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50 Creative Hair Designs for Men

The best thing about hair designs for men is that they allow you to express your personality and imagination in a very creative way. There are numerous barbers nowadays sufficiently skilled to transform this incredulous hair art into reality. With that in mind, we have done our homework and put together for you a list of the most awesome and creative hair designs for men out there. From celebrity faces to cartoons, we have them all!

1. The Lizard

We’re starting off with a bang. When we said that hair designs for men can be as creative as you want them to be, we meant it. Here is a short mohawk, essentially, that has been skillfully transformed into a lizard with the addition of four feet and a tail that is a mullet with gel on it.

2. The Sunrise

Some hair designs for men can be really complicated, but not this one. Simplicity is in the details in this case. It’s a straightforward sun coming out from behind a hill with full and resplendent sunrays.

3. The Skull

This falls into the manly man category of hair designs for men. It’s a mean looking little skull complete with cracks and a menacing full set of teeth ready to take a bite out of anyone who dares to cross you. From behind.

4. The Tree in Bloom

We absolutely loved this idea for hair designs for men. If you have curly hair, you definitely have to try it. It’s the tree trunk and branches of a tree on the side of your head, which makes it look as if your curls are the tree’s bloom or foliage.

5. The Kanye West Hair Designs for Men

Yes, even Kanye West fell prey to the allure of hair designs for men. Yeezy himself has been seen wearing a full head of curly patterns that look like we would now call hair tattoos. Nice going, Mr. Kanye!

kanye west hair designs for men


6. The Shark

What’s that behind your ear? A coin? No, no, no! It’s a shark! Once you go for these hair designs for men, not even the mighty jaws will be able to stand up to you. Easy to create with a razor-sharp blade, the hair shark will swim lazily through your head all day long.

7. The 2pac

It’s no secret that rapper 2pac inspired millions and millions of people around the world. Even today, 20 years after his tragic passing, people still find imaginative ways to honor him, such as hair designs for men. Tupac forever!

8. The Rose

Is it an enchanted rose? Will it wilt before your 21st birthday if you don’t find your true love? No, it’s hair designs for men, and it is sure to attract all eyes and make everyone envy you. You are a Beast with a rose. It’s time to find your Beauty!

9. The Pulse

One of the more simpler hair designs for men is a pulse line. It can be a random one or you can even record your pulse while you hear your significant other say I love you and then get it in a hair tattoo. How cool is that?

10. The Batman v. Superman

When the ‘Batman v. Superman’ crossover happened, it was a dream come true for movie and comic book fans the world over. Naturally, some have decided to proudly display it on their heads, in the shape of hair designs for men.

11. Greek Patterns

One of the classic hair designs for men are the Greek patterns. They are simple, beautiful, easy to maintain and speak of a very classy and elegant many who definitely knows his history and ancestral heroes.

12. The Donald Duck

This is one of the hair designs for men that appeals to the childish part of you. Remember when you were a kid and you used to spend hours in front of the TV watching Donald Duck cartoons? Now you can wear him on your head.

13. The Little Wings

If you’re not a fan of big displays and believe that more is less in this type of situations, we have the hair designs for men that will appeal to you. It’s little wings that go just above your ears, framing your face.

14. The Pineapple

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? No, it’s not Sponge Bob, it’s you this time. This is a summery fun hair cut that is bound to attract attention from the ladies. Dye your hair blonde and green and get those slices working!

15. The Diamond

You are a diamond in the rough and you know it! Let the different hair designs for men you choose show just that. You can wear your diamonds on your fingers, in your ears, around your neck and now on your head.

16. The Rolling Stone

Here’s a classic among all hair designs for men. Showing some love for the stones by having their band logo etched into your hair. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can dye that segment of your hair red.

17. The Anchor

For those who always carry the sea in their hearts, these are the perfect hair designs for men. An anchor can also be a symbol of something that keeps you rooted during a storm or troubled times, reminding you it will all be well in the end.

18. The NBA Hair Designs for Men

If you happen to love basketball, you might want to show your adoration for the beautiful game with this one of a kind design. Not only does it depict a player dunking, but it also shows the phases of him doing so. Cool!

the nba hair designs for men


19. The Star

Here’s another simple but very efficient one. It’s a falling star, complete with the tail that it leaves behind through the night sky. In this way, you will always have something to wish upon when you’re feeling a bit down.

20. The Walter White

If you’re a fan of the moving pictures, you can even get a famous actor or loved character on your head. These hair designs for men will surely attract attention wherever you go, with people asking admiring questions about the model.

21. The Phases of the Moon

Every little boy dreams of being an astronaut. Not all of us get to be one, though. Therefore, in compensation, you can always wear the moon in your hair from now one, with these awesome hair designs for men.

22. The Mickey Mouse

Whether you’re getting ready for a trip to the happiest place on earth or you’re simply a major Disney buff, these hair designs for men are sure to delight you. It’s Mickey himself, accompanied by the House of the Mouse logo.

23. Black and White Stars Hair Designs for Men

This design is outstanding. If you look closely, you will see that the patterns are so exquisitely and expertly cut that they represent both black and white stars at the same time. Not only that, but the beard has the same pattern too.

24. The Metal Gears Hair Designs for Men

The combination of the metal gears design and the teal and white hair here is absolutely amazing. We can only imagine how this would look like in a full-on mohawk once the owner decides to put some hair wax into his locks.

25. Delicate Flowers Hair Designs for Men

The level of artistry that went into this haircut simply stole out hearts. The beautiful red and coral flowers with golden hearts and brown bases, as well the flaming top in the same colors is truly wondrous to behold.

