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50 Exquisite Modern Haircuts for Men

The modern man is a perfect combination between creative, cool, sexy, casual, stylish, and fashionable. But how do you mix all that into a hairstyle that can also represent your unique personality and brand? Don’t worry, because we’ve done some research and came up with a comprehensive list of 50 exquisite modern haircuts for men. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and take a look! All the inspiration you need is right here.

1. The Slicked Back Pompadour

We begin our list of modern haircuts for men with one that has been extremely fashionable in the past few years. The slicked back pompadour is so loved that it has been embraced by almost every male Hollywood celebrity.

2. Blonde Beach Waves

That’s right, men can wear beach waves too. And they look very good too! If you have naturally wavy hair, this is one very easy solution for you. Invest in a high-quality sea salt spray and rock those surfer beach waves all year long.

3. Short and Curly Modern Haircuts for Men

Modern looks are all about keeping it natural as well. We are seeing a plea for the natural as time progresses and if you have curly hair, we suggest you flaunt it. A simple, short trim with a few natural curls at the front should definitely do the trick.

4. The Top Knot

Is there anybody left in the world who hasn’t heard about the top knot? Even though it was originally meant as a casual look, the good news is that you can also wear a top knot in the office, provided you style it correctly.

5. Manbraids

The newest modern haircuts for men are man braids. They are exactly what the name suggests. Braids for men. You can wear them any way you like. French braids, Dutch braids, fishtails, it’s really your choice. Look for some inspiration on Pinterest, for example.

manbraids modern haircuts for men


6. Slick Modern Haircuts for Men

If you happen to have a medium sized haircut and need to style it for the office, there’s an easy solution to that. All you have to do is use a liberal amount of hair gel or hair wax and a comb or even your fingers. Run them through your hair pushing it to the back of your head.

7. The Hard Part with Curly Hair

A hard part is typically created at the barber’s. He will use a razor to accentuate the natural parting line of your hair. It goes great with afros of all sizes, making them look cool, modern, and very fresh.

8. Retro Inspiration

Even though we’re talking about modern haircuts for men, you can still find your inspiration in days gone by. The 50s are an amazing pool of resources for hipsters, for example. The key is the details. That’s what will make your look a modern one.

9. Hair Designs

We simply love it when men are bold and go not for one but for several trendy hairstyles. Here is a combination between a very modern and cool quiff and modest hair designs. These modern haircuts for men are absolutely to die for.

10. The Top Knot and Beard Combo

Nothing says contemporary better than a beard. Facial hair has actually become a staple of modern times. Therefore, modern haircuts for men should try to include a beard in a form or another, depending on how much of it you can really grow.

11. The Bowl Cut

It was really a haircut that generation after generation used to receive in infancy. Well, now it has become a downright staple when it comes to modern haircuts for men. The bowl cut makes you look cool and retro, especially when paired with the right clothes and accessories.

12. The Platinum Blonde

Another major trend that involves modern haircuts for men is unconventional colors. If you want to look and feel contemporary as a man in this day and age, you have to dye your hair. Here is an astonishing platinum shade of blonde that will highlight your eyes.

13. The David Beckham

Even though former soccer player David Beckham is now middle-aged, more modern he could not look. His slicked back hair and sleeve tattoos, as well as his impeccable style of dressing pinpoints him as one of the coolest and most handsome men around. He’s actually cooler than his teenage sons!

14. The Mohawk Quiff

There was a time when having a mohawk instantly made you the coolest kid on the block. That was back in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s. Nowadays, men tend to lean more towards the fauxhawk, which they combine with other hairstyles, such as the quiff.

15. Pastel Pink Modern Haircuts for Men

One of the hair colors that we simply fell in love with is this soft shade of pastel pink mixed with just a touch of lilac. The messy hair do is perfect for a night out on a weekend, giving you a cool and fresh vibe.

16. The Modern Mullet

In case you didn’t think that it was possible, we are here to prove you wrong. There is such a thing as a modern mullet. Nowadays it’s a lot shorter, messier, and it has a feathery quality to it, but it’s a mullet alright. Some things simply won’t go away!

