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60 Hipster Haircut Ideas

Trying to find a definition for the hipster haircut is a difficult thing to do. Generally speaking, the hipster haircut is a variation of a style coming to us through the ages from the Roaring 20s or the rock’n’roll 50s. Apart from that, it can also be a haircut borrowed from ancient cultures, to which a modern spin has been added.

With these ideas in mind, we have decided to shed some light on what the hipster haircut can actually be. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 60 hipster haircuts to inspire you. Here they are!

#1. The Cylinder Hipster Haircut

The cylinder that you can see on top of the head is, in fact, one fancy, jumbo sized roll. Therefore, this is exactly the way you can obtain it. By rolling your hair at night or using a large curling iron.

#2. The Messy Top Long Hipster Haircut

As the name suggests, you need to combine a military haircut with a messy top to get to this hipster look. Use plenty of hair products to make your locks stay in that position all day long. The style will only be complete with a pair of cool glasses and a nose ring.

#3. The Classic

Beautiful and elegant as they come, the classic hipster haircut is here to stay. And happier we could not be about that. It makes every man that sports it alongside an oversized beard look manly, rugged, and fancy, all at the same time.

#4. The Young Elvis

As already noted, borrowing from the 50s is a big thing for all hipster kind. Therefore, taking the King as an inspiration for your style seems only right, doesn’t it? Add some fierce tattoos to bring this look into the 2010s and you will be set.

#5. Spikes and Leather Jackets

Boost your day to day look with these amazing hipster haircut. You will have to shave off both sides and the back of your head and leave longer strands on top. Spike them up with some product. Moreover, you can let one fall lavishly on your forehead. Who says Superman can’t be a hipster?

#6. The Short and the Hipster

Here is an amazing example of what the hipster culture can do for men all over. This stunning model is sporting an ice blonde tuft of hair combed into perfect. In addition, he also has a naturally looking chestnut beard and a nose ring.

#7. The Combover Hipster Haircut

There is absolutely no need to part your hair if you don’t feel like it. In fact, 2016 is the year of the ‘no part’ hair, thanks to trendsetters such as David Beckham and Gigi Hadid. The style is unisex and proves that it can complement any type of face.

#8. The Ice Cream

The reason why this hipster haircut got its name is because the crown part looks like freshly poured ice cream. However, in more technical terms, this means you will need to shave off your sides and curl the hair on top of your head.

#9. Two in One

Here is an amazing hipster haircut that allows you to sport both straight and curly hair. Depending on the type of hair you have, all you need to do is to take either the straightening or curling iron to it, add some hip accessories and you’re done.

#10. The Choppy Hipster Haircut

Instead of a poised and polished look, you can always go for natural and choppy. As a consequence, you will notice that this hairstyle will add some depth and dimension to your look. Don’t be afraid to go for bold colors.

#11. The Artsy Hipster Haircut

There is no other way of describing this hipster haircut variation than that it is pure art. Hair art, that is. The spikes on top are not the classical messy ones but look more like perfectly symmetrical icicles. At the same time, the sides have been shaved into perfection.

#12. The Funky Hipster Haircut

For the creative ones out there, here is a hipster haircut idea that will have all your senses tingling. Apart from the fact that it looks absolutely amazing, cool, and fresh, it will also add some inches to your height, in case you need them.

#13. The Hipster Mohawk

What does that entail, you ask? In fact, it’s very simple. It’s a traditional mohawk, with the sides shaven off and the bulk of the hair on top of the head. However, instead of the classical spikes, the hipster mohawk requires you to sweep all your top hair on one side and add a glossy finish.

#14. The Long Top Low Fade Hipster Haircut

Nothing says hipster like a perfectly tailored beard. Moreover, when that beard comes accompanied by a beautiful haircut, the results are guaranteed. Go for a long top with one massive curl on one part of the head and faded sides.

#15. The Very Long Front

A little hair product can go a long way. How about a lot of hair product then? Apart from going a long way, that can actually go the extra mile. Go for the no parting updo and sport a massive beard to complement it.

#16. The Skin Fade Sides with a Long Top

If you want to make it in the hipster haircut business, you need to go for a bold haircut. This is the perfect one. In addition, you can also sport a dashing moustache, curled upward at the ends. Don’t forget the earrings and classic sunglasses.

#17. The Long Undercut Hipster Haircut

The undercut is a very traditional haircut, with its roots in the Army. You can spice things up hipster style by sporting an undercut and letting the rest of your hair grow.

