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45 Hot Top Knot Men Ideas

One thing is certain when we refer to top knot men ideas. They are all hot. It doesn’t really matter if you have just started growing your hair, if it’s medium sized or already very long, it doesn’t even matter what color or how thick or thin it is. It is a very well-known fact that a well-placed top knot will always make a man look hot. Don’t believe us? Here are no less than 45 pictures and ideas to prove just that.

1. The Summer Top Knot Men Idea

There are few things you can pull off better this summer than a lazy top knot, a pair of hipster sunglasses, and a very low cut tee. However, for this, you will need to work on your physique, tan, and hair.

2. The Messy Top Knot Men Idea

If you want to try the top knot, remember that it doesn’t have to come off perfect every single time. You’re not a ballerina getting ready to do ‘Swan Lake.’ You’re a man just looking for a way to get his gorgeous hair out of his eyes.

3. The Half Up Half Down Top Knot Men Idea

If you have a medium length cut extending into long hair, then you might benefit from a half up half down situation. Pro tip – use a bit of hair wax while running your fingers through your hair to both keep it in place and give it a wild and carefree look.

4. The Justin Bieber

Yes, Justin Bieber is just the first celebrity on our top knot men idea list to embrace the sexiness of this trend. He opted for the platinum gold color with overgrown undercut, a five o’clock shadow, and a very cute black scrunchie.

5. The Harry Styles

The One Directioner fell for the top knot as well. Unlike the Bieber, he kept his natural luscious locks and simply decided to tie them in a bun. Evidently, ladies all over the world fell head over heels with his new look.

6. The Glorious Top Knot Men Idea

Why is it glorious? Because when you remove your hair elastic, and your lovely curly hair falls in a cascade over your broad and strong shoulders, the ladies will weep. Add to that the earring and the beard and you can’t go wrong.

7. The Soft Curls Top Knot Ideas

Here’s another pointer that will have the girls go weak at the knees but for a different reason. They will go crazy for your soft, baby curls, all wrapped up together in a messy knot. Comb your hair over the crown of your head and leave a few strands hanging.

8. The Top Knot Men Idea with a Beard

Some hair goes up, some more hair goes down. That’s the equation here. What’s that all around you? Ladies. Who can possibly resist this fake mohawk turned top knot at the last minute plus a beautiful full caramel beard?

9. The Casual Top Knot Men Idea

Oh, I’m not doing anything. Just holding a cup of coffee, drawing women in a bar, looking gorgeous with my casual top knot and sleeve tattoos, just like any normal guy. Pro tip – Your hair needs some Argan oil to keep in tip top shape for this.

10. Business Meets Messy

For this top knot men idea, business has to meet messy. Think of it as after five on a Friday evening, at the end of a long week of hard work. Invest in high-quality hair care products, so your hair can look this silky, glossy, and healthy all the time.

11. The Aidan Turner Top Knot Men Idea

You know him as the pretty dwarf in ‘The Hobbit’ series who engaged in a romance with an even prettier elf maiden. We know him as Aidan Turner, a perfect example of a gorgeous man who proudly sports the sleek top knot.

12. The Zayn Malik Top Knot Men Idea

There are few people in the world whose hair is more loved than Zayn Malik’s. Therefore, when he went for the top knot with faded sides, we experienced an international gasp. The cut accentuates his beautiful facial features like none other. Here are more Zayn Malik haircuts for your pleasure and inspiration.

13. The Jared Leto Top Knot Men Idea

Jared Leto has an unconventional beauty that has the whole world under a spell. And his long hair is definitely part of that. When he’s not dying it in a crazy color for a part, he usually likes to protect it in a knot or a man bun.

14. The Top Knot Men Idea with Undercut

A top knot and an undercut seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. At least this is what the past few years have shown us. It’s a very androgynous style, speaking both of the masculine and the feminine, at the same time.

15. The Classic Top Knot Men Idea

We could not have possibly made this list without including a basic top knot. The one that started it all. It’s simply a small bun, for men who have medium sized hair and want to either keep it out of their faces or protect it.

16. The Alexander Ludwig Top Knot Men Idea

Although he was a rising star before it, the world actually took notice of Alexander Ludwig in the hit TV series ‘Vikings.’ Slowly but surely, he became a silent killing machine with the cold looks to match. His is a typical, historically accurate top knot, which you can now copy and wear.

alexander ludwig top knot men


17. The Classy Top Knot Men Idea

Yes, you can look classy in a top knot. It’s not all about being casual and sporty with this type of hairstyle. While we do admit that this is the side it’s most partial to, we will also say that, given the appropriate styling, you can make it classy. Wear with confidence!

18. The Newly Married

You can even wear this bad boy of a top knot at your wedding, provided your significant other approves, of course. And that your wedding is just casual enough. Don’t ruin a classy event!

19. The Samurai Top Knot Men Idea

Probably one of its original uses, the samurai look is where the top knot fits best. Luckily for all of us there are now tons of clothes you can wear to complement this Japanese-inspired look.

20. The Double Top Knot Men Idea

Why stop at one top knot when you can have two? And some braids? Evidently, this hairstyle is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the ones who have a strict dress code at the office. Therefore, proceed with caution.

21. The Top Knot with Shaved Undercut

If you, somehow, thought that having a top knot didn’t make you badass enough, that surely a shaved undercut will. Add to that a full on carefully trimmed and arranged beard and you are surely on your way to badassery.

22. Top Knot with a French Twist

Actually, it’s a French braid. It’s a style borrowed heavily from the ladies, which you can now use as well. All you need to do is braid the backside of your hair and pull everything up in a top knot. Voila!

