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60 Cool Comb Over Haircut Ideas in 2018

The comb over haircut is a timeless hairstyle that is suitable for men of all ages, with all types of hair, due to its numerous variations. This haircut is perfect for any type of event, whether you’re heading to work or to a cocktail party. The comb over will not only make you look like a brand new man, but it will give you a modern touch, as this hairstyle will never fade. Here are our coolest suggestions for this haircut:

1. Side Swept Comb Over

If you already have a medium stubble and you want to keep it, this modern comb over haircut will match perfectly with your beard. You can also throw in a pair of aviator shades to look even cooler!

Side Swept Comb Over for Dark Hair


2. Clean Cut Comb Over

Ask your barber to get the scissors and give you a clean cut, because the comb over can look even better when your hair is swept back.

Clean Cut Comb Over


3. Side Part and Short Stubble

This is one of the most popular comb over haircuts, as you do not need to have really thick and long hair to pull it off. Just use hair gel and groom your beard. You will look impeccable.

Side Part Haircut with Short Stubble


4. Comb Over with a Hard Part

A stylist can give you a hard part by shaving your parting line with a razor. You can have a sharp and edgy look if you choose this haircut, which matches perfectly with your clean shaven beard.

Comb Over with a Shave Line


5. Classy Comb Over

The age does not matter. You can always choose to wear a comb over haircut. Your grey hair will be fabulous and will give you a classy look.

Classy Grey Comb Over


6. Stylish Comb Over

What better way to make a good impression then a side part and a suit? You know Barney Stinson would approve.

Stylish Comb Over with Beard


7. The Easy-to-care-for Bald Fade

If you’re too busy and you don’t have time enough to take care of your hairstyle, but you still want to get a comb over, try the bald fade, which will take care of itself.

Easy-to-care-for Bald Fade


8. Comb Over with a Bandholz Beard

A Bandholdz beard works wonders with a clean cut comb over. You will turn everyone’s heads and you will be grateful to your barber for this haircut.

Comb Over with a Bandholz


9. Wavy Comb Over

Don’t worry if your hair has a wavy natural look, you can still pull off this hairstyle, preferably with an undercut as well.

Wavy Comb Over with a Stubble


10. Fade Comb Over Haircut with a Hard Part

You can always combine the old comb over and the modern fade cut, the result will definitely suit your needs perfectly.

Fade Comb Over with a Shave Line


11. Comb Over for Thick Blonde Hair

Your lion mane will certainly not pass unnoticed if you decide to get this haircut. It’s a very high and volumized pompadour for which we suggest you stock up on hairspray.

Comb Over for Thick Blonde Hair


12. Razor Fade Comb Over

This haircut will go perfectly with your mustache and thick brown hair, so try it and see how you like it.

Razor Fade Comb Over and Beard


13. Clean Cut Side Part

Accessorize this hairstyle with maybe an earring or a goatee and you will look charming without too much effort.

Clean Cut Comb Over


14. Comb Over Haircut for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, it would be a waste not to try this haircut, choosing a clean cut that will only make the most out of your strong and beautiful hair.

Gorgeous Comb Over for Thick Hair


15. High Fade Comb Over Haircut

You can show your spirit of adventure by rocking this hairstyle that works great with other accessories too, like a nose ring for example.

High Fade Comb Over


16. Medium Fade Comb Over

If you have straight hair, this is one of the best men haircuts that you will be able to pull off. You can use a liberal amount of hair gel or wax to get the look you want.

Medium Fade Comb Over for Straight Hair


17. Undercut Comb Over

You can wear this hairstyle any day of the week, either to go to work or to go to the movies. You might even see an actor on the screen wearing the same haircut, as this is popular among them too.

Undercut Comb Over with a Shave Line


18. Brad Pitt’s Comb Over

He may well have given up the long, blonde locks he used to wear when he was young, but his hair still looks gorgeous, especially with the comb over he had in Fury. He might want to choose this hairstyle again.

Brad Pitt's Comb Over


19. Short Comb Over

Keep it short and simple, but good-looking at the same time. If you have a beard to go with it, you can rest assured that men will start copying your style.

Short Comb Over and Beard


20. Pompadour Comb Over

The advantage of this haircut is that it goes well with every face shape, be it round, square, diamond or angular.

