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60 Military Haircut Ideas

In the past couple of years, the military haircut has become more and more popular. Until recently, it was reserved for the military men themselves. Still, seeing as the internet helps spread fashion trends like wildfire, the military haircut has seeped into the general consciousness as a thing of style and coolness.

Therefore, the military haircut has now breached the borders of simple and useful hairstyles for men. Consequently, it has become a statement cut, speaking of masculinity, ruggedness, and glamour. With that idea in mind, here are 60 military haircut ideas to help you jump on the trend.

#1. The Burr Military Haircut

Typically, the burr military haircut is obtained by clipping the entire head of hair using a guard number of two or even one, if you want to go for really short hair. As a consequence, your mane will measure an eight of an inch.

#2. Short on the Sides, Brushy on Top

Here is an amazing idea for a military cut, for those gentlemen who still want to keep some of their hair lengths. Shave off the sides of your head as well as the back and leave some longer strands on top. Style them using mousse or gel.

#3. The Regulation Military Cut

History teaches us that this military haircut was reserved for higher ranking officials in the army. It allows you to keep up to two inches of hair on top. In addition, you can shave off the sides. Still, don’t forget about the parting on the side.

#4. A Variation of the Brush

Here you have a perfect example of the brush military cut which has been brought into the 2000s. Go for spikes on top of your head with lots of hair product for this fierce military look.

#5. The Recon Military Haircut

Think mohawk cut down to the extreme. This is what a recon military haircut is all about. The whole of the head is shaved off in a masculine style, while there is still a tuft of hair left on top. Graze it down and use a brush for a manly effect.

#6. The Flat Top Military Cut

The flat top military haircut was all the rage in the 80s and 90s. Therefore, one might think it’s highly obsolete now. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you pair it with a well-groomed beard and some nice studs.

#7. The High and Tight Military Cut

Exactly as the name suggests, this is the cut which will leave your sides and back open for comfort but that will have you take care of a long mane on top. Some gel is required here as well.

#8. The Bohemian Military Cut

A bohemian military cut is not an oxymoron and here is the perfect example to prove that. It will give you the best of both world, by making you look butch and stylish at the same time.

#9. The Comb Back

Here is a haircut for the glamorous men out there. And not only that, but this haircut will make you look stylish, poised, and polished. Ladies, watch out!

#10. The Military Haircut with Bangs

While they might not allow you to sport this one if you were in the actual forces, you can still wear it everywhere else. For a touch of depth and dimension, dye your bangs a softer color than the rest of your shaved off mane.

#11. The Brush

Here is a perfect example of the brush military haircut, but with a modern twist. You might remember it as being sported by Iceman in the famous Top Gun movie. However, the model in the picture can show you how to do it right in 2016.

#12. Short and Classic

It’s no bad thing to celebrate simplicity and tradition. Moreover, when these two notions add up and equal masculinity and elegance, you know you’ve scored some major points.

#13. The Perfect Parting

Here is a military haircut that is all about the class. The gentleman in the picture has a perfectly parted hairstyle complete with brush rows and lots of hair care product for a glossy finish.

#14. The Swept Back Military Haircut

In laymen’s terms, this one is also called the Beehive. Moreover, you might recognize it as animation celebrity Johnny Bravo’s signature look. If he was your childhood hero, then this is the military haircut style for you.

#15. The Cut to End All Cuts

Here is actor Jake Gyllenhaal sporting a military haircut. Notice how it compliments his eyes and accentuates his lovely facial features that he is so famous for.

#16. Military Haircut on Blonde Hair

This dashing example of a military haircut can be tried out on any hair color. Still, this natural strawberry blonde simply makes every single strand stand out.

#17. The Military Haircut with a Short Pompadour

Take a cue from this cheeky model and score yourself this military haircut. Add a touch of 50s to your life!

#18. The Business Military Haircut

Military haircuts have become so popular in the past years that they seeped even in the business world. Try it yourself, for a clean, cut look.

#19. The ‘I’m Coming Home’ Military Haircut

Short on the sides and long on top with sharply cut bangs, this hairdo is all about coming home after a long absence.

#20. In line

This symmetrical military haircut will have all the other guys envy you. Ask your hairstylist to team up with your barber for this one-of-a-kind clean cut.

#21. The Crew Cut

Short, classical, and low-maintenance, this cut has it all. You can easily pair it up with anything, fashion-wise, from buttoned-up shirts to casual hoodies.