17. Messy Modern Haircuts for Men

And speaking of messy, this is another trend that you can hurry and jump on as far as hairstyles are concerned. All you need is hair wax. Run your fingers through your hair to create the idea of a wet head or of a bed head and you’re good to go.

18. The Wavy Bob

If we were to borrow the terminology from the ladies’ department, chin length cuts would be called a bob. You can wear yours with some hair product for a bit of stay in some waves around your head, to make it look wind swept and cool.

19. Modern Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

When you have curly, thick hair the best thing you can do is to keep it short, as far as maintenance and styling goes. You can get close to a shave on the sides and keep some flattering curls on top. They will frame your face and give you some added height.

20. The Limp Mohawk

As stated previously, there are a number of variations on the old mohawk now as far as modern haircuts for men go. This, for example, is a long and limp mohawk, somewhere between a fauxhawk and a pompadour, surrounded by an undercut.

21. The Quiff

Another very important trend in modern haircuts for men that has now taken a few steps back in the limelight is the quiff. It used to be all the rage a few years ago and you can still wear it. All you need is very long bangs and some hair wax.

22. Salt and Pepper Modern Haircuts for Men

Contemporary hairstyles for mature men are all about keeping it natural. This is where the salt and pepper look comes in. It’s a natural mixture of black and white hair that doesn’t allow for any dying of your hair. Keep it natural!

23. Under Shave and Curls

Break out the old iron curler because it’s time for some old-fashioned curling time. This is a very clever and pretty take on an already classic look. It’s the long side part with and under shave. However, the twist here is the iron born curls perched high on top of your head.

24. The Long Undercut

Just for you to have a complete understanding, here is how that hairstyles actually looks without the curls in it. This one also has a hard part. Therefore, you can either curl it up, wear it naturally or straighten it using your hair straightener.

25. The Long Samurai Bun

A variation of the man bun, or a cross between the man bun and the top knot, maybe, the long samurai bun is truly a sight to be seen. When paired with a messy head and a bushy beard, you will really look a lady killer.

26. French Braids with a Top Knot

Do you know the one thing that could actually make man braids even cooler than they already are? If you paired them up with a top knot. It’s pretty simple, actually. Take all the loose ends of the braids themselves and tie them into the knot.

27. The Unicorn Beard

If you came here looking for modern haircuts for men, it doesn’t really get more modern than this. This is called the unicorn style and it means that you have to dye both your hair and your beard in an unconventional color. Cool!

28. The Rainbow Quiff Modern Haircuts for Men

If you decided that rainbow is the right hair color for you, then maybe a quiff should be the haircut. The reasoning is simple. A quiff is that type of flashy and layered hairstyle that can easily showcase every color and nuance in your rainbow hair.

29. Elvish Modern Haircuts for Men

Modern hairstyles are undoubtedly characterized by one trait – creativity. They are a means of expressing your personality and individuality at the same time. You can even show the things that you like and dislike via your hairstyle.

30. Retro Dapper Modern Haircuts for Men

Here’s another contemporary hairstyle that borrows heavily from the olden days. It’s a very retro and dapper haircut like the ones men used to get in a barber shop. Notice how the beard is trimmed to perfection, really making it part of the entire ensemble.

31. Long, Blonde, and Beard

A long, a blonde, and a beard, please! It sounds like a tall order at the bar but also like very cool idea as far as modern haircuts for men are concerned. The long blonde hair and jet-black beard are a combination that will surely catch the ladies’ eye.

32. Bubblegum Blue

Being modern is also being playful. Long gone are the days when men were supposed to wear a suit and tie all the time and be the serious head of the family. Now they’re a lot more playful and easy going. Let your hair show that.

33. Forest Green Grunge

Here’s a modern grunge look, with a deep forest green bob to match. We love the way this whole hairstyle has been stylized. The earrings and nose piercing are a lovely addition that ties the look together and gives it an edgy vibe.

forest green grunge modern haircuts for men


34. The Top and Low Braids

If you happen to love both man buns and man braids, then you can combine them. Then, you can take it a step further, and do man braids on both sides of the bun, on a vertical axis. The result is stylish, fresh, and quite stunning!