23. The Bed Head Top Knot Idea

When you and your significant other are lazy in bed on a Sunday afternoon, you don’t need your hair in your face. Try a sexy topknot. If you also have a fashionable beard going on, you may even get breakfast in bed.

24. The Top Knot Men Idea for Long Hair

When you have long hair, the first thing you need to think about is protecting it as much as possible. Therefore, you need to adopt a few hairstyles that do just that. The top knot is one of them. Master it!

25. The Chris Hemsworth Top Knot Men Idea

If there is a hairstyle sported by Thor himself, then you know it must be worth it. Not just that, but Chris Hemsworth was also named the sexiest man alive, which means he knows a thing or two about what it takes to look good.

26. The Jake Gyllenhaal Top Knot Men Idea

Here’s another Hollywood hottie who adopted the top knot. Jake wears it both on the red carpet with a perfectly tailored suit as well as on casual outings with track suits. Which one will you choose?

27. The Orlando Bloom Top Knot Men Idea

The first time we saw Orlando Bloom with a top knot was in the first ever ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Since then, the world cannot get enough of his chiseled features and handsome head of hair. Copy the pirate look now!

28. The Sebastian Stan Top Knot Men Idea

Not only does the Winter Soldier compete with Captain America in strength and fighting skills, but he does so in good looks as well. Yes, Sebastian Stan can give Chris Evans a run for his money with his perfect smile and amazing top knot.

29. The Blonde Top Knot

If you want to take your top knot men idea even further you can always dye your hair blonde. To keep things on the more natural side, keep your roots their original color or dye them in a darker shade.

30. The Colin Farrell Top Knot Men Idea

It seems as though Colin Farrell took his Grindelwald haircut to the next level by adding a top knot to it. He brought his ‘Fantastic Beasts’ role to the streets with just a bit of hair wax, a comb, and a black hair elastic.

31. The Natural Color Top Knot

If you have a beautiful natural color, such as this lovely creamy chestnut, we suggest you keep it as it is. Use good hair care products that will enrich this color and help keep white strays at bay for as long as possible.

32. The Alex Ebert Top Knot Men Idea

Here is Alex Ebert at the Golden Globes, pitching to us a brand new take on the top knot. It’s messy, it’s artistic, it’s original, and we have to say – we love it. The strands are flying off it in all the right places and he just looks like a hot mess.

33. The Leonardo DiCaprio Top Knot Men Idea

Not even the king of the internet Leo could resist the lure of the knot. Once he grew that fantastic beard and his hair was long enough to sleek back with some pomade, he made sure to tie it up in a bun.

34. The Tower of Babel

We called this the Tower of Babel for aesthetic reasons. As an idea, it’s a very artsy way of wearing your hair if it’s long and curly. You can look for tutorials online, on YouTube or Pinterest and learn how to build this towering baby.

35. The Hipster Top Knot

There is no trend the hipsters haven’t taken under their wing. Or worn on their head, in this case. In fact, when you’re a hipster, everything is easy to pull off. A bit of hair wax, the iconic hipster glasses, and a suit and you’re done.

36. The Fiery Top Knot

This comes as a continuation of our idea of the natural hair color. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! There’s nothing more beautiful than displaying what nature has bestowed upon you, especially if it comes in a fiery red.

37. The Jumbo Top Knot

As we all know, top knots come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a very rich head of hair, then naturally, your top knot will be a jumbo one. Don’t cut it all off. Instead, you can embrace it and go for a more artistic look.

38. The David Beckham Top Knot Men Idea

Since there, probably, isn’t a haircut left in the world that Becks hasn’t tried out, the top knot couldn’t possibly be missing from the list. Here’s a pic of him from a while back when he was still in action, playing for Los Galacticos de Real Madrid.

39. The Jason Momoa Top Knot Men Idea

Actor Jason Momoa has so far embodied both Khal Drogo in ‘Game of Thrones’ and Aquaman in ‘The Justice League.’ Therefore, if you ever needed inspiration to feel like a badass, this is definitely your guy.

40. The Bradley Cooper Top Knot Men Idea

Actor Bradley Cooper is one of the more dapper men in Hollywood. His sleek, wavy, chestnut hair, which we now he wears in a top knot, and chiseled good looks have won him a relationship with model Iryna Shayk.

41. The Russell Brand Top Knot Men Idea

Given the fact that Mr. Brand always wears his signature long, wavy locks, he needs another style to keep them in check and protect them. This is where the top knot comes in. A rebel through and through…

42. The Heath Ledger Top Knot Men Idea

Never forgotten for his roles on the big screen, Heath Ledger will also always be remembered for being so very handsome. The top knot made him look careless and wild, yet still classically handsome.

43. The Feathery Top Knot

You can also create a quick and easy top knot if you happen to be sporting a classic bowl haircut. Simply choose a few of the top strands and tie them together on the crown of your head. You’re done!

44. The Viking Style Top Knot

Did you ever wonder how the old Vikings used to wear their hair? If you did, here is your answer. This is as close as you can get to having a historically accurate Viking haircut. The top knot plus ponytail plus under shade.

45. The Top Knot and Headband

One stylish accessory you can always add to your wardrobe once you’ve adopted the top knot is the headband. Go for a large and heavy one that will cover most of your head and that can be paired with sunglasses and a trench coat.


This is our list of the most amazing and hot 45 top knot men ideas. We hope we have inspired you to try it out. What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Write and tell us in the comment section below!

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