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50 Intriguing Hipster Hairstyles

Hipster hairstyles are, more often than not, variations on classic or older hairstyles. Most of the inspiration comes from the 50s and 60s to which different modern and fashionable accents have been added. Some of the newest additions include the man bun, the top knot, the messy look, the slicked back hair, the pompadour, and others. Here is a selection of 50 intriguing hipster hairstyles that will inspire you next time you visit your stylist.

1. Messy Hipster Hairstyles

As noted in the introduction, one of the newest additions to the hipster hairstyles roster is the messy hairdo. All you need for this one is a sizeable quantity of hair product, such as hair wax, for example and you are already good to go!

2. Straight Hipster Hairstyles

This is the straight version of the messy one above. It’s the same medium length with an undercut or even an under shave if you prefer it that way. The difference is that, for this one, you have to break out your hair straightener.

3. Curly Hipster Hairstyles

Here is the curly version of what we’ve seen so far. This is in case you loved the cut and you have curly hair or if you want to get curls. You can do that as well. Although, if you’re not familiar with the process, you should refer to your stylist.

4. The Grey Ombre

The idea of having ombre hair has slowly branched out from women’s hair styles into men’s. This is the same type of medium sized asymmetrical cut with a gorgeous metallic ombre gray this time. Well done!

5. The Minimal Top Knot

The top knot started as a fad in the hipster hairstyles world but, since then, it has given birth to many variations. Here is the minimalist one. You need to shave almost all of your head, save a fake mohawk sliver on top, that will serve as top knot material.

minimal top knot hipster hairstyles


6. The Man Bun

No hipster hairstyles list would have been complete without the uncrowned king – the man bun. Since its debut it has completely taken the world of man’s hair style by storm, dividing it in half. Lovers and nay sayers.

7. The Gelled Pompadour

If you were wondering what a hipster’s hair would look like if he went to a fancy event, you shouldn’t wonder. They always look like they’re going to a fancy event. This is a gelled pompadour with a natural side part and an undercut.

8. The Braided Bun

First there was the man bun. Then there was the top knot. Now we have the braided bun. What will they think of next? The braided bun is exactly what is sounds like. A French braid on top of your head that finishes either in a top knot or a man bun.

9. Elvish Hipster Hairstyles

If you just can’t let go of Bilbo Baggins’ world, you can actually be an elf in real life. This shoulder length natural bob with a half up ponytail and an elf braid will make you look like Peter Jackson should have considered you for his movies.

10. Naturally Curly Hipster Hairstyles

We are all about embracing what nature gave you. Therefore, if you have curly hair, as part of your hipster hairstyles routine, we say you let them grow out to a considerable size. You can even pair them off with a small beard.

11. Rockability Hipster Hairstyles

Here is one hairstyle inspired from the 50s and 60s. It’s very remembering of James Dean and Elvis Presley in his early days, especially because of the gelled quiff in the front. The leather jacket and buttoned up shirt don’t hurt one bit.

12. The Teased Long Top

Not only could Teased Long Top be your Indian name, but you could also be serious eye candy for the ladies. To copy this look, you will need some hair wax or hair spray and a soft brush with which to tease out that front bee hive.

13. The Braided Undercut

This is the other version of the braided man bun. The only difference is that, this time, the braid goes underneath. You might have a bit of trouble getting it right the first few times, so keep trying. Look for tutorials online and you will manage it eventually!

14. Sexy Hipster Hairstyles

One of the sexiest looks a man can wear is the ruffled, ‘just woke up’ style. Hipsters have that nailed with this medium sized cut, wavy and slick, perfect for those lazy Saturday mornings when you just want to sleep in.

15. Silver Hipster Hairstyles

We are extremely happy to see that the unconventional hair color trend is catching on with men as well because they look amazing. This silver shade, for example, is hair goals all around, especially when mixed with that asymmetrical, feathery cut.

16. The Manly Bun with Beard

What could possibly make a man bun even more of a hipster hairstyle than it already is? A beard. That’s right. Pair it off with a large and bushy beard and you will become the hipster stuff of legend. Don’t forget about the beard oil.

