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45 Inventive Widows Peak Hairstyles

Widows peak is a type of hairline most commonly found in men rather than in women, although the ladies can get it too. It’s characterized by the hairline forming a V shape which descends in the middle of the forehead toward the eyes rather than going in a straight line. Sometimes, a widows peak is also associated with a receding hairline or even baldness. We’ve done our research for you and found 45 different widows peak hairstyles which you will absolutely love and that will inspire you today!

1. Widow’s Peak with a Side Part

We begin with a very easy way in which you can style your widow’s peak – the side part. This hairstyle will allow the attention of the eye to drift away from the peak itself and onto another side of your head and face.

2. Slick Back Widows Peak Hairstyles

This has been one of the most fashionable hairstyles of the past few years. Although it will highlight your widow’s peak, it is worth it because you will have one of the trendiest haircuts around. Pair it with some cool tattoos.

3. Short Hairstyles for Men with Widows Peak

Sometimes, the easiest solution is right in front of you when it comes to widow’s peak. Therefore, keeping your haircut short and simple might uniformize everything and make the V shape less noticeable from the front or the sides.

4. The Ryan Reynolds

You will be happy to find out that there are a lot of Hollywood celebrities with a widow’s peak as well and that they wear it proudly. Deadpool himself is just one of them. He usually wears his hair almost in a buzz cut with a bit of taper fade on the sides.

5. Spikes and a Widow’s Peak

Remember the 2000s when spikes in your hair were all the rage? You can still channel that look only with hair wax this time, not gel like you used to. It’s a lovely, boyish hairstyle that will remind you of your younger days.

6. Haircuts for Receding Hairline Widows Peak

As noticed in the beginning, a widow’s peak sometimes walks hand in hand with a receding hairline. When that happens, you can sweep your hair over to one side so as to create the illusion of more volume and depth.

7. The Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood hunk DiCaprio is yet another celebrity with a bit of a widow’s peak. He wears his with a lot of pride as he should. Leo has a gorgeous head of naturally dirty blonde hair that complements his baby blue eyes.

8. Hairstyles for Mature Hairline

When a mature hairline meets a widow’s peak, this is what you do. You embrace it in the same way you embrace your hair changing its color to that magnificent gray that makes you a silver fox. We support all the men who go through the change naturally.

9. The Jude Law

Another celebrity who combines widows peak hairstyles and a receding hairline is none other than British heartthrob Jude Law. He has naturally wavy hair in a dark blonde color that perfectly matches his beautiful hazel eyes.

10. The Gavin Rossdale

Whether you know him as the lead singer from Bush or as Gwen Stefani’s husband, Gavin Rossdale is one handsome guy. His medium length curly hair is always slicked back slightly showing his natural widow’s peak.

11. The Andy Garcia

Here’s a picture of actor Andy Garcia from his former years, when he was a bit younger. You can see the 90s/2000s boyband haircut which he mixed with a very formal suit. He looked handsome and poised with a bit of roguish charm.

12. The Jack Nicholson

In case you never knew what he looked like when he was young, here’s a black and white photo of Jack Nicholson in his youth. He was an attractive young man with the same devilish demeanor and, of course, a widow’s peak.

13. The Robin Thicke

Our series of throwback pictures and widows peak hairstyles continues with singer Robin Thicke. He’s always been a pretty boy, the type that would leave roses and poems in your locker and then ask you out for a movie, don’t you think?

14. The David Beckham

A king on the soccer field, David Beckham wasted no time in trying every single haircut known to man. This is why he is such a style icon today. The fact that he has a small widow’s peak in the front never stopped him from anything.

15. The Chris Evans

If Captain America says widows peak hairstyles are in, then he must be right. Listen to our nation’s number one superhero and the first avenger. Here he is sporting a long buzz cut and the cutest smile the world has ever seen.

16. The Jesse Williams

When you have eyes like two shards of ice ready to penetrate deep into our soul, who needs any more hair embellishments? Here is Jesse Williams sporting a buzz cut, with a receding hairline and a widow’s peak.

Jesse Williams widows peak hairstyles


17. The Justin Theroux

A classically handsome man, Justin Theroux managed to win Jennifer Aniston’s heart and hand in marriage. He has raven dark hair which he typically wears a bit messy and a small widow’s peak with the beginning of a receding hairline at the front.

18. Johnny Depp

Another iconic actor who can now claim widows peak hairstyles as his own is our beloved Johnny Depp. He is a chameleonic actor, with many looks to his name. If you want, you can copy any one of those looks and make it your own.

19. The Top Knot

A great way of introducing widows peak hairstyles into the modern world is by pairing them with the latest trends. For example, this peak starts at the forehead and creates a beautiful line with the back of the head where you can see a very hip top knot.

20. The Daniel Craig

Yes, James Bond himself is subject to the widow’s peak. But that’s fine. When he shows up and asks for his famous Martini in that suave but dangerous British accent, who cares anymore. Daniel Craig actually has the same haircut in real life as well.

21. Messy Widows Peak Hairstyles

It’s very easy to copy this messy style. The first step is to grow out your hair a bit, at least until it reaches a medium size. Then, invest in a high-quality hair wax. Take a bit on your fingertips and spread it through your hair to create this messy look.

22. The Chris Hemsworth

Although he tries to hide it, actor Chris Hemsworth has a widow’s peak as well.He grows out his bangs and then uses wax or gel to uniformize his hairline. It’s a good idea, since it brings some equilibrium to his face.

