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50 Modern Hairstyles for Men with All Hair Types

There are many different modern hairstyles for men, and these cuts are either angular, asymmetric, straight, blunt, etc. The versatility of these modern hairstyles for men depends on different factors: the retro influences, the face shape, the age and the type of hair that one has.

The following modern hairstyles for men are still among men’s favorites looks, and most of them are still trending. You can also get inspired by some of the following examples and maybe you can come up with a mix of hairstyles that can flatter your looks effortlessly.

1. Modern Hairstyles for Men: The Hipster Haircut

It seems that 2014 was a year that revolved around hipster fashion. This hipster haircut is one of the best modern hairstyles for men out there. It is still sported by many, be them hipsters or not.

modern hairstyles for men

2. Dyed Hair

More and more men these days are saying yes to dyed hair. With so many innovations at reach, most hair colors don’t cause irreparable damage to any type of hair.

blonde ombre for men

3. Fancy Modern Haircut

There are plenty of casual hairstyles available for men nowadays. The challenge is finding a fancy modern hairstyle suited for your face shape and hair type. These elegant looking curls are stylized by using hair wax and a hair curler.

smug guy with curly locks

4. The Draper Hairstyle

Justin Bieber’s draper hairstyle is jaw dropping. This is an easy to do hairstyle, and it looks so elegant, too. If you’re in a hurry but have to sport a formal hairstyle, this is your best choice. The retro vibe it sends will make it look great with any type of suit and on any kind of formal occasion.

Juatin Bieber draper hairstyle

5. Taper Fade Haircut

This is one of the most popular modern hairstyles for men. The taper fade haircut is recommended for men with thin hair or for those who love low-maintenance hairstyles.

guy at the barber's shop

6. The Messy Updo

Men’s updos have recently  received a modern touch. This messy updo is highlighted thanks to the shaved sides.

messy modern updo

7. Slick Backdo

Justin Bieber can really nail an elegant look. His slick backdo has a retro vibe, and it works well with his blue suit. This slick backdo is yet another easy, low-maintenance hairstyle that you need to try out.

justin bieber slick hair

8. The Long-at-the-Top Hairstyle

This is among the most popular modern hairstyles for men. The reason why this haircut is such a popular choice is the fact that men with thin hair prefer to add volume to their hair by leaving the top of the hairstyle long and by shaving the sides or going for some faded texture.

layered haircut

9. Messy Short Hair

Some men prefer to wear their hair short for all sorts of reasons. Adding volume to short hair is done easily; you just have to use some hair gel or hair wax, and this is how you achieve that extra volume you are looking for.

man resting on wooden structure

10. Crazy Hair Color Looks

The past few years have seen some big changes in terms of modern hairstyles for men. Nowadays, even men love choosing crazy hair colors for their hair. The blue neon hair color seems to be among men’s favorite edgy looks.

crazy bold hair color for men

11. The Man Bun Hairstyle

Let’s take a moment to dedicate a special spot to the man bun; a hairstyle that even women seem to love. The man bun is a casual modern hairstyle inspired by women’s fashion, but it certainly looks amazing on men, too.

stylish man bun

12. The Hot Trendy Hairstyle

Wavy locks, medium hair, subtle or not so subtle highlights? This is definitely one of the hottest modern hairstyles for men. You should flaunt it during summer, due to its sun-kissed aspect.

guy with blonde highlights

13. Swept Slick Hairdo

This sided haircut is to die for. The swept slick texture is perfect for a more formal event, but you can also try to wear casual shirts with this hairstyle; it works either way.

short swept hairstyle

14. Shaved Sides and Teased Hair

Teased hair isn’t such a novelty for men anymore. They tease their hair, too. If you are a big fan of the long-at-the-top and shaved sides, look you can stylize your hair a bit by teasing the long strands of hair, making it seem as if you are sporting an updo.

teased hair and shaved sides

15. Wavy Locks

This look requires some time and skills, but the end results make it worthwhile. The impeccable wavy texture, the subtle curly locks; all of these add volume to your hair. This kind of hairstyle is recommended for men with medium length hair.

blue eyed man with black hair

16. Spiky Teased Hair

You can tease some spiky strands of hair for a more dramatic look. This spiky teased hairstyle works best for men with thin hair.

man with teased spiky hair

17. The Half Messy Half Faded Hairstyle

It is not uncommon at all for hairstylists to combine different haircuts into one single look. Take this half messy half faded hairstyle for example. The undercut is a nice touch, too.

simple undercut look

18. Very Messy Faux Hawk

You should tease your hair, add hair gel to create some spikes here and there and use hair spray to keep the faux hawk in place. This messy hairstyle is recommended for more rebellious guys.

guy with messy hair

19. Wavy Haircut for Short Hair

A short haircut doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t sport too many versatile looks. When you’re in a hurry, it’s enough to add a few waves here and there to make a difference.

man with smooth hair staring down his shades

20. Stylized Ends Modern Hairstyle

You can slightly tease your ends for a more modern, hip look. Luckily, this hairstyle is suitable for all ages.

guy chilling and looking at something

21. Recommended Modern Haircut for Thin Hair

If you have incredibly thin hair, there is no need to worry. Go for a very short layered haircut that will add some volume and coolness to your hair.

man with layered haircut

22. The Lumbersexual Hairstyle

If you’re into very masculine looks, the lumbersexual style will suit you like a glove. You will need to grow your hair a bit and keep the beard trimmed for a rough, but clean aspect. You can also wear a man bun when you don’t have time to stylize your hair.

lumbersexual with tattoos

23. Simple Medium Length Hairstyle

You can opt for a sleek look if you have a medium length hairstyle. It’s a simple, natural look that everybody loves.

guy with scarf

24. Stylized Sided Hairstyle

Justin Timberlake’s hairstyles evolution has certainly come a long way. Nowadays, he’s really into retro stylized sided hairstyles, and they really flatter his face shape and hair type. Would you try such a cool hairstyle out?

justin timberlake sided haircut

25. Trending Bob Hairstyle

The catwalks will always inspire men since this is where the fun begins and where the trends start. The asymmetric bob for men is back in town, and it certainly looks awesome.

man model on the catwalk

26. Highlights and Wavy Hair

Kurt Russel looks and acts like a man’s man, and that hairstyle of his has a say about it, too. The highlights and wavy hair will always help any man achieve a natural, attractive look.

Kurt Russel holding a gun

27. A Very Edgy Hairstyle

Modern hairstyles for men don’t mean only casual and formal looks or upgraded versions of a retro haircut. They also include edgy, daring, avant-garde looks. It takes a special kind of attitude to sport such an incredible hairstyle. These looks are usually chosen during hairstyling competitions or fashion events.

Avantgarde updