long hair love braided hairstyles and this look will definitely highlight one’s amazing thick hair.

man with long braided hair

5. Casual Hairstyle for Men with Long Hair

Sun kissed locks and messy long hair? That sounds like perfection to many hairstylists out there. This may be a low maintenance hairstyle but it certainly catches people’s attention.

man speaking on the phone

6. The Man Bun; The Perfect Choice for Long Hair

Orlando Bloom is known for his black long hair. He likes to wear different stylized hairstyles from the casual man bun to more complex, textured hairdos. The man bun has become a popular choice among men with long hair thanks to celebrities that made this look so trendy.

orlando bloom smiling

7. Dreadlocks in a Bun

The catwalk is the first place where trends are born. This dreadlock in a bun can make a great hairstyle for men with long hair. Would you give it a go?

male model on the catwalk

8. Cute Hairstyle for Men with very Long Hair

You can tie two locks at the back of your head and look incredibly manly without too much effort. It is an easy-to-do hairstyle and it can work for thin hair as well as thick hair.

long haired man

9. Stunning Hairstyle for Men with Straight Hair

Long straight hair can be stylized a thousand ways. This half down half up hairdo is highlighted by a messy bun. It’s a casual look and it’s effortlessly cool.

black and white photo of a man

10. The “Long-at-the-Top” Look

David Beckham is known for being a fashion trendsetter. His long-at-the-top hairstyle and fading sides make him look incredibly sexy without too much effort.

david beckham modern haircut

11. Wavy Hair and Subtle Ombre

If you’re not into dyeing your hair that much you can opt for a subtle ombre. It is a natural look and it can highlight your wavy long hair better.

teen male model

12. Trendy Loose Hairstyle

There is no such thing as hair length limit nowadays. You can keep your hair length as long as you want it to be. Make sure to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy by combining it, washing it and using professional hair care products on a regular basis. Take this trendy loose hairstyle as example; it is simple yet magnificent and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t require any complicated hairstyling technique to look this flawless.

asian man with long hair

13. Slicked Back Hair

If loose long locks bother you a bit and you want to sport a polished, business-like look, your best bet is the slicked back hairstyle.

man in a suit

14. Dreadlocks for Long Hair

The dreadlocks are back in style and they work best with long hair. It’s a cool hairstyle that works fine for both casual and more formal situations.

man struting his dreadlocks

15. Dyed Long Hair

If you like to make a bold fashion statement you can always dye your long hair and enjoy the results. Dyed hair will require maintenance and specific hair care products but it is the kind of look that deserves all this effort.

man getting a haircut

16. Well Groomed Long Hair

It is a known fact that long hair needs regular trimming and grooming. Go for a stylish retro haircut that will make your long hair look simply stunning.

bearded man getting a trim

17. The Undercut for Long Hair

If you have thin long hair you can make it seem more voluminous by using different hairstyling tricks. The undercut and shaved or fading sides can add volume to your fine hair. Although this is a combination of different hairstyles, the look is very modern and chic.

stunning undercut

18. Steven Tyler’s Long Hairdo

Steven Tyler may have a quirky fashion sense but his hairstyles definitely rock. The feather accessories and ombre hair are highlighted by the layered haircut. It’s the kind of hairdo that makes you stand out from the crowd.

steven tyler layered hairstyle

19. Hair Accessories and Long Hairstyles

Long hair can still face the cold weather in style; just make sure you find that one cool beanie to draw attention to your luxurious long hair.

long haired dude

20. The Rockstar Hairstyle Look

Russell Brand sure knows how to steal the spotlight! His teased, punk-rock hairstyle has become his best known trademark. Try not to tease your hairstyle on a regular basis because this hair technique will cause hair damage in time.

russell brand iconic look

21. Dazzling Bangs for Men with Long Hair

There is nothing cooler than a man sporting a long hairstyle with sleek bangs. It’s the kind of look that never goes wrong.

dark haired man

22. Messy Bangs and Sleek Hair

You can keep your hair long only at the top and add long bangs for a dramatic look. The hair at the back can be stylized with hair wax.

man staring down

23. Tom Cruise’s Long Hairstyle

Who can forget the awesome long haircut that Tom Cruise used to sport? The haircut was very inspired since it made Cruise’s hair seem bouncy. Go for this kind of hairstyle if you have medium or long fine hair.

tom cruise in a suit

24. Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

The past few years have been witness to some changes in terms of men’s fashion and looks. The androgynous look is still popular this year so you can wear your hair long and even dye it in a platinum blonde shade if you are daring enough.

androgynous male model

25. The Lumbersexual Hairstyle

Long hair and long beard do go well together and if you are a big fan of the badass, manly look you shouldn’t have second thoughts when going for the lumbersexual hairstyle.

man with sleeve tattoo

26. Funky Blue Hair

Highlight your rebellious side with a very edgy look. This neon blue hairstyle is highlighted by an emo haircut that is recommended if you want to achieve a trendy, refreshing look.

emo haircut

27. The Blunt Haircut

If you have fine hair but love sporting long hairstyles you should go for a blunt haircut that gets you rid of split ends.

man with straight long hair

28. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cute Man Bun

Subtle waves and a simple man bun can go a long way, even when attending a red carpet event. Jake Gyllenhaal’s classy hairstyle and suit didn’t go unnoticed. You can also sport a similar hairstyle even when attending a formal event.

jake gyllenhaal man bun

29. Remarkable Long Curly Hairstyle

There’s something so irresistible about men with long curly hair. You can add a few curls by using a hair curler and see how this new look suits you. If you like the results, add more curls for a spectacular effect.

blonde guy with curls

30. Astonishing Messy Hair

If your hairline is receding or if you are balding, a long messy hairstyle can hide certain places and add volume to your hair.

