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5 Temp Fade Haircut Ideas You Should Try

Hairstyles are important to everyone that has hair. Women may not know this, but the average man is as anal about his fade as she is about her do. The Temp Fade is a classic hairstyle for men, women, and children that like wearing a low, brushable haircut. In this article, we talk about 5 temporary fade haircut Ideas.


History Of The Temp Fade

temp fade hairstyle

The United States of America has generated trillions of dollars in revenue by exporting culture. The people in America look cool. People all around the world exude cool with their respective styles. Every place on the planet has its own unique style of dress, design, fashion and hairstyles. There are French hairstyles, West African hairstyles, Moroccan hairstyles, and so on. In America, the temporary fade was popularized by African American culture, but the styles that people with straight hair wear look different from those with kinky and frizzy hair, so African Americans developed their own unique styles.

In the early 20th century most African Americans would grow their hair long and use hair perm to straighten it. The permed hairstyles were cool and funky, but when the United States opened the military to allow African Americans to enlist, those who enlisted had to say goodbye to their funky hairstyles. This was right around the time that temporary fades became popular, and thanks to this haircut's conformity, it was a stylish haircut that those enlisted in the army could wear without risking a reprimand.


5 Temp Fade Hairstyles

1. The Standard Temp Fade

standard temp fade

The Standard Temp Fade is a smooth gradation starting at your temple fading down low or to the skin at your ears.

2. The Low Temp Fade

low temp fade

The Low Temp Fade starts the fading half way between your temple and the middle of your ear on top of your sideburns.

3. The High Temp

high temp fade

The High Temp Fade is when your fade starts slightly above the temple and fades down to bald above the sideburns.

4. The Burst

the burst

The Burst is a rounded temp fade that starts as the standard temp but follows the arc of your ear and fades into bald all around the ear; it creates a mohawk looking effect.

5. The Slanted Temp

slanted temp

The Slanted Temp Fade starts at the temple but goes down to the ear sharply; it does not wrap around the entire head.


What Is A Temp Fade Haircut?

temp fade haircut

A temp fade is any short haircut on a man, woman, or child, where the hair gets cut to fade down into a low hair length, and it can be brushed easily rather than a length that requires combing or picking with a hair pick. The temple fade has various applications, but overall it is a technique used by barbers to taper the length of hair from longer to shorter.

Part of the haircut culture is to either describe how you want your haircut to your barber or to point to a picture on the wall that shows the style you want. Naturally, the fades that make it on the wall are the best of the best. There are so many variations on fades that you may need a visual to identify exactly what you want.

Fades also describe when hair fades from darker to lighter where the hair is starting at brush length and gradually fades to a shorter brush length or bald. The bald fade or skin fade is another type of fade, and it's marked by the area on or around your temple you choose as your marker for starting your fade.

Due to combinations and cultural ingenuity, there are over 5 types of temporary fade hairstyles; however, we offer five hairstyles so you know of how they can be used in combination with other temp fades. For this, I think it is necessary to discern between 5 Temp Fade Hairstyles and various styles of fades.

The difference between types of temp fades, and styles of fades are in the placement on the head. People often refer to the temporary fade when they want their hair to be tapered in the back or tapered down the ears above the sideburns. This does not exactly define the temple fade because it has no relationship to your temple.

Referring to the temp fade, the temple of your head or the head you may be cutting is halfway between your eyebrows and your front hairline. The hairline drops on the side, but if you follow that measurement of halfway between the eyebrows and front hairline over to the side of your head, you will be able to mark the spot where the temp fade starts.


What Are The Benefits Of A Temp Fade Haircut?

side view of a temp fade haircut

As we mentioned earlier, the temp fade became popular once people from the military would come home and add a little more style to the types of fades they could wear while on active duty in the military. Depending who is on barber duty, any of our servicemen can come out of the chair looking like they put a cereal bowl on their head as a template for the haircut. For those who liked the low haircut, but don't like the bowl fade, there is the happy medium of the temple fade, which starts out as a bowl fade then it gets faded out with precision.

The benefit to seeing a barber is that he (or she) can start off by giving you a very slight fade. When done correctly the fade can look masterful even when a novice is cutting the hair. Technically, depending on how drastic the fade, all a barber needs to do is to make three rows on the side of his patrons head.

These three lengths can be created by using three guards. First, start with the biggest guard you will use for the fade which will probably be the 1.5 guard. Then cut a section starting at the temple going straight to the back of the head directly behind the top point of the ear. Then do the same thing with a smaller guard a little lower, perhaps a few millimeters under the first cut row. Last, use a smaller guard and repeat the same motion until you hit the ear using the .5 guard.

Now, you should have three different rows of hair separated by sharp, hard lines. Done correctly, this should resemble three rows of freshly cut grass. If the biggest guard you used was equal to the guard you used for the top of the head, then it will only appear to be two gradations of hair. Whether you have two shades of hair or three, the contrast should be clear and not very attractive.

Now, it is time to fade the sections into one another. Until you are experienced at executing this fade, we recommend that you continue to use guards. Take the size 1 guard you used to cut the middle section and go against the grain of the longest section of hair, fading it into the middle section. This is where the precision comes into the fade, so be careful and go slow.

After you tease at the harsh line between the long section of hair and the shorter row of hair, you'll start to see the fade appearing. The look will be blended as if there was no line there at all; however, the taper of the hair will be noticeable and neat. Repeat the same action with the .5 guard, blending the shortest row of hair with the part you faded in.

This technique will work for anyone that has no experience in cutting hair. The hairstyles listed below can all be achieved using this same method. Do not be intimidated by the fade because it appears to be a more difficult style of cut, but the benefit is that you can always cut it using the above steps.


Ideas And Inspiration

The best inspiration for the latest styles of temporary fades are on the posters in the barber shop, hairstyle magazines, and of course online forums and advertising campaigns. These temporary fade hairstyles are becoming so popular that you can even look to celebrities for ideas and inspiration. Brad Pitt has been known to sport the hairstyle when his hair is short, and Zac Efron is another celebrity known to wear the look, as the temp fade is one of his go-to styles.



These five hairstyles can be worn by men and women of every skin hair texture, as the style looks great on both sexes. It's also easy to take care of, making it an excellent option for those trying to save time on their morning routine, and it can be worn professionally or casually. The only limit to how good your hairstyle will turn out is the skill of your barber, so to all new barbers, we recommend they try using the technique described in this article to get great results every time they do a temp fade. We hope this article has helped you better understand the different kinds of temporary fades your barber could give you.

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