#18. The Very Long Undercut

This one is a variation of the one above. Therefore, all you need to do is let your hair grow very long. In addition, don’t forget about the undercut. Add a cool long earring and a lip pierce, and you’re good to go, hipster haircut-wise.

#19. The Messy Man Bun

Looking like you have just rolled out of bed and you’re on the hunt for some coffee and a bagel has never been easier. Let all of your hair grow out. Consequently, as it does, tie it up in messy man buns for a cool and sexy vibe.

#20. The Messy Top Bun

As far as variations go, the messy top bun has been all the rage in hipster haircuts for the past few years. In fact, it looks so hot and effortless that many celebrities have started sporting it as well. In addition, it’s one of the easiest styles you can possibly attempt.

#21. Side Sweeps and High Collars

One way of making a tuxedo and a bowtie look cool and upbeat is by matching them up with a hipster haircut. In this case, you have the long side sweep paired with an outstanding and well-groomed beard.

hipster haircut swept back and skin fade


#22. Redhead Alert

When you have copper red hair and matching beard you absolutely have to sport this hipster haircut. It will highlight your eyes skin tone. Apart from that, it will also showcase your face’s beautiful features.

#23. The Curly Mohawk

And we’re back to the mohawk. Only that, this time, it’s a curly one. Moreover, it looks like the coolest thing we’ve ever seen as far as hipster haircuts are concerned. This goes to prove once again that they really are for everyone.

#24. The True Lumberjack

The true lumberjack goes out and engages in all sorts of physical activities. Moreover, he looks good while he’s doing all that. A bushy beard which has been tamed down, complete with a short haircut and some awesome tattoos will make you the perfect lumberjack.

#25. The Elegant Hipster Haircut

Here is a Clark Kent version of the hipster haircut. Toned down and elegant with a classy vibe is what this hairstyle is all about. The glasses will give you an intellectual vibe, while the crisp suit will make you look like a pro.

#26. The Side Shaved Haircut

Take a cue from the military haircuts and shave your head almost all the way through. Still, don’t forget that you need to add a touch of hipster to this. Allow some of your mane to survive the scissor attacks on top of your head.

#27. Ash Blonde and Man Buns

This example of a hipster haircut has it all. The beautiful color, which is a rich ash grey blonde, a man bun, and perfectly shaved sides. In addition, the nose ring is a splash of punk to the whole look.

#28. The Long Hairflip

You can imagine why this hipster haircut has this name. The model is sporting an icy blonde hue which perfectly complements his eyes and skin tone. Apart from that, the hair flip length and style of his haircut is outstanding.

#29. The Stylish Hipster Haircut

You may also go for Italian dashing and debonair should the mood strike you. This is a simple haircut, with a natural styling and finish to it. If needed, use some hair product.

#30. Flowing Locks and Perfect Beards

This right here might be the motto of the perfectly manicured hipster man. A side sweep with long and beautiful tresses on one side which, in addition, reveals a shaven other side and a gorgeous beard.

#31. Spikes All Over

To get this particular look, instead of parting your hair on one side, you can always have two lines, on each side of the head. Spikes and hair product are a must here, so that you hear doesn’t look limp and out of shape.

#32. Beach Waves

When you’re a hipster and you want beach waves, you’re in luck because they are not just for the ladies anymore. A long line of hair, side swept simply to one part and covered in some gel will get you there.

#33. The Cylinder Roll Gets an Upgrade

Yes, even though you thought the cylinder roll is the height of the hipster haircuts, it can, and it has received an upgrade. It comes in the shape of a few loose, straight strands hanging down your face for a touch of boyish charm.

#34. The 3D Hipster Haircut

This is yet another example of how a simple hipster haircut can cross the line into becoming art. As you can see, this lovely cut has depth and dimension to it, which accentuates the model’s facial features.

#35. The Don Quixote

That means the moustache because the haircut is simple enough. The reason is that, when you sport such facial hair, it’s best to keep your mane to a minimum.

#36. Grey Means Wisdom

And wisdom did this model have when he decided to sport this hipster haircut. The short sides and comb over on the dome of his head make him look outstandingly elegant and fierce at the same time.

#37. The Crow’s Nest Man Bun

So, there’s the top man bun, which we’ve already covered above and then there’s the crow’s nest man bun. You can see it here in a beautiful display of masculinity and style. In addition, it sits atop a perfect beard.

#38. The Samurai Man Bun

This amazing hairstyle is what you get when you cut your hair into a stylish bob. As a consequence, you can tie the longer strands of hair in the front into a top knot and leave the back ones flowing.

