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10 Coolest Curly Haircuts For Men

Let 'em flow, let em 'rule! Let's face it—curly hair rocks. Curly haircuts have often been associated with fun and spontaneous attitudes and they are styles that always catch the eye. Curly hair is a blessing, but it can be also be a curse if left to its own devices. Curly hair is known for becoming a tangled and unruly mess if you neglect it. So how can you take full advantage of your power locks? By having them styled and groomed to perfection. In this article, we will show you 10 curly haircuts that are sure to tame your unruly strands and give birth to a confident new you.

Curly hair, by nature, is a dominant trait and occurs when hair follicles are asymmetrical. This produces hairs oval in shape that curl as they grow longer. Curly haircuts can be styled in a variety of ways and often require products to either add volume or tame the hair into a particular style. Curly hair is always a big hit with the ladies, and, if styled right, it will leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Getting the right cut is all in the details, and we are here to help you out with that.

What Is A Curly Haircut?

A curly haircut is a lot of things, but primarily it is an expression of your personality. You can opt for something more uniform that gives a conservative and reserved vibe or go for a longer style that reflects a laid-back attitude. Curly hair tends to have volume to it, so there is always room to have a little fun with your 'do. This where a great stylist can work his or her magic. Curly haircuts are not all the same, so you have to be sure you are sending the right message when you decide on your look.

Always A Good Time

Curly haircuts may all be distinct, but they also share one trait—they are always fun. Even if the person sporting the hair isn't the most pleasant, people often associate curly hair with a relaxed attitude and willingness to have fun. Letting your curls grow won't magically give you a personality, but at least it sends a welcoming message, and that is a good place to start.


Curly haircuts are all about experimenting—style-wise, product-wise, and more. There are so many ways you can make it work for you. Keep in mind the thickness of your hair and the shape of your face so you can bring out the best in both. The right style will help frame your overall look and highlight your features. The styles we chose on our list provide variety and are modern and stylish, fit for any occasion.

Do I Need A Curly Haircut?

YES! Let's say it one more time. Yes, you do. While letting your curls run wild may seem liberating, a nice trim from time to time is absolutely necessary. Trims help tame the hair and get rid of dead ends (that are not a hit with the ladies). Don't be lazy. Hit up that barber of yours at least every six months or sooner. A curly haircut can take you from couch potato to an exemplary gentleman in a matter of minutes. Okay, maybe not quite. A curly cut isn't magic, but you get the point.

Do It for You

You want to be the best version of yourself. To do that, you have got to groom. A nice trim, some well-scented shampoo, and a spritz of cologne can make a world of difference. Confidence is key and curly haircuts provide quite a bit of it. That's a good enough reason to get one. Ideally, you will want to choose a style that is effortless and fits well with your lifestyle. It if brings out the very best in you, that's the cut we recommend.

10 Best Curly Haircuts For Men

Man With Curly Hair

The styles we have chosen here are well suited for different volumes of curly hair and are both modern and vintage. These styles are effortless as we stayed away from looks that require too much product or general maintenance. We did not discriminate, and we are sure you will find the style that best suits you.

The Curly Hair Fade

The curly hair fade is low maintenance because you don't have to worry about the sides and back. The hair is shaved short and gradually grows in length the higher it goes. The curls at the top are medium in length and easy to style. This look shows off your curls but keeps everything formal and cool for an easy and on-the-go look.

The Medium Length Curls

This is the artsy guy that rolls out of bed and gets the day going smooth. The medium curls simply require a stylist be skilled enough to know where to trim to keep everything nice and tamed. The beautiful thing about this look is that it is natural and really showcases the texture of your hair. This is simple and to the point.

The Curly Fringe

The curly fringe is an easy and laid-back style that is also cool and formal. To get this look, have the sides nicely tapered and blended as they go higher up, and then leave some length on top. The trick is to have the stylist leave the hair on top longer towards the front and reduce slightly as the hair goes back towards the crown.

The Slicked Back

If you are looking for a style that is truly classic, then look no further than the slicked-back curls. Slicked-back curls dial up a vintage style of Hollywood stars and have always made a strong impression. This look is easy to achieve. Simply have your curls nicely trimmed and then use pomade, gel, or cream to slick them back. Be sure to not use too much product or else the hair will lose its natural curl due to the weight. And be sure not to comb too much. If you do, you'll lose the curl.

The Long Curls

The long curls are rebellious and one hell of a style. This look is as easy as it gets. Simply let your curls grow and be free. Your visits to the barber will be less frequent (about six months apart), but they are necessary as you will want to get rid of dead ends that make your hair look frizzy and unkempt. Keep it clean, man.

Man Getting A haircut
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The Curly High Top

This look will require you to have some serious curls, but if you can pull it off, it will be glorious. A high top fade is the way to go here, and the curls on top should be nicely trimmed and styled to showcase them. This look can get very creative, and a skilled barber may really show off here and add designs and intricate lines. Why not?

The Undercut Curly

This style is similar to the curly fade, but the hair on the sides and back has no gradual growth. It is simply cut to a single length. The curls on top are left shorter for a clean and easy look. Out of all the curly haircuts, this is perhaps the most straightforward and reserved. This is a style that says you are here to get things done.

The Curly Bob

The curly bob is just plain fun and has a young feel to it. You can get the bob with curly hair that is of a medium length but cut slightly above the shoulders and rounded on the sides. Your barber will be able to shape your hair in a way that suits the thickness of it. You will need some products for this look. We recommend you tame it nicely with some finishing cream.

The Curly Side Part

The curly side part is easy to achieve as you can ask your barber to do either a low fade or an undercut. Leave the hair on top long, but trim it down to a manageable length that allows you to part it to the side. This is a classic look that requires no explanation and is always ready for a formal event.

The Curly Quiff

The curly quiff is messy and fun. To achieve this look, you can have the sides either tapered or shaved and the top left long so you can create the style. The quiff requires that the hair at the front be longer so you can curl it back or leave it messy. The quiff lets you not worry about the sides and back but still give off a laid-back vibe.


Man With Curly Hair

Now you can see why curly haircuts rock. There are many styles and choice, and you have to make sure you choose the one that's right for you. Whether you're going for the formal look or the free spirit vibe, do it with confidence. Just be sure to keep some products on hand for those days where the curls don't want to cooperate. You will be glad you did.

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