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50 Modern Zero Fade Haircut Ideas

There is no doubt that the end of the 2010s has brought forward a new favorite among men’s hairstyles. The zero fade haircut combines a low, medium or high fade with a long top, a pompadour, a quiff, spikes, a mohawk, fauxhawk, and pretty much anything else that tickles your fancy. That’s exactly what this list comprises. 50 modern zero fade haircut ideas to get your creativity working.

1. The Messy Zero Fade Haircut

If Harry Potter lived in the modern age, this is the haircut he would go for. It’s a messy medium top with a set of upturned bangs and, of course, a zero fade around the ears and in the back. Plus, the round glasses that made him famous.

2. The Wavy Zero Fade Haircut

This superb version of the fade comes with a high and wavy top that can be an awesome solution if you have thick hair. Use a soft brush and some hair wax to pull back your hair and comb it over the crown of your hair.

3. The Zero Fade Haircut with a Design

If you want to be creative, you can add a design to your fade. They are called hair designs or hair tattoos, and you can get anything you want. Geometric patterns, logos, brands, superheroes, letters, and more.

4. Gelled Mohawk with a Hair Design

This is a hair tattoo with a gelled mohawk and a zero fade. If your little boy wants to get this haircut, he will look like the coolest guy in school for sure. But make sure that he is allowed to first.

5. Zero Fade Haircut for Little Boys

Speaking of children, here is what the zero fade haircut might look like on a toddler. This version has an army top with a hard part on one side. We think it simply looks adorable and makes him look like a little man.

little boy zero fade haircut


6. Zero Fade Haircut with a Hard Part

Expanding on the hard part, let’s explain what it is. It typically follows the same line as a natural side parting of the hair. The difference is that your barber or stylist creates it for you using a razor.

7. Zero Fade Haircut for Teenage Boys

It’s straight from little boys to teenagers for us as we move through the age groups to show you just how versatile, timeless, and ageless the zero fade haircut really is. It looks fantastic on everyone.

8. Zero Fade Haircut with a Caesar

This haircut is called a Caesar because it resembles the haircut the emperor of Rome is depicted as wearing in his statues. The hair has to come down from the top of your head toward your forehead in small layers.

9. Gelled Zero Fade Haircut

All you need to do to copy this look is stock up on hair gel. It’s also called the wet look because once you’ve used enough hair gel, it will look like you’ve just come out of the shower. It’s perfect for men with lots of volume to their locks.

10. The Modern Mohawk

The mohawk has been through a lot of changes since we’ve seen the first of it back in the 70s. But the most important thing to remember is that it was never a cookie-cutter haircut. There is no one single way of doing a mohawk.

11. The Bald Fade Mohawk

Continuing on the above, a mohawk represented the spirit of rebelliousness. Through it, the punks of the 70s and 80s were trying to rebel against the formality of the former decades as well as against the flower power of the 60s.

12. The Platinum Zero Fade Haircut

There is little doubt to anyone’s mind now that platinum and extreme blondes, in general, should be crowed as this year’s reigning hair color. Everywhere you look, you can see both men and women sporting it.

13. Casual Zero Fade Haircut

One of the best things about a zero fade with a short to medium length top is that it requires minimal maintenance on your part. Of course, it all depends on how fast your hair grows, but the average person will only need to visit the barber once every month or so.

14. The High Top Zero Fade

You can build up this high top by using some hair wax or hairspray and then adding hair gel on top to make it extra shiny. The top layer will also help you in getting the wet look we’ve mentioned before.

15. Cool Zero Fade Haircut

This has got to be one of the coolest zero fades we’ve seen so far. Everything comes together so well to make this look stand out. The neck tattoo looks modern and fresh, the platinum blonde is contemporary, and the hair design is outstanding.

16. Hipster Zero Fade Haircut

Even though the hipster trend is not what is used to be a few years ago, you can still bring it back to the public’s attention if you combine it with more modern elements such as face piercings and a zero fade.