#39. Pretty for College

Here is a take on the old Ivy League college haircuts and dos. Behold the age of the hipster haircut when the young college boys have never looked better!

hipster haircut with high top for blonde hair


#40. The Half Emo

Borrowing once again from other subcultures just to make them great again, here is a take on the Emo haircut. However, this time is only half of it, combined with a perfect skin fade and simple stud earrings.

#41. A Messy Top and a Messy Beard

A shaggy appearance has never looked so cool than with this hipster haircut. Complete the style with a matching beard and watch how all the ladies swoon when they see you. Don’t forget about the bushy moustache.

#42. The Side Bob

Men can wear bob haircuts too, as long as they are styled properly. Here is a perfect example of what that could look like. In addition, the model is sporting a lovely ashy blonde hue to his tresses.

#43. Hipsters in White

Hipsters in white means elegance and class. The ivory shirt combined with a patterned vest and a bow tie will make you look like you’re off to have tea with the Queen. Don’t forget about the walking stick.

#44. Simplicity at its Best

The simplest hipster haircut of all might also be the best one. Not to mention that it is very easy to sport and maintain on a daily basis. Ask your stylist for the best hair care products you can use.

#45. Lost at Sea

The lost at sea look is a preferred one in the hipster world. It presents the image of a very well-groomed seaman who just happened to stumble on land for a cup of coffee and a scone.

#46. The Party Hipster Haircut

Here is a look that bodes well in any situation. However, if you decide to sport it while out clubbing, you might just find yourself to be the center of attention. Combine an undercut with a very long back sweep to get this look.

#47. The Long Cut

Here is a young Johnny Depp braving what turned out to be one of the first hipster haircuts in history. The very long, natural and layered bob falls flawlessly onto his shoulders. In addition, the cut highlights his amazingly handsome facial features.

#48. The Mohawk Meets the Flat Top

Not only does the hipster haircut borrow from other subcultures, but it also combines them to make one, awesome, hairdo. This is a perfect example, where the model has gone for a classic mohawk and styled it into a flat top.

#49. Messy and Chic

A model of perfection, this elegant man shows us what a messy haircut can do to a young man. As a consequence, it can breathe some new life into his looks, turning his style into a very cool and casual one.

#50. The Viking Hipster Haircut

You can also take a cue from King Ragnar and his Vikings as well, and raid your way into the highest ranks of hipster coolness. This is a top man bun combined with a braid in the back and shaved sides, just like the Northmen used to wear.

#51. Layers and Lengths

Don’t be afraid to play and experiment with different lengths and layers when pondering your hipster haircut. Being part of the hipster subculture is all about stepping outside the norms and letting your creativity run wild.

#52. The Blonde Parted Long Top

As the name suggests, this is a very cool haircut for blondes. The sandy hues at the ends of the strands and the caramel color of the roots will give your hair some body and volume. If this is not your natural color and you want it, you may also dye your beard and eyebrows in the same shade.

#53. Ultra Masculinity

Everything about this look screams ultra masculinity. From the dark hair and beard color, to the hipster haircut with the over sweep, to the oversized metallic watch. In this case, you can be sure to wear a flower-patterned shirt.

#54. Silver and Black

If a uniform color is not your thing, you can always refrain from dyeing your beard and brows. This beautiful model has gone for a steel shade of silver and combined it with his natural facial hair. The bold and perfectly shaped eyebrows are a statement.

#55. Chestnut in Fade

The rich chestnut color compliments every skin tone and eye color. Get your beard to match, and you have won a golden ticket to all the ladies’ hearts.

#56. Combed Over in Waves

Here is a hipster haircut that borrows from Count Dracula himself. Seeing as we all love a good literary reference, we invite you to try it out as well. The shade is a stunning dark ash blonde. In addition, the parting of the hair is way in the back, creating the vampire illusion.

#57. Unicorn Spikes

There are many ways in which boys and gents can spike up their hair, as the 90s and the 2000s have thought us. Here is another one now, in the shape of a hipster haircut. All the spikes point forward, creating the illusion of edge and 3D depth.

#58. The Boxer From the 20s

Here is a perfect example of hipsters borrowing from the 20s in an outstanding way. The beautiful a la Fitzgerald side parted and gelled hair matches the antique mustache down to the letter.

#59. Glamour and Style

This look is all about being glamorous. You can get it as well and look like that every single day if you decide to consider this hipster haircut.

#60. The Long Flip Front

If you don’t want to sport the trademark hipster beard, you can always go for an over-the-top hairstyle, such as this one. The dark chocolate color of the hair sits in waves on top of a shaven head.

Here are the 60 hipster haircut ideas we promised, to awe and inspire you for your next cut!

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