1. The widest part of the face
  2. The shape of the jaw
  3. The length of the face

The shape is determined by drawing an imaginary shape from top to bottom.

Step 1: Check the widest part of your face:

  • Forehead. If your forehead is the widest, you either have an inverted triangle or heart-shaped face (difference is if you have a widow’s peak).
  • Cheekbones. If it is your cheekbones, you have an oval, round, heart, or diamond-shaped face.
  • Jaw. If your jaw is wider than your cheekbones and forehead, you have pear-shaped face.
  • If all equal. If your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same, you have a rectangle or square face.

Step 2: Check the shape of your jaw:

  • Round: Having chubby jaws means you have a round or oval face.
  • Pointy. If your chin protrudes and you have wide cheeks and a narrow forehead, you have a diamond face.
  • Pointy 2. If you have a pointy chin and wide forehead and cheeks, you have a triangle or heart-shaped face.
  • Square. If you have chiseled jaws, for sure you have a square or rectangle face (depends on the length of your face).

Step 3: Check the length of your face:

  • Short. If you have a short face and your features are of equal width, you have a round face.
  • Long. If you have a long face and wide cheekbones, you have an oval face; otherwise if all parts are wide, you have a rectangle face.

As you can conclude, a round face means you have wide cheekbones, rounded jaws and a short face.

What to Consider in Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Now that you know how to spot face shapes, we go to the hairstyles. The key to choosing the best haircut for round faces are:

  • add volume at the top (to make the face longer)
  • add “squareness” or edges around the face
  • deemphasize the roundness of the cheeks and jaws
person gets a new haircut
image via: Ten Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

The ideal short hairstyles for round faces are “short sides, long top” cuts. Another secret to adding edge on your round face is a beard, so it’s better if you can grow one!


This style is so simple it is like cheating. Spikes are the quickest way to add length to your short face, which is why it is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces. You can opt for layered or jagged spikes about 2 to 2.5 inches long. The sides can be buzz-short or tapered towards the top. A chin-strap beard with trimmed sideburns can add angles to your jaw.

Maintenance: Nothing like a generous amount or gel or wax to keep your spikes deadly looking all day!

Faux Hawk

This is the closest you can get to being a punk without growing a full mohawk. A classic style for rebel-minded, this adds height to your hair with its high-rise middle. The sides can be tapered short or clean-cut. For the middle part, you can opt for medium spikes or comb over.

Maintenance: Wax is the best to hold your hair up without looking too stiff.


Speaking of adding height, nothing beats the pompadour trick. Popularized by Elvis Presley in the 60s, this iconic style has entrenched itself in the records of men’s hairstyles. This high-rise style will literally take people’s gaze away from your face and to your hair. There are many variations of this, but we recommend getting the low fade side with a medium “poof” in the middle.

Maintenance: This style requires great maintenance so stock up on pomade or hairspray to manage its height and form.


Quiff is similar to pompadour in a sense that it makes the head top-heavy. The volume provided by medium-length hair combed over can take the attention away from your face. There are many quiff styles, but we recommend short sides that taper towards a medium-length top.

Maintenance: The form of quiffs can be a little tricky to maintain, so we suggest getting your own hair blower. Blow dry while finger-combing your hair in layers.

Buzz Cut With Beard

Though it may sound contradictory, having a buzz cut can be good for people with round faces. The trick is to have a well-trimmed beard, and the longer, the better. The beard helps elongate the lower part of the face (in contrast to adding height on the top part with pompadour et al.).

Maintenance. The top part of the hair doesn’t need maintenance, but your beard does. Just groom it properly and you’re good to go!

Curly Bangs

Contrary to what you think, those coils won’t add curves to your already round face (if you style it correctly, that is). Keep the sides short and let down some curly bangs down your forehead. The trick is the curls draw attention to your eyebrow ridge and eyes, which are more angular than the rest of your face.

Maintenance: Finger-comb a small amount of wax on the bangs to maintain its aunaturel look.

Side Part

This is another “misdirection” as it takes the gaze away from the whole of your face and leads it to your sides. This is why this is one of the best short hairstyles for round faces. You can get a high fade that leads to the long part you comb to one side.

Plus point: you can opt for a “hard side part” which is a shaved line that highlights the sides.
Maintenance: This style requires constant combing, but you can use wax or gel to keep the hair from moving.

Drop Fade With Long Comb Over

Also known as Justin Bieber 2.0 hair, this is a variation of the side part but with a longer comb over. One side can be completely shaven or undercut, but we recommend a high fade so that the curve of your temples won’t show much. The fringes of the comb over add angles to your face, which is what makes this hairstyle ideal for your round face.

Plus points: If you can add highlights or streaks to the tips, it will create more jagged edges!
Maintenance. The long comb over part requires a lot of maintenance, so make sure you have enough hair products to keep this style all day.

High Top Fade With Beard

If you have tight coils, then we recommend this hairstyle, as your kinky hair is ideal for a high top. For a more edgy look, make the top more squarish. The full beard completes the edgy look, but if you can’t grow sideburns, a shaggy goatee will do.

Maintenance: A high top doesn’t really require much maintenance, but we still recommend brushing it up to “poof” it and add more volume.

Low Fade With Tiny Afro And Line Up

This hairstyle is popular with African-Americans and other people with kinky hair, as the combination of low fade, tiny afro and line up “squares up” the face. The curly locks stay in place when short, which is why this is on one of the best short hairstyles for round faces. If you don’t have a high forehead, we recommend putting the line up along your widow’s peak.

Maintenance: All you need is a comb and you’re good for the whole day!

man gets a new haircut
image via: Conclusion

Getting the best hairstyle for you is not always about what is in fashion. It is important to take your face shape into account. If you have a round face, the best haircut is the one that will give your overall look some edges. So, check the styles we mentioned carefully and choose the one you like the most!  

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