Indian man sporting a long hairstyle

31. AXL Rose’s Mesmerizing Hairstyle

Nobody knows how to style a long hairstyle better than a rock star. Axl Rose sure knows how to own the stage and rock a hairdo. His long braided hairstyle is a sight for sore eyes. Most hairstyles for men with long hair use braids or other hair accessories to highlight one fabulous look.

axl rose on stage

32. Long Hairstyles for Older Men

The time when people advised men to cut their hair when they got older has long gone. Nowadays there are plenty of long hairstyles that are flattering for all ages and face shapes. This stylish long hairstyle works great for men with gray hair.

stylish older man

33. The Carefree Hairstyle Look

This long hairstyle looks professional and casual at the same time. The loose lock is a nice touch, considering that the rest of the hairstyle is smooth and sleek.

man with scarf

34. The Metrosexual Hairstyle Look

Some say that the metrosexual look will be out of style but it seems that more and more men sport a well-groomed, close-to-perfection kind of hairstyle. The metrosexual hairstyle requires some maintenance from your part but it is that kind of hairstyle that draws people’s attention from the get-go.

sharp looking man

35. Man Braids for Long Hair

One of the newest trends in the men hairstyles’ department is none other than the man braids. Man braids are extremely fashionable and work great with long locks.

man sporting a trendy haircut36. Farhan Akhtar Long Haircut

The cool singer sure knows how to look and act like a genuine superstar. This curly long hairstyle needs just some hair gel and that’s about it. It’s incredible how little it takes to look this stunning.

man singing on stage

37. Splendid Long Hair Look

If you have long thick hair go for a layered haircut. It will make your hair look extraordinary.

man with hair with volume

38. The Tousled Hairstyle Look

Some of the most beautiful hairstyles for men with long hair are the tousled ones. This hairstyle is stylized with hair gel in order to get that natural tousled look.

man sporting a fancy jacket

39. Stylized Long Hair

You don’t have to try out complex hairstyle; you can stick with the basics and still look sharp. This long hairstyle is easy to achieve; just use some hair gel on the front locks and that should do the trick.

man with light shining on his face

40. Tim Yeung Slick Hairstyle

Black shiny hair will always be appealing; so flaunt your long locks by using a hair straightener. Tim Yeung seems to know this neat hairstyling trick since his trademark straight hair is one of his most flattering features.

tim yeung holding a drum

41. Phenomenal Long Hairstyle for Older Men

A thick moustache and long wavy locks can make any man look simply amazing. This long hairstyle is flattering for older men in particular.

older man with long hair and moustache

42. Marco Hietala Extraordinary Hairdo

Marco Hietala is one talented musician and a hot man. His iconic long blonde hair is highlighted by a blunt haircut. Who said there aren’t any beautiful hairstyles for men with long hair, be them younger or older?

marco hietala close up

43. Kit Harrington’s Long Curly Hair

If you want long lasting curls like Kit Harrington’s try using hair wax more often.

kit harrington in a plaid shirt

44. Soft Curls and Wavy Long Hair Wrapped in a Ponytail

You can use some hair spray in order to make your hair seem more bouncy and soft. Long hairstyles have the advantage of highlighting every curl and wavy lock that you may have. If you’re attending an important event you can wrap your hair in a ponytail.

main in a suit


45. One of the Best Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

Blonde highlights will always create a natural, soft contrast with chestnut hair. So if you have a long hairstyle stylize it a bit by adding a few highlights here and there.

man sporting a long hairstyle

46. Slick Back Bangs

If you have long hair and long bangs you can always go for the slicked back bangs look for a more modern hairstyling touch. Some of the most unforgettable hairstyles for men with long hair are based on natural looks.

singer with messy hair

47. The Wet Hair Look

This type of hairstyle was first made popular by women but more and more men adopt this look, too. It’s a sexy hairstyle that is just perfect for any of the numerous hairstyles for men with long hair.

guy with tattoos

48. Long Messy Hairdo and Manly Look

A textured asymmetric haircut for long hair can highlight one’s manly features with ease.

man with messy hair

49. Christoph Waltz Long Hair

Christoph Waltz has an iconic rugged look that is so attractive. His long hair and a few gray locks highlight one stunning look.

charming christoph waltz

50. Garrett Hedlund Bad Boy Hairstyle

A moto jacket and a tousled long haircut go so fine together. Garrett Hedlund’s bad boy look will certainly take any woman’s breath away. This is definitely one of the finest hairstyles for men with long hair.

garrett hedlund bad boy look

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