26. Parallel Lines Hair Designs for Men

This is the basic design. Also, this is, probably, where it all started. They are just a few simple parallel lines, that can also be viewed as hard partings in your hair, of different widths. It’s nice to go back to the roots, isn’t it? Pun intended.

27. Geometric Hair Designs for Men

Not all designs have to mean something or have a specific shape. If you have a very skilled barber or stylist, you can always allow him or her to put those skills to good use and give you the design he finds best.

28. The Jesus

Faith plays an important part in a lot of people’s lives. If you happen to be one of them, you can show it by etching a sketch of the Lord and Savior’s face on the back of your head. Respect and admiration is what this is all about.

29. The Jumbo Feather

Keeping it classy with a jumbo feather is another option on our hair designs for men list. The reason why we loved this one is because it just folds in with your natural hair seamlessly and easily.

30. Music Hair Designs for Men

How much do you love music? Just enough to etch a treble clef on the back of your head? We thought so. The best thing about this is that you don’t even have to be a Julliard alum to do it. You can just be a regular Joe with a pair of headphones and a killer beat.

31. The Music Man

Here’s another idea for all you music lovers out there. How about, instead of a treble clef, you go right for some music notes. Once again, you can choose random ones or part of your favorite song.

32. The Nautical Star Hair Designs for Men

Stars come in all shapes and sizes, as we all know. If you want to wear them on your head, it depends on what you’re really into. Nautical stars are reminiscent of the compass rose and are associated with the United States’ sea services.

33. The Ocean Waves

If you’re really into the nautical theme, you can also get some ocean waves as far as creative hair designs for men are concerned. This is a summery theme, fresh and very clean cut. In fact, why not combine the ocean waves with a nautical star?

ocean waves hair designs for men


34. The Spartan Arrows

Fancy yourself a bit of a warrior and a true man’s man? Then we have found the hair designs for you. Sparta was a very powerful city in Ancient Greece and one of the principal enemies of Troy in the famous war that helped bring it down.

35. The Corkscrew

Either you’re a fancy wine connoisseur or you just love this pattern, the corkscrew hair designs for men will surely do the trick if you want to attract some attention in summertime. It’s a very breezy and light design, with curved and bouncy edges.

36. The Squared Lines

Here are some more classic hair designs for men. If we were to go back to the basics, square lines would definitely make the cut as one of the first designs to hit our heads. Looking a bit like the Microsoft logo, you could also pass for a computer wizard.

37. The Blades

Here are the fancy hair designs for men. Fancy and faded, in fact, because this haircut has it all. The hair design, the undercut and fade that give it dimension and depth, as well as the high and long pompadour sleeked to one side.

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38. The Miami Heat

Are you a fan of the Florida team? Perfect. Now you can sport its logo on your head. It’s a flaming basketball going through a hoop. Make your NBA team proud with these truly one of a kind hair designs for men.

39. The Stage Performance

If you’ve got the concert bug pretty badly, don’t sweat it. Instead, you can wear it on your head, as hair designs for men. That’s right, ask your skilled barber or hair stylist to give you this intricate haircut that depicts a band in full concert.

40. The Tarantula

Although it might be a good idea to check with your kid first, and make sure he’s not afraid of spiders, tarantulas count as awesome hair designs for men. They are amazing around Halloween or simply if you happen to love these furry giants.

41. The Eazy-E

We’ve already had 2Pac as hair designs for men ideas. Now it’s time for another god of rap, NWA’s own Eazy-E. Show your support for this classic gangsta rap superstar, one of the members of the seminal group that helped shape the world of hip-hop as we know it today.

42. The Louis Vuitton

Etching famous brands and their logos onto your scalp as hair designs for men is another attractive idea. Evidently, it doesn’t have to be the Vuitton house. You can choose the one which you like the most and, of course, its logo.

43. Snowflake Hair Designs for Men

While hair designs for men are mostly a Summer attraction since you can proudly display them without being cold, you can also do them in winter time, for Christmas, for example. Here is a cute idea of a large and ornate snowflake.

44. Hawk Pride

Here’s another idea how you can support your favorite team. This one is really fun since their logo lends itself so well to hair designs for men. It works incredibly well for both boys and men and you can wear it all year long if you want.

45. The Bat Signal

This particular idea for hair designs for men is for kids or for really hardcore DC comics fans. It’s the Bat signal shining over the outline of what we can presume is Gotham City. However, you can also make your very own city, if you want.

46. Tribal Hair Designs for Men

Sometimes, less really is more and tribal designs are here to prove just that. Although simple, they are incredibly elegant and powerful in their statement and message. They are a bond that we share with our ancestry that cannot be broken.

47. The Simple V-Shaped Neckline

Hair designs for men don’t have to be displayed on the sides, in a classical way. You can also have a little one in the back, especially if you have a dress code to abide by or if you go to school and you know it doesn’t allow intricate or over the top hair designs.

48. The Zorro

Here’s a Latin superhero that loves to fight crime with a sword rather than enhanced abilities. He also has a cape and a mask and his name is, of course, Zorro. If you’re a fan, you can always get a hair tattoo of his famous mark, the Z.

49. The Falling Star

If you make a wish on a falling star, then that wish is sure to come true. But what if you wear that falling star in your hair? What happens then? Well, you’ll just have to try and see, won’t you?

50. The Chris Brown Hair Designs for Men

And speaking of stars, both figuratively and literally, here’s star singer Chris Brown sporting a hair design in the shape of a star on one side of his head. We just love the way it matches the tattoo he has of three little stars. Don’t you?


This comprehensive list of 50 creative hair designs for men is abundant in ideas and inspiration. There are so many models here that we cannot wait to get out there and try some for ourselves. How about you? Which one did you like best? Let us know in the comment section below.

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