17. Banana Yellow Zero Fade Haircut

Another color that has been hugely on the rise lately is banana yellow. This neon color works wonderfully well with platinum blonde or white. Together, they will make you look fresh, extra, and very current.

18. Zero Fade Haircut with Curly Bangs

Speaking of current trends, we have to mention curly bangs. It’s a trend that originated with the ladies, but it quickly spread to men as well. It’s easy to pull off if you have naturally curly hair but you can do it with straight hair as well.

19. Zero Fade with a Textured Crop

This textured crop will help you if you have thick hair because it removes some of the bulk sitting on top of your head. The light, feathery hairstyle will give your locks some bounce as well as make it feel airier.

20. Salt and Pepper Zero Fade

Salt and pepper is the name we give to naturally graying hair. Remember – just because your hair is gray or because you’re a grandpa now that doesn’t mean you have to act like one. You can still be the coolest poppy around.

21. V-shaped Zero Fade Haircut

This haircut is called thusly because of the finish in the back. The top part of the hairstyle ends in a V rather than in a straight line as you might be accustomed to seeing in traditional haircuts of this type.

22. Zero Fade Haircut with Small Pompadour

It has become common practice these days to pair a skin fade with a pompadour. It’s one of the most appreciated hairstyles by men and some of the edgier women out there. This is how it looks like with a small pompadour.

23. Zero Fade Haircut with Large Pompadour

Now let’s take a look at the same type of hairstyle only, this time, with a full-blown pompadour. Did you know that this haircut was invented all the way back in the 1700s in France for Madame de Pompadour? She was King Louis the XIVth’s mistress.

24. Zero Fade with a Natural Long Top

African-American hairstyles are equally interesting when it comes to zero fades. This is just an example that includes a fade and a natural long top with spikes. You can pair it with a well-groomed beard in the style of your choosing.

25. Zero Fade Haircut with a Thick Fringe

If your hair is thick, the main problem you will have is styling it in the front. One solution is to grow a pair of thick bangs and letting them fall heavily on your forehead. You can go for baby bangs, medium or traditional ones.

26. Zero Fade with Textured Hair

This feathery haircut is awesome if you want a longer top. It has a lot of layers that have been slightly raised using some hair wax. They have also been highlighted through platinum tips here and there.

27. Zero Fade Haircut with Brushed Up Hair

This is not a mohawk, but a fauxhawk seeing as the top does not consist of the traditional spikes but rather of a brush-up. The haircut also has an undercut skin fade, a line up, and a beard that has been trimmed to perfection.

28. Zero Fade with Textured Top

Another staple of the African-American lookbook is this short and sweet textured top. It’s a very convenient and serviceable haircut that allows you to save money rather than blow a hole through your budget at the stylist.

29. The Military Zero Fade

The top of this hairstyle has come to be known as the military haircut because it was borrowed from the service along with the crew cut and the buzz cut. It quickly permeated pop culture, and now it’s one that all men love.

30. 80s Zero Fade Haircut

This is what happens when you cross a zero fade with an 80s inspired haircut. These long spikes are very reminiscent of that crazy decade when it seemed that all bets were off style-wise, and you could get away with anything.

31. The Curly Fauxhawk

If Clark Kent ever wore a fauxhawk, this is what it would look like. A series of well-formed curls on top of your head with a sweet one hanging right on your forehead. You know what they say. The curls that get the girls.

32. The Textured Slick Back

This is one suave haircut! In case you’re wondering, it’s a long and textured slick back combined with a zero fade and a beard. There are no sideburns to disrupt the perfection of this hairstyle.

33. The Loose Pony Zero Fade Hairstyle

In case one of your burning questions in life was how a loose ponytail with a slick back looks like, we’ve got the answer. It’s not a haircut for the most traditional guys out there, but it works if you’re edgy enough to pull it off.

zero fade haircut


34. Zero Fade for Long Thin Hair

We’ve talked a lot about thick hair. Now it’s time to see a zero fade designed for men with thin or thinning hair. Use it to your advantage. Comb it over your head and use hair gel to create that wet look everyone loves so much.