17. Textbook Hipster Hairstyles

Here is a typical hipster hairstyle with an undercut on one side and a longer, shaggier mane on the other. We absolutely love the accessories here, starting with the glasses and ending with the lip pierce and the long feather earring.

18. Majestic Hipster Hairstyles

There’s a moment when hipster hairstyles turn the corner towards art. This is what that moment looks like. Everything about this is absolutely perfect. The burnt caramel color is on par, the golden and bronze accessories match, and the braids are tidy.

19. Hair Design Hipster Hairstyles

The hipster subculture is a bit like a magpie in the sense that it borrows everything new and shiny around it. Hair designs are one of those things. If you combine them with the classic messy hair, you’ve got an amazing hipster haircut.

20. Long Hipster Hairstyles

Sometimes, you don’t have to work too hard to be a hipster. All you need to do is let your hair grow out and wear the right hat. We especially like the natural sandy beige blonde color as well as the choppy blunt cut.

21. Pastel Hipster Hairstyles

Since we’re talking about color, here’s an amazing lilac shade with deep violet roots that has us completely mesmerized. You can attempt to do this at home if you think you can pull it off, but we believe it’s best you refer to your stylist.

22. The Pinky Quiff

Another favorite among hipster hairstyles is the quiff. Not only is it gorgeous looking, but when you dye it in a tempting color such as this flowery pink, you can’t go wrong. Make sure you leave the under shave in your natural color.

23. The Alexander Ludwig

Here’s actor Alexander Ludwig popularizing another type of top tail. The blunt Viking mini pony tail has been promoted on the famous TV show ‘Vikings.’ Since then, a lot of hipsters have been seen wearing it and we are glad they did.

24. Black Hair Hipster Hairstyles

When it comes to black hipster hairstyles, you can always go for a natural asymmetrical afro with a side part. It will make you look cool and chic. Plus, you can wear it both on a night out and during the day at the office.

25. The Fashion Man Braids

Man braids are becoming more and more popular by the day. Here is a very clever hairstyle that combines long and thin man braids with hair designs. That means that you get two hipster hairstyles in one.

26. Sun-Kissed Hipster Hairstyles

Sun-kissed hair colors are amazing for a myriad of reasons. The most important reason of all, however, is that they look very natural. This type of shade goes perfectly well with a ruffled hairstyle and a pair of cool glasses.

27. The Smooth Hard Part

Is there anything better than a well-designed hard part? We are just so in love with this amazing short and slick haircut with its small hard part on one side. We also love the fashion choices here, with the high waist pants and the flowery shirt.

28. The Ragnar Lothbrook

Since we already discussed his son, it was only befitting that we should include Ragnar Lothbrook in this list as well. His long, braided mane with leather accessories and under shave has long become a hipster staple.

29. Punk Hipster Hairstyles

Since hipsters borrow a little bit from every other neighboring subculture, the punk rock movement could not escape their radar. Here is an awesome neon blue mohawk that would have any punker and hipster alike drooling.

30. Fiery Curls

If you happen to have hair this magnificent shade of fiery copper and it happens to be curly as well, then you have to keep it all natural and find a haircut that showcases all that nature has given you. Flaunt it!

31. The Curly Man Bun

Here is a lovely mixture of several styles at play all at once. It’s a naturally curly man bun with a shaved pattern. Frankly, we’re not sure what we love most about it, the curls, the perfectly round man bun or the shaved design.

32. The Blonde Braid

More and more hairstyles are crossing over from the women’s department and hipsters are the first ones to bank on them. Braids are definitely among our favorite. This is a beautiful blonde French braid with dark caramel roots.

