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45 Unique Dread Styles

Dread styles are all about creativity and uniqueness. They say a lot about your personality and who you really are by how you wear them. Dreadlocks are a particular hairstyle that has always managed to intrigue people with its singular beauty. Even though dreads have been with us for decades now, they still manage to make heads turn. Therefore, if you are ready to get all dread locked, take a look at these 45 ideas we prepared for you.

1. Business Casual Dread Styles

Yes, even though some might not believe this, it is possible to wear dreads and still look business-ready at all times. The key here is how you choose to style them and, of course the clothes and accessories you wear.

2. Intricate Dread Styles

If you want to take your dreadlocks to the next level, you can always braid them in an intricate design. Granted, you will not be able to pull this off at home, so you may want to find a good stylist that specializes in this kind of thing.

3. Simple Dread Styles

These are your basic dreads, the ones that started it all. They require the minimum amount of supervision and maintenance and they will cost you the least as far as hair care products are concerned. But you will still look awesome!

4. Cool Guy Dread Styles

Ever thought of a beehive made of dreads? This is what it would look like. What you need to do if you want to copy this look is to tie your long dread into a sort of oversized man bun on top of your head. Use a head scarf for both aesthetic and protective reasons.

5. Under Shave Dread Styles

This is a hairstyle in which modern meets traditional. The dreads are supposed to be traditional here while the under shave is the modern touch. You could also describe it as a fake mohawk achieved with the help of dreads.

6. Messy Buns

Here’s a lazy hairstyle that we’re sure all of you will love. It comprises two messy buns on each side of the head made up of your long and thin dreads. It’s perfect for a hot summer’s day or for that festival look you’ve been searching for.

7. Denim Dread Styles

Although they look like they may be made out of denim because of the washed out blue color, these dreads have actually had a bit of help from a little agent called yarn. That’s right. A very fashionable extension fabric for dreads right now is yarn. In the color of your choosing, of course.

8. Island Naturals Dread Styles

We absolutely love this half-braided style. The dreadlocks have been twirled into two massive braids on each side of the head, creating a fierce and masculine appearance. The great thing about this look is that you can do it by yourself, at home.

9. Dread Styles and Hair Designs

Here’s another instance where two extremely beloved hairstyles meet to a very fruitful result. We’re talking, of course, about dreadlocks and hair designs. Pro tip – this means that you will mostly have to wear your hair tied up so that the hair tattoos can be visible.

10. Artistic Dread Styles

When wearing dreads you have to also pay attention to the way you dress and accessorize. Look up tips and tricks online and learn how to style this magnificent haircut to perfection. It is, after all, an art, isn’t it?

11. Sand Colors

If there’s one thing we love to see that’s when dread styles break the habitual pattern and go for some color. Here, for example, you can see a magnificent display of sand colors in a multitude of differently shaped and sized dreads.

12. White Dread Styles

Speaking of colorful dreads, how do you feel about white? Once again, you can choose to dye your hair or you can always use hair extensions. Yarn can be your trusted companion this time as well, creating a wonderful effect.

13. Rich Dread Styles

Rich is the absolute perfect word to describe this image. Just take a look at the sheer volume of dreads! However, please take into consideration the fact that they may be a bit harder to manage as well as to groom than the regular ones.

14. Jumbo Braids Dread Styles

If you feel the need to protect your dreads, then we’ve got the solution for you. Just braid them! Of course, we don’t mean French braids or Dutch braids. Two simple, jumbo braids will do the trick and keep your precious dreadlocks safe and sound.

15. Cornrows and Dread Styles

Another way in which you can protect your dreads and look cool at the same time would be to braid them into cornrows. Once again, you will need to find someone skilled enough to do this for you.

16. Rapunzel Dread Styles

The name speaks for itself in this case. These are extra-long dreadlocks that simply go on and on. If you fancy this style, you can grow out your own hair or you can get extensions and have your wish come true literally overnight. Like magic!

rapunzel dread styles


17. Summer Hot Dread Styles

Even though you’re sporting dreads, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to one single hair color. Here’s a fabulous idea of an ombre that starts with a basic black coffee brown and melts away into a creamy caramel. Yum!

18. Spikes and Dreads

When you have short enough dreads, you can even style them as spikes if you want to go for that 90s look. And you should because, as we all know by now, the 90s are back. Add some hair embellishments and a hair tattoo and you’ve got yourself a winner!

19. Dracula Dread Styles

We chose to call this one the Dracula because it resembles so much the hairstyle worn by the great vampire himself in the Francis Ford Coppola movie. You can call it whatever you want, as long as we all agree it’s one of the most amazing hairstyles we’ve seen so far.

20. The Net

How do you actually describe this hairstyle to your stylist? A net? A weave? An intricate braiding of your dreads with hard parts and a braided crown that goes all the way around your head? Maybe it’s better if you showed him or her this picture.

21. The Bee Hive

We do love it when people get creative with their hairstyles. And dreads are surely the perfect outlet for that! This one is called the bee hive and the reasons are pretty obvious. One little secret, though. Be careful because it is rather heavy.