#22. Brush Required

Out of all the military haircut styles there are, the brush has the most fans. Therefore, as it were to be expected, there are a lot of variants to it. Here is a longer version, for the bolder men.

#23. Short and Boyish

Here is an amazing way to give yourself a fresher and younger look – the simple military haircut.

#24. The US Marine Military Haircut

Our long list of celebrities sporting the military haircut continues with Adam Levine. As you can see, he has chosen a US Marine classical cut for his everyday appearance.

#25. The Skin Fade Military Haircut

Next in line is Tom Hardy. This ladies’ man has opted for a skin fade. Evidently, it goes perfectly well with his five o’clock shadow beard and manly tattoos.

#26. Keeping it Simple

You can also keep it simple and shave off only your sides, while leaving an inch or so of hair on the top of your head.

#27. The High Fade Spiky Military Cut

This version’s name says it all. It’s high on top, it has the spikes which you can get using some product, and it’s faded on the sides and in the back.

#28. The Classical Flat Top

Just in case you didn’t know what we referred to when we said flat top above, here it is.

#29. The Bald Fade Military Haircut

This one is perfect for those long summer months when the heat simply becomes unbearable. Use the same size blade all over your head for an even effect.

#30. The Short Military Haircut with a Lineup

If you’re going for utilitarian, then this is the version for you. Don’t be afraid to use as much hair product as this cut asks for.

#31. The Military Haircut for Thin Hair

In case you struggle with thin hair and don’t really know what type of haircut to go for, why not try a military one? It will solve all your problems and give you a sense of rugged masculinity in the process.

#32. Urban and Cool

This one is for really manly men, who are secure of their overpowering personality. Just try it out and you will be amazed at what it will do for your looks.

#33. The Choppy Cut

Not all military haircuts have to be perfectly aligned and combed. You can also go for a sauvage and choppy one, in case you love the rogue, leather jacket and boots look.

#34. The Really High Flat Top

Continuing the series of variations on the classics, here is the very high flat top. The aesthetic pros to this popular traditional style are that it will add an inch or two to your height.

#35. The Induction Military Haircut

If there ever was a famous military cut, then this was it. The induction got its name because this is the hairstyle new recruits got when they first arrived in the army.

#36. Bold and Brass

Here is one haircut which you are bound to love. It is basically a bowl cut only with shaven off sides and all your hair pulled back on top. Moreover, if you pair it with a lush modern hipster moustache, you are bound to attract all the ladies.

#37. The Bowl Cut

Since we’ve just spoken about bowl cuts, why not give an example of those as well? Combining a bowl cut with a military one is one bright idea. However, make sure you don’t leave the bowl design all over your head. Shave off a few inches for a modern edge.

#38. 50s with a Twist

This variation on the comb over could have been traditional and a tad outdated. Still, adding a perfectly tailored side part can rescue you from all that. A suit and tie will complement this look perfectly.

#39. The Hard Part

Let’s continue with the partings, as they are so important for men’s haircuts. As a consequence, here is a perfect example of what they call a side hard parting. You will need a professional comb and lots of hair product.

hard part military cut


#40. The Regulation Medium Military Haircut

Even though this one is straight from the Army handbook, you can still wear it on the street. It will give you a manly look, as long as you style it well enough. Try wearing appropriate t-shirts and hoodies.

#41. The Flat Top with Spikes

Such was the success of Top Gun, that the flat top became a household name. As a consequence, here is another variation. The flat top with spikes on the front. You still get a few inches added to your stature while sporting a fierce shaved off look on the sides.

#42. The Flat Top with a Middle Parting

Yes, that is possible, as you can well see from the example we provided. The only thing is that the parting we referred to is not one you can do yourself with a comb. Instead, you will have to ask you hair stylist to do it for you, using his machine.

#43. Simple and Cool

This is one very conservative hair cut that has been in use for ages. In addition, if you want to sport it yourself, you will be happy to find out just how simple it is to obtain. Have your barber shave off the sides and back of your head, leaving a small tuft of hair on the crown. Moreover, you can wear it straightforward and natural or add some spikes to spice things up.

#44. Short and Bearded

The great thing about a short and simple military haircut is that it allows you to don a lavish beard. In fact, not having too much hair on your head means you can wear it all on your face. Go for long, Viking beards, as they are all the rage right now.