Pompadour Comb Over with Short Sides


21. Traditional Comb Over

If you have a wedding or a birthday party to attend , this is the hairstyle that you need. It will match perfectly with your tuxedo.

Traditional Comb Over and Bushy Beard


22. Faded Comb Over Haircut with a Beard

This looks perfect and comfy, being one of the best hairstyles for men with thick hair and bushy beards.

Faded Comb Over Haircut with a Beard


23. Pompadour Side Part with a Garibaldi Beard

Things cannot get better in terms of haircuts than this gorgeous comb-over, which can also work if you have curly hair. We also love the addition of the Garibaldi Beard.

Pompadour Comb Over with a Garibaldi Beard


24. Clean Cut Comb Over

This haircut became a very popular trend back in 2013 and even now men still go for this short comb over haircut.

Clean Cut Comb Over for Brown Hair


25. No Clean Cut Side Part

You do not have to shave the sides of your head to wear a comb over. You can easily pull off this hairstyle with some hair wax and attention to detail.

No Clean Cut Side Part and Beard


26. The Caesar Comb Over

If you are familiar with the classic Caesar haircut, then you will recognize this comb over as being part of that family. It’s a bold and beautiful move for a man to match.

Comb Over, Glasses and Beard


27. Retro Fade Haircut

This retro haircut is a reminder of the elegant 40s and 50s slick back haircuts when men used to wear a lot of product in their hair to make it look shiny and glossy.

Skin Fade Haircut with Glasses


28. Faded Comb Over with Design

You can ask your barber to let his imagination go free and include some extra shave lines or designs on the sides of your head.

29. Faded Short Sides Comb Over

It will be easy to take care of your hair once you style it like this, so make sure that your appointment to the barber is still on.

Faded Short Sides Haircut


30. Faded Comb Over with Shave Line for Dark Colored Hair

Since this haircut appears not to go out of style, you might as well give it a try and see for yourself why everyone wants this hairstyle so badly.

Faded Comb Over with Shave Line for Dark Hair


31. Comb Over Haircut with Spikes

Yes, you can even comb over spikes, if you want. It will make for a very teenage-inspired look, much like the ones we all used to wear in the 2000s. Frosted tips are also still available if you are feeling extra nostalgic.Clean Cut Comb Over


32. Gorgeous Grey Comb Over

Grey looks good on everyone, so don’t be afraid to try a new haircut and dye your hair.

Gorgeous Grey Comb Over


33. Messy Comb Over Haircut

Who out there is not a fan of the ‘I woke up like this’ look? The simplest way to achieve it is by growing your hair to a medium size and then letting it arrange itself organically with the help of a comb over.

Fashionable Side Part for Brown Hair


34. Geometrical Comb Over

Your hair will never look better than this, as this piece of haircut will only emphasize the depth and richness of your locks.

Sculpted-like Comb Over with Shave Line


35. Zayn Malik’s Sexy Comb Over

Given the fact that this hairstyle is very popular, it’s no wonder that even public figures went for it. Just look at Zayn Malik and his layered, bleached comb over! Here are some more Zayn Malik hairstyles for you to try.

36. Layered Comb Over Haircut

This hairstyle looks simply amazing due to the laid back feel given by the added volume and the faded short sides.

Waved Blonde Haircut


37. Salt and Pepper Comb Over Haircut

As it was stated before, this comb over haircut suits men of all ages and all face shapes. Once you try it the first time, you may never want to switch to other hairstyles.

38. The George Clooney

This haircut will clearly border the faded short sides and the contrasting medium-length hair on top, as advertised by actor George Clooney.

39. Cool and Clean Hairstyle

If you have thick hair and you don’t want your barber to cut too much of it, try this messy hairdo with added volume, which looks very natural and modern.

Cool and Clean Comb Over


40. Comb Over with Bushy Beard and Pencil Moustache

Your modern comb over haircut will match very well with full grown facial hair, whether you choose a chevron mustache or a pencil one with a bushy beard.

Comb Over with Bushy Beard and Pencil Moustache


41. Fun and Fresh Hairstyle

Experimenting new haircuts is one of the advantages of having long hair, so why not shave your sides and rock a cool comb over?