22. The Crown

You will be surprised, just as we were when researching this piece, just how creative people can get with their dread styles. This one, for example, is the crown. Therefore, if you’ve always wanted to be a king but you were crownless, now is your chance at an organic supremacy.

23. Lazy Dread Styles

This is the most common type of dreads, the one you’ve probably seen worn by your next-door neighbor. What we loved most about it are the little embellishments as well as the fact that they match the jewelry.

24. Blonde Dread Styles

There’s just something about blonde dreads that attracts even more attention than regular dreadlocks do. This color is actually a platinum or icy blonde and the roots are a very natural brown chestnut.

25. Mature Dread Styles

One common misconception has a lot of people believing that dreadlocks are a young people’s game. We are here to tell you that is wrong. If you manage to style them properly and keep your natural color at the same time, you can wear your dreads as long as you want.

26. Half and Half

Here is an interesting approach to wearing dreads. This is really taking the half style to another level. Not only is half of the head shaved, but the dreads themselves only take up half the length of the hair. What a cool idea!

27. The Tree

You can also try out more artistic approaches to your everyday style. For example, this one is called the tree and you can easily see why. The medium length dreadlocks have been styled so as to resemble the branches of a mature tree.

28. Gypsy Rasta Dread Styles

If you cannot decide between two styles, why not combine them? this is rasta mixed with gypsy, all in a very bohemian chic kind of way. The result is very casual and relaxed and has us wondering why aren’t more people into this trend.

29. Beautiful Dread Styles

We all know that the long dreadlocks are the most difficult to maintain. In fact, the longer the dreads are, the harder it is to care for them. However, if you have the time and patience to care for this hairstyle, we promise it will all be worth it.

30. Fiery Dread Styles

When you have a natural hair color such as this amazing red or ginger, it’s best that you take advantage of it. There’s no point in dying it or trying to hide it in any way. In fact, we suggest you grow a bushy beard that will match your dreads.

31. The Fauxhawk

This is one hundred percent a fake mohawk since you don’t actually have to shave any part of your head. The trick is to braid and style your dreads in such a fashion so as to create the illusion that you have a mohawk.

32. Long and Slim

The secret to long and very slim dreadlocks is to undo and braid them all over again as soon as you start to notice that they are coming undone. It’s a cool trick to keep them neat and tidy if you prefer it this way or if you have a dress code in this office, for example.

33. Mismatched Dread Styles

Another way in which you can escape the dreadlock routine is by mixing them up. Add some hair extensions or some yarn into the equation. You can try different colors, some metallic embellishments, and beads that will surely get you out of the routine.

34. Jumbo Dreads

Not a fan of the long and slim? No problem there. We have the solution for you as well. You can go for jumbo dreads. The simple difference is that you use more hair for a single strand when creating the dread.

35. Goth Dread Styles

Isn’t it wonderful when two such different subcultures meet and mingle? This is goth meets rasta. Naturally, the dreads will be long, narrow, shabby looking and raven in color. We are in love with the makeup and accessories!

36. The Jason Momoa

One of the few celebrities who have embraced the dreadlock style is actor Jason Momoa. You might know him better as Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’ or the Justice League’s Aqua Man. Either way, he looks really cool with dreads.

37. Hippie Dread Styles

At first glance, you might just think that this is a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator, but who’s to say that this isn’t where Johnny Depp got his inspiration in the first place? The look and style are now iconic and they can serve as a creative source.

38. Hipster Dreads

This is what happens when the hipster subculture decides to take on dreads. They cut them short, paint them blonde with natural dark roots and shave the sides as well as the back. We can’t really complain. We love this look.

39. Half Up Half Down

If you’re out of ideas on how to style your dreadlocks, take a cue from the ladies. This is a half up half down ponytail that will elongate your face and highlight your cheekbones. Apart from that, it will keep all your hair out of your face.

40. Little Boy Dread Styles

What is the minimum age for a little boy to get dreads? We have the answer to that. There is none. In fact, the younger the better! If you’re looking for some more ideas on how to style your little man’s hair, here is a whole piece you will appreciate.

41. The Summer Look

The thing that caught our attention with this style was the all-natural sun-kissed color that these dreads have. It’s a perfect color for summer, when all you want to do is lay back on the beach or ride the waves into the sunset.

42. The Man Bun

That’s right. The man bun is such a popular hairstyle nowadays that you can even do it with dreads. You can use all of them, or you can even go for a half up half down version. It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a man bun.

43. Off with Their Hair!

This is an amazing approach to the underground meets dread styles. Half the head is covered in medium sized dreads while the other half is completely shaved off. The piercings are, of course, mandatory for this look.

44. The Jaden Smith

Will Smith’s son is all grown up now and famous in his own way. Not for any precise body of work, but for his sayings and his hairstyle. We are interested in the latter, which consists of dark colored dreads, to which Jaden is very faithful.

45. Red and Black Dread Styles

The color combination of this hairstyle is absolutely amazing. The basis consists of two tones of blonde, one icy beige, and one caramel toffee, while the top is made up of dreads in black and red. What a wonderful idea!


As you can see, dread styles are multiple and varied. It all depends on what you really want. Could it be that you want the classical rasta version or something a bit more creative? Has our selection proved helpful and inspiring? Please let us know in the comment section down below.

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