35. The Sergio Ramos

Not even celebrities could resist joining the trend of the zero fade. Here’s soccer superstar Sergio Ramos looking elegant and dapper in a dark gray suit and a superbly executed zero fade with a slicked back long top.

36. The Zayn Malik

Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik went for the buzz cut complete with a zero fade on the sides and in the back, of course. He looks completely badass with his countless tattoos, choice of jewelry, and face piercings.

37. Pretty Zero Fade Haircut

Just like Zayn Malik, you can embrace the minimalist style as well. Go for a skin fade on the sides and keep your hair short on top. As they say, sometimes, less really is more. In this way, you can accessorize more dramatically.

38. Layered Zero Fade Haircut

A layered haircut is always a good idea for men with thin hair. Layers should be your go-to solution because they give the illusion of volume and thickness where there isn’t, in fact, any of that.

39. The David Beckham

If you ever had any doubt that David Beckham is a trendsetter, you shouldn’t. Here he is in a picture taken more than 15 years ago wearing the exact haircut men are going nuts for today. Long before we even thought about it.

40. Summer Zero Fade Haircut

Here’s a superb solution for your summer hairstyle problems. This zero fade is both serviceable and looks amazing. This means that it will keep you cool and dry while still looking incredibly fashionable and contemporary.

41. Zero Fade with a Manbraid

First, there was the top knot. Then we were treated to the man bun, the hairstyle that sent the entire world in a heated debate. Next, there came man braids or warrior braids. Here is an example mixed with a skin fade.

42. Stylish Zero Fade Haircut

If you want to become an Instagram model, this is how your pictures should look like. The haircut is so edgy and chic, and the clothes are simply gorgeous and high-couture. Not to mention the urban background.

43. The Viking Zero Fade Haircut

There is no historical evidence that this is how the Vikings wore their hair, but it is how they were depicted in the hit TV series Vikings. And we love it. We also think this should serve as an inspiration to everyone who wants to get warrior braids.

44. Zero Fade with Waves

This is a zero fade haircut with curly waves on top, specific to African-American male hairstyles. It’s a great way to stay stylish in a minimal kind of way if you love skin fades and want to show off your tattoos at the same time.

45. The Faux Hard Part

In most cases, a hard part, even though it’s created with a razor, it still needs to look somewhat natural. However, when it doesn’t, you get the faux hard part. This is a perfect example when a hard part resembles more a design line than anything else.

46. The Curvy Faux Hard Part

Building on the above, you don’t necessarily have to get a straight faux hard part line. It can also be curvy if you want. Let your creativity run wild or discuss your options with your stylist.

47. Ginger Zero Fade Haircut

Whether you already have ginger hair, or you must get it out of a bottle, we absolutely advise you to try it at least once. It’s one of the ‘it’ colors this year for every man out there that thinks himself a trendsetter.

48. Zero Fade and Dreads

The zero fade haircut is so versatile that you can even pair it with dreadlocks. Not just that, but it also looks absolutely outstanding and badass. Summer holiday on a tropical island, here we come!

49. The Long Afro

This is a high skin zero fade haircut with a long afro for a top. You may notice that the afro has been blown or teased out to give it more body and more personality. This all depends on you if you want it or not.

50. The Platinum Gray Zero Fade

This metallic platinum gray is all you could wish for if you want to be the epitome of fashion and trend this year. So, don’t waste any more time and bleach your hair right now. Just not at home. Visit your stylist!


As we’ve already seen, the zero fade haircut is not only cool and edgy. It’s also a very practical and low maintenance hairstyle that won’t take up much of your time. Not to mention that it’s very budget friendly. So, write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one of these ideas was your favorite!

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