35. Two Toned Perfection

Sometimes, perfection is just around the corner and you can’t see it. Here is an amazingly artistical high pompadour in black and white with a beard to match. Notice how the eyebrows have been combed into submission, leaving no detail to chance.

36. The Lone Victory Roll

Here is another way in which you can borrow from a retro haircut and transform it into a modern one. Here is a single Victory Roll, inky blue in color, perched on top of your head and surrounded by an under shave, eyebrows, sideburns, and musketeer beard and moustache in the same color.

37. White Sand Modern Haircuts for Men

This is one shade of blonde that every man has to try at least once in summer time. It’s a sandy white color that will highlight your eyes no matter their color. You can keep your eyebrows and beard in their natural color this time.

38. Hair and Beard Design

The thing we loved most about this idea for modern haircuts for men was how the hair design descends into the beard. The beautiful dark stars fall onto the face following the line of the beard, embellishing it all the way to the middle of the face.

39. The Modern Brush

Here is another haircut that we used to get when we were little – the flat brush. It received an upgrade as well. Now you can wear it in a discontinued and asymmetrical fashion, not to mention in that delicious light copper.

40. The Pink and Grey Buzz Cut

No hairstyle is more classic than the buzz cut. But not in these colors. When you’ve got an eye for styling, you can transform even an old staple such as the buzz cut into a contemporary trend. The colors here are stony gray and creamy pink.

41. The Sea Blue Crop

The thing that inspires most in this idea of modern haircuts for men is its architecture. It’s asymmetrical with an undercut, a little volume and depth on top, and a shaven design on the side. The color is a sea blue that can rock almost anything you decide to wear.

42. The Business Blonde

Modern haircuts for men have to be versatile. This means that they need to transition from day to night and from business to casual in one, quick motion. Once you find that perfect balance you can truly say that you have found your perfect haircut.

43. The Purple Simple Cut

Sometimes, less really is more when it comes to modern haircuts for men. Take, for example, this beautiful short crop with just a hint of a Pompadour in the front. The eye immediately goes not to the cut itself but to the magnificent color.

44. Hipster Modern Haircuts for Men

Even though hipsters draw their inspiration from hairstyles from the 50s and 60s, more modern they could not look. If you happen to like them, here is a whole piece on hipster hairstyles that can serve as a look book for you.

45. The Disconnected High Fade

If you like this hairstyle and want to copy it as soon as possible, we suggest you invest in a blow dryer. You will need some hair wax, a brush or a comb and a decent amount of hair blowing work to get to this result.

46. The Swept-Up Curls

Fans of Sweeney Todd, rejoice! Now you can actually wear the barber’s hairstyle, only in a toned-down and modern version. The idea here is to use a soft brush and some hair spray and simply tease all your curls in a backwards motion until you get this lovely beehive.

47. Medium Modern Haircuts for Men

Now this is one haircut that most men appreciate. The reason is that, once it’s all grown up, it requires minimum attention and maintenance, other than the usual shampooing and drying. Talk about effortless beauty!

48. The Top Knot and Hard Part

Although the name might be suggestive of a British pub, this is actually a hairstyle that’s very en vogue right now. It’s a combination between a simple pony tail or a top knot, whichever you happen to prefer and a hard part. Pro tip – don’t attempt to give yourself a hard part at home.

49. The High Pompadour

The traditional question is ‘how low can you go?’ When it comes to modern haircuts for men, we ask ‘how high can you go?’ We are, of course, talking about the pompadour. And regarding that, the higher, the better.

50. Long and Curly

Modern haircuts for men tend to casually delete the line between feminine and masculine and allow more space for gender fluidity. If you can support that naturally, we applaud you!


This has been our comprehensive selection of 50 exquisite modern haircuts for men. From high pompadours to man buns, top knots, man braids, unconventional colors, hipster styles, and more, we’ve shown what a contemporary man looks like. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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