#45. The Lumberjack Style Military Haircut

This is an absolutely awesome combination of modern and classical styles that will have all the ladies throw their phone numbers at you. It consists of a traditional military haircut, with a clean side parting and a comb over on the longer side. See how the hair has been whipped up into perfection using high quality product. The model in the picture also has a lumberjack beard, perfect for a rough and rugged look.

#46. The Military Haircut for Thick Hair

In case you have thick hair, the military haircut can come to your rescue once more. As a consequence, this example shows you four ways in which you can style it. The simple way, in which you gloss over all your hair and swipe it to the back. The second one is a simple side parting using a comb. Apart from that, you also have the third and fourth examples, which have just a touch of demure Elvis to them.

#47. The Slick Military Haircut

If hair care products are what you love most, then this is the style and cut for you. As you can well see, it will have you use copious amounts of the stuff, so as to get the perfect up do. Remember to ask your barber to cleanly shave your sides and back. Otherwise, you will overdo it. Maintenance is required here.

#48. 90s Boy Band

Combining a boy band attitude and style with a military haircut can give you a fresh and clean look. Apart from that, it will also shave off some years, making you look a lot younger. Keep the spikes to a minimum with some hair wax, so that they look as natural as possible.

#49. The Celebrity Buzz Cut

Our list of celebrities sporting military haircuts is not over yet. Here is Brad Pitt with a buzz cut in one of his movies. The amazing thing here is that the hairstyle emphasizes his cheekbones and strong and square jawline in fabulous way.

#50. The Army Crew Cut

The army crew cut is beautifully explained to us here by none other than Bradley Cooper. The messy hairstyle makes him look naturally handsome, and like he just rolled out of bed. Apart from that, the spikes on top elongate his face and create some much-needed balance in his features. Given that he has a pointy chin, the same shape of hair creates an equilibrium.

#51. The Ivy League Haircut

This style carries its name because it has been historically worn by boys attending Ivy League colleges. Apart from that, it allows the face to breathe and the onlooker’s eye to rest upon your facial features rather than your hair. Straight cut bangs pair up nicely with a square and straight jawline.

#52. Drop and Give Me 20

Nothing says army style like this height and tight military cut. Almost the entire roundness of the head is shaved off, leaving a small patch of hair on top. You can consider adding some spikes to that, just like the model in the picture has done.

#53. Short Is for Convenience

It’s safe to say that the military haircut is amazing not just for styling purposes, but for convenience as well. It is very easy to maintain, wash and style. If this is what you’re looking for, then you might as well go for it right now!

#54. The Military Haircut with Undercut

This particular version of the military haircut is now famous thanks to TV star Simon Cowell. The way to get it is by cutting the sides and back very short, usually with a number three as far as guard lengths go. Apart from that, you need to leave some hair on the top of your head. Keep in mind that this patch needs to be two inches long maximum.

#55. The V-Shaped Military Haircut

We’re back to versions of the classic again. As a consequence, here is a variant of the height and tight, where the front has been sculpted into a V. If your facial features allow for it, then this cut will help elongate your face. In addition, it might even look like you dropped some pounds in the process.

#56. The Medium Length Military Haircut

Here is Captain America himself, portrayed by actor Chris Evans. America’s first super soldier and a handsome actor all rolled into one sport a medium length military cut. As a consequence, it becomes a perfect example how a simple and fashionable haircut can make you stand out from the crowd anytime.

#57. The Pretty Boy Military Cut

Don’t shy away from a side parting and some well-placed bangs. Even though your goal here is ruggedness and manliness, that doesn’t mean you cannot add a touch of pretty boy in there as well. After all, it’s all about the aesthetics of the cut, is it not?

#58. The Everyday

Here is your chance to look like a teenage Hollywood heartthrob. If not, you can always go for the hot guy next door. Either way, both these looks and styles ask for a straightforward and short military cut which will bring you some well-deserved celebrity down the block.

#59. The Natural Looking Cut

Even though it does require one or two trips to your stylist, this take on the classic military haircut will look like all you do in the morning is take a shower and then take off. Evidently, you can always add some hair product to your luscious locks. However, make sure it’s wax or mousse instead of gel, so that you may hold on to the natural look.

#60. The Dandy Hipster

Here you have three concepts that are bound to sweep any lady off her feet. Being a dandy with the perfectly tailored and upturned moustache, a hipster with the lumberjack beard, and a ruggedly handsome man with a military haircut. Add a rough denim jacket and the style is complete!

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