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40 Most Popular Soccer Haircuts that Will Flatter You

Soccer haircuts have been trending for quite some time now. There is a certain fascination with powerful, talented soccer players that get everyone’s attention on the field. Fans, hairstylists, fashion lovers, sports enthusiasts—everybody is curious to see what new hairstyle a famous soccer player is sporting at the time. The following popular soccer haircuts will definitely flatter any face shape and age out there. If you want to keep up with the latest hairstyling trends, it’s enough to have a look at the soccer field and get inspired by choosing a cool soccer haircut to go with your awesome fashion style.

1. Inspired Soccer Haircut

A little edge hasn’t hurt anybody! A blonde dyed Mohawk and shaved sides can look incredibly awesome on anyone.

soccer haircuts photo


2. Hot Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

Looking for something different? How about an asymmetric haircut to go with a unique fashion sense? Dare to stand out from the crowd. Cristiano Ronaldo is sporting an asymmetric haircut that is stylized with hair gel. This trendy look could be the next best thing in terms of hairstyling. The hair is longer at the top and the sides are faded.

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle


3. Platinum Blonde Dyed Soccer Haircuts

David Beckham is one of the most famous soccer players out there. He happens to be one of the most iconic trendsetters too. His hairstyles and haircuts have been copied by thousands of men for all the right reasons. His frosted tips look incredibly hot.

davud beckham hair


4. The Taper Fade

The taper fade won’t go out of style pretty soon. But if you want a bit of texture, you can also mix the taper fade with spiky hair. It’s a combination of haircuts but it looks too great not to give it a go.

soccer player staring down


5. Long Soccer Hairstyle

David Beckham is once again here on our list and rightfully so. Beckham reintroduced longer hairstyles in soccer. The simple black headband creates a nice contrast with Beckham’s blonde hair.

david beckham long hair


6. Simple Soccer Haircut

Most soccer haircuts have something in common. They have that air of simplicity that highlights one’s natural look. If you don’t like extravagant hairstyles, this is the perfect look you can try out.

soccer haircuts


7. Impeccable Soccer Hairstyle for Men

A sided hairstyle and a smooth undercut can go a long way. This proves that soccer haircuts can look incredibly elegant and break away from the traditional low-maintenance looks.

smooth hairdo


8. Cute Afro Hairdo

This is a very popular look. It’s a cute afro highlighted by an undercut. Soccer haircuts can really influence men’s hairstyles.

soccer player with undercut


9. Hair Designs and Popular Soccer Haircuts

Some soccer haircuts look more like works of art rather than typical hairstyles. Hair tattoos are really a thing now so if you have a certain design in mind, go with it.

man in red


10. Trendy Soccer Haircut for Men

Subtly teased hair, smooth undercut and textures? This trendy look definitely deserves a chance. It flatters all face shapes and it’s among the most popular soccer haircuts out there.

good looking soccer player


11. Vintage Hairdo

The comb over and the undercut create one sleek, retro looking style. This is the right choice for a man who likes to look sharp at all times.

double undercut


12. Bold Soccer Hairstyle

More and more men are dyeing their hair all sorts of colors. If you like the bold side of fashion, you will definitely want to try this look out.

blonde soccer player


13. Crazy Colors Soccer Haircut

If you want to embrace a punkish kind of look, go for messy haircuts and crazy hair colors. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd without too much effort.

soccer player acting out


14. Messy Soccer Hairstyle

If you are a big fan of natural looks, then you should go for a messy soccer haircut. It’s low maintenance, easy to stylize and it also looks effortlessly cool, working for all hair types and face shapes.

soccer player looking on the ground


15. Fancy Soccer Hairdo

David Beckham seems to own everything remotely related to soccer haircuts. Fashion experts keep praising his impeccable hairstyles and the truth is that Beckham didn’t make too many fashion faux-pas up until now.

david beckham


16. Mohawk Soccer Hairstyle

Tribal tattoos and a small Mohawk go hand in hand. This soccer player is sporting a rad haircut that works for guys who love sporting the bad boy look.

guy with shades on soccer field


17. Cute  and Popular  Soccer Haircuts

A casual look can seem cool as long as it is highlighted by an inspired soccer haircut. This may be a simple haircut but it easily flatters one’s facial features.

guy in yellow t-shirt


18. Edgy Haircut

Great soccer players love taking chances on the soccer field. This is what makes them great. They risk everything just to win. The same goes with haircuts. If you have always wanted an edgy haircut but found excuses not to get one, it’s time for a total change. Embrace the bold side of fashion and you won’t regret it.

spiky mohawk


19. Mid Fade Haircut Style

It’s time to embrace that mid fade haircut! This hairstyle is hip, it’s in and it’s one of the most popular soccer haircuts you can think of. It’s a low maintenance hairdo so you should forget about not knowing how to style it properly.

tattooed soccer player


20. Popular Soccer Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you have natural thick hair go for a shorter haircut. This soccer haircut is the perfect choice during those hot summer days.

soccer player staring in the distance


21. Spectacular Mid Length Haircut

Mid length bouncy hair will always catch people’s attention. So if you have a mid-length haircut and voluminous hair make sure to flaunt it. Even soccer players do it so why shouldn’t you?

soccer player with long hair


22. Awesome Hair Tattoo Style

The contrast between black hair and dyed roots is dazzling. The star shaped hair tattoo is also a bold, original choice that goes well with the hairstyle. The greatest advantage of this hairstyle is the fact that it is trending, but it takes constant trimming, being the kind of high maintenance haircut that some guys love sporting. So if you’re into intricate hair tattoos, go for this look.

star shaped hair tattoo


23. Classical Taper Haircut

There are many variations of the taper haircut, but most men prefer the traditional taper cut that has turned into a sensation this season.

soccer player and taper haircut


24. Incredibly Short Soccer Haircut

There will always be a practical approach to fashion so if you’re looking for a very short haircut, this is it. Short, awesome, and trending right now.

soccer player trying to hit the ball


25. Rebellious Soccer Haircut

Shaved sides and blunt thick haircut that is long and stylized at the top is a common sight these days. It’s a rebellious look that turns heads. It takes some styling and maintenance but overall it is the kind of haircut that you have to try out at least once in your lifetime.

messy hairstyle


26. Short Afro Hairstyle

This is a short afro hairstyle with a twist. The hair tattoo that says zoom seems close to perfection and the attention to detail and the hairstylist’s talent can be spotted from the get-go. If you are into one-of-a-kind hairstyles go for a hair tattoo.

hair tattoo zoom letter


27. Youthful Soccer Haircut

There are some hairstyles that make you look younger and effortlessly cool. This is one of those hairstyles for gents who want don’t want to fuss and hassle over their every every morning and prefer a carefree routine.

short hairdo for men


28. Smooth Soccer Hairdo

Come rain, come snow, this kind of hairstyle looks impeccable no matter what. A simple layered short haircut can work wonders for guys who are constantly on the run.

short thick hairstyle


29. Simple Taper Hairstyle

This version of a taper hairstyle proves that there can be more variations of the same cut that are part of the latest trends.

smiling soccer player


30. Slick Simple Haircut

There is something incredibly attractive about men with slick back hairstyles. The retro look that this hairstyle goes with can make any woman turn her head to notice a guy that looks fashionable from head to toe.

soccer player shows his enthusiasm


31. Curly Hairstyle for Men

A wide black headband can easily highlight your bouncy curls. It’s a sporty look recommended for gym aficionados.

man with headband and curls


32. Subtle Curly Short Haircut

If you want to add volume to your hair, add a few subtle curls to create texture. It works every time and it’s a fast trick you can use on a regular basis.

dark haired man


33. Tousled Soccer Haircut

Messy strands of hair can be sported on any occasion since this is quite the natural yet very attractive kind of look that women seem to love. This type of hairstyle works best for men with thin hair.

man with messy hair


34. Lionel Messi Popular Soccer Haircuts

The subtle mid fade haircut and the messy top make Messi look more like a teenager than a talented, fearless soccer player. There are just a few haircuts that help you achieve that fresh look.

surprised lionel messi


35. The Iker Cassillas

The subtly twisted and teased ends add volume to fine hair. This hip soccer haircut works best for men with a receding hairline. Use hair gel or hair wax to play with texture and get more volume for your hair.

soccer goal keeper


36. The Mats Hummels

The central defender for Bayern Munich is known for his skills on the pitch which have also earned him a spot on Germany’s national team as well as for his good looks outside it. If you like popular soccer haircuts, this is definitely one to copy.

37. The Kaka

Even though he is retired now, this Brazilian soccer player who once served for Real Madrid FC was one of the best athletes in the world. Boys everywhere loved to copy his hairstyle as well, a shaggy and wavy medium crop.

38. The Didier Drogba

Here’s a very iconic hairstyle from the world of soccer. Didier Drogba’s long hair, ponytail, and headband have passed into legend because he has always been sporting them. So much so, in fact, that it has become his signature look.

39. The Jesus Navas

This Sevilla FC right winger is a champion of both men, for his prowess on the pitch, and women for his good looks. He always wears his naturally curly hair short, in a high and tight haircut.

40. The Lucas Piazon

The youngest on our list, this Brazilian midfielder was born in 1994, and surely has the hairstyles to prove it. He loves contemporary approaches to styling, such as this tousled and volumized teenager haircut.


All soccer players need to be very practical but still look cool enough to appeal to their fans. Therefore, they need a particular hairstyle that can be look good off the pitch and yet be low-maintenance on it, so that they can’t be bothered by it. If this is exactly what you’re looking for as well, then these 40 popular soccer haircuts are the solution to your problem.

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