33. The New Rocker Hipster Hairstyles

Nowadays, the hipster regime has made it possible for men to be rockers and have a slick hairdo at the same time. For example, you can proudly sport your full body tattoos, Pink Floyd T-shirt, and fully-grown beard, and still wear a gelled Pompadour.

new rocker hipster hairstyles


34. Unicorn Beard and Hair

Stand aside because unicorn beard and hair are here. The trend actually means dyeing both your hair and beard in the same shade of an unconventional color. Our example shows a lovely Moroccan aqua hue, but you can try anything you like.

35. Wisteria Hair

A medium length natural curly hairstyle, especially in this 90s cut greatly resembles a wisteria branch, hence the name. Once again, it isn’t necessary for you to go for the sea foam aqua you see here. You can try any shade that tickles your fancy.

36. Rainbow Grunge Hipster Hairstyles

Grunge has never been more hipster than with a touch of rainbow on it. Start off with your basic blonde or yellow at the roots and gradually work your way through the tequila sunrise palette through to the pastels.

37. The Zayn Malik

One of the most loved hipsters in the world, Zayn Malik and his hair have something close to a cult following. Remember the incident with the strand of hair that sent the entire Twitter world into a frenzy? Yes, that’s all it took…

38. The Forest Green Bob

Forest green with black roots in a chin length teased out bob? On a man? Yes, please! This is the beauty of hipster hairstyles. They erase the line between male and female creating that sense of gender fluidity that we are now growing accustomed to.

39. Abstract Platinum

When it comes to hipster hairstyles, there is little that can wow us at this point. However, we did fall hard for this stony and abstract platinum haircut. The jumbo curls and ashen gray color make it look like the head of a statue.

40. Dapper Hipster Hairstyles

Here’s another hipster look you might be extremely familiar with. It’s a slicked back hairdo with a 20s mustache. We even have the nose piercing and black earrings that compliment this look and make it a whole. We do recommend some variations, however.

41. Mature Hipster Hairstyles

Under no account must you let age stop you from styling your look exactly the way you want to. Here is a side pompadour in a natural white, complete with the white beard to match. Remember to style everything in the sweet, hipster way and you’ve got a winner.

42. Creative Hipster Hairstyles

Combining two or more strong colors is another hipster staple. For example, here is a mix of a hot pink, a turquoise, and a bit of purple. You can put your own creativity to good use and mix and match the colors that you like.

43. Underground Hipster Hairstyles

Being a hipster means always going against the mainstream. And if that implies sometimes going underground, then you need the hairstyle to match. Here are some black dreads with a silver undercut and the face piercings of your dreams.

44. Long and Shaved

If you shave one side of your head then you can always use it as a canvas for your tattoo ideas. Grow long hair and use it for dreads to get that perfect summery style you’ve been looking for your whole life.

45. Afro Hipster Hairstyles

We can’t actually decide what we like more about this look. The afro, the glasses, the fur collar, the retro tie or the sheriff’s badge worn on the lapel. They all come together to create the perfect hipster fashion style.

46. Blonde Dreads

If classic dreads simply don’t make the cut for you anymore, you can always go for the blonde, more hipster version. They are a welcomed change from the classical version, one that we trust everyone around you will appreciate.

47. Dreads and Embellishments

If you don’t fancy a new hair color but you still want dreadlocks with a modern touch to them, you can always add some hair embellishments. For example, we like these hair rings that keep in tone with the face piercings.

48. Half Up Half Down

Here’s another famous example of hipster hairstyles that has made its way from the ladies’ salons to the men’s barber shops. It’s the half up half down top knot. You can see it here in the curly version, complete with ombre hair, Harry Potter glasses, and a beard.

49. The High Quiff

If normal quiffs just don’t do it for you, you can always try this one. Be careful how you style it though because this is a very demanding haircut. A bushy beard might be in order here to even things out on the bottom half.

50. Magenta Hair

Not only is this hair color one of the most beautiful and vibrant we’ve ever seen but the haircut is astonishing as well. It’s a blunt cut with a large V at the front and an undercut on the sides. Notice how the eyebrows have been kept their natural color.


What do you think about our list of intriguing hipster hairstyles? If you have been inspired by any of them or if you have any ideas of your own, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below. Let your creativity run wild!

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