Fun and Fresh Comb Over


42. Vintage Side Parted Fade

This elegant haircut looks amazing. And it’s not only for men in suits. You can choose a rebellious attire and show off your tattoos. The comb over will give you a classy-edgy look.

Vintage Side Parted Fade


43. Well-Groomed Waves

The round shape of your face will be balanced out by this modern comb over haircut, because the middle section stands tall while the sides are short.

Well-Groomed Waves and Beard


44. Brown and Curly Comb Over

Your disheveled curls will still allow you to rock a fade haircut comb over, making it look very natural and eye-catching.

45. Tousled Comb Over

This look is perfect if you have a stubble to match it with and your long layers will allow you to run your fingers through it without ruining the whole hairstyle.

Tousled Comb Over and Sunglasses


46. Neat and Elegant Comb Over with Shave Line

The short haircut will be transformed into a chic hairstyle once you apply some hair gel on the middle section, leaving just one hair strand on your forehead.

Comb Over with a Shave Line


47. Classic Hairstyle

This fade comb over haircut is the best choice for those who want to look classy at work and still preserve their own personal flair.

Classic Hairstyle


48. Ryan Reynolds’ Very Short Comb Over

In case you needed more convincing that this hairstyle is one of the most popular comb over haircut ideas for men, just check out Ryan Reynolds’ picture proudly displaying his choice. Possibly Deadpool’s too, if only he had hair.

Ryan Reynold's Short Comb Over


49. Loose Comb Over

Add your own twist to this haircut and learn how to experiment with your thick and good-looking hair, increasing the volume of the middle section by using the proper hairstyling products.

Loose Comb Over and Beard


50. Sexy Undercut

Another sleek and attractive hairstyle that mixes a classy combed middle section with a modern short sides haircut.

Sexy Undercut


51. Bouncy and Soft Hairstyle with Faded Sides

You can give your hair freedom to move with this fancy haircut, instead of just fixing it in one place. Avoid the hair gel and use hair conditioner instead and a blow dryer to get this look.

Soft Hairstyle with Faded Sides


52. Classy and Stylish Comb Over Haircut

This hairstyle will perfectly go along with a neat beard. You just have to use the right hair gel and carefully comb your hair on the side.

Stylish Comb Over Haircut with Beard


53. Gareth Bale’s Spiky Side Style

Soccer players are also fans of this hairstyle, Real Madrid’s Welsh striker rocking this fresh look that will work for you too if you play sports on a daily basis and you want a short yet modern haircut.

Gareth Bale's Spiky Side Style


54. Bleached Top Comb Over

This hairstyle will be better accentuated by the differences in color in your hair, the short black sides contrasting with the bleached and thick middle section.

Bleached Top Comb Over


55. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hairstyle

If you were asking yourself how did Gatsby get everyone to fall in love with him, it was definitely the hair. This is one of the first things someone looks at when meeting a new person, so why not try to impress from the beginning? DiCaprio’s gentleman like comb over haircut might just do the trick.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Classy Comb Over


56. The Ryan Gosling

Actor Ryan Gosling has always worn this short blonde crop with a side part and a comb over. It’s a very classic, gentleman look that reminds us a lot of old Hollywood and which has now become his signature hairstyle.

57. The Brad Pitt

When he was younger, he used to sport long, flowing, blonde locks. We all remember those days. However, now that he has aged a bit, actor Brad Pitt has moved on to a more mature comb over haircut in a dark brown.

58. The Connor McGregor

His is a hairstyle copied by thousands around the world since he has risen to fame. His good looks and charisma made him a celebrity, and now everyone wants that gelled, wet, long comb over haircut.

59. The David Beckham

It’s probably safe to say that soccer superstar David Beckham has tried every hairstyle known to man so far. Therefore, he wasn’t about to shy away from a nice comb over. Here he is with his natural chestnut hair and a groomed beard.

60. The G-Eazy

Contemporary rapper G-Eazy has a very personal and cool take on the comb over. His overly long and gelled hairdo is a modern nod to the greaser hair era. The hairstyle is in line with his clothes which include leather jackets and super skinny and tight jeans.


These were our coolest comb over haircut ideas in 2018 and we hope at least one of these images has convinced you to try on a new hairstyle. If you were already a group member of men rocking the comb over, then kudos to you! These suggestions might help you when you decide to go for a newer and fresher look, but without giving up on the comb over completely.

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