23. Undercut with Widows Peak

A beautifully done undercut can lead to another wonderful thing – a mohawk. Or, at least, half of it. Start with your widow’s peak and work your way all through the back in a faux mohawk. Complete the look with a well-trimmed beard.

24. The Jamie Dornan

Christian Grey has a widow’s peak. Well, who knew. He also has a bit of a receding hairline and a magnificent beard that he uses to hide away part of his astonishingly handsome face. Anastasia Steele is one lucky lady.

25. Hipster Widows Peak Hairstyles

What makes it hipster? The handlebar mustache, the retro 50s vibe of the cut itself, and the clothes. You can use a special wax for your mustache and get some style inspiration on Pinterest for your clothes. It’s that easy!

26. Salt and Pepper

Mature men have a lot going on for them. Maybe it’s the age, experience or confidence that comes along with all of this, but they really do look great. This is a wavy, piecey, and layered hairstyle in salt and pepper or, otherwise, black and white.

27. White Widows Peak Hairstyles

We can jump one or two decades further and show you how a widow’s peak looks like in full on white. It looks awesome. Especially when it’s paired with a beard in the exact same shade. Evidently, if you can’t wait that long, you can always dye yours platinum.

28. Badass Haircuts for Guys

How many times have you watched a movie and thought to yourself that you really wanted to look like the supervillain? Now you have the chance to look like the Joker or one of his cohorts with a bit of styling and the right haircut.

29. Widows Peak Hairstyles for the Office

If you have a rather serious dress code in your office and you’re looking for hairstyles to match, we’ve got the solution. This is a wavy widow’s peak with trimmed sideburns and a medium length back that will make you look like the good guy in the office.

30. Best Bangs for Widows Peak

A widow’s peak with bangs? Back in the day, such a thing would have been as ridiculous as a mullet. Not anymore, though. Take a look at this hottie. He has both a very prominent widow’s peak and a receding hairline but he managed to divert the attention from all that.

31. The Keanu Reeves

Although he looks a bit like Jesus in this photo, Keanu Reeves is still a style icon and an inspiration to us all. His long hair is devoid of bangs but you can still see that he too has a small widow’s peak right in the middle of his forehead.

32. Long Hair Widows Peak

Long hair is truly a blessing when it comes to men. It speaks volumes about your artistic side and just how sensible you are on the inside. Plus, you get to recreate the biggest trend of the past few years – the man bun.

33. The Bono

Here’s an iconic face if there ever was one. U2 lead singer Bono with his famous sunglasses is, indeed one of the most well-known faces in the world. He has always kept his hair very short with a few spikes on top.

34. Shaved Widows Peak

This shaved style with a long slick back and a widow’s peak is simply awesome. We also love the color, which is a warm and rich dark brunette, and how glossy it all is. Pro tip – use a glossing agent every time you comb your hair to replicate this look.

35. Retro Widows Peak Hairstyles

This is the messy and more natural version of the long slick back with an under shave that you just saw above. And what about that 70s mustache? How cool is that? Pair it all off with some heavy framed glasses and you have a million-dollar look.

36. The Mr. Big

There isn’t a girl around who has watched Sex and the City and who doesn’t swoon when she sees Mr. Big. He’s an amazingly dapper gentleman who swept Carrie off of her feet and all the ladies with her. Copy his look for the same results.

37. The Collin Farrell

Have you ever seen Collin Farrell with long hair and a widow’s peak? You have now. Despite the fact that he is truly one of the most handsome men in the world, he has had to sport some of the ugliest hairstyles in his movies. He said so himself.

38. The Very High Top

There’s the high top and then there’s the very high top. Guess which one we’re suggesting you get? It’s a very artistic and bold type of widows peak hairstyles that will work perfectly off the balance of a somber suit.

39. Hard Part Widows Peak Hairstyles

A hard part is basically the upgraded version of a side part. The difference is that you don’t create it with a comb but with a razor, in order to produce a perfect and much wider line between the two sides of your haircut.

40. Gentleman’s Widows Peak Hairstyles

This is a high and wavy pompadour that has been slicked back with the help of a comb. If you’re wondering how it stays in place like that, it’s with the help of hairspray. Use it in copious amounts, depending, of course, on the length of your hair.

41. Curly Widows Peak Hairstyles

Curly hair has the great advantage of being able to naturally mask a widow’s peak if you don’t want it to show all that much. All you need to do is let your hair grow out a bit until it reaches a medium size. The curls will arrange themselves out of their own accord.

42. Why Is It Called a Widows Peak?

The etymology derives from the cap or bonnet worn by women in the 16th century to express mourning and which had a peak on the forehead. It slowly became a universal apparel for widow’s, hence the name. Now you know!

43. The Rockability Quality

This is how a Rockstar looks if we’ve ever seen one. A high quiff in the front perfectly styled with some mousse or wax, plastic sunglasses that imitate the steampunk style, and a whole bunch of the coolest tattoos in the world.

44. Teen Widows Peak Hairstyles

As a teen, you will not suffer from a receding hairline. Therefore, your hairline will still be completely straight, along with the edge of your forehead. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a hint of a widow’s peak. We suggest you embrace it.

45. The Long Slick Back

Slick backs are so very in right now. Absolutely everyone is wearing them, from your high school teachers to Hollywood celebrities. Do yourself a favor and start sporting one as well as soon as possible.


Widows peak hairstyles are easy to wear and very adaptable, depending on the type of hair you have and your personal style. Try a couple of our suggestions and write to us in the comment section below telling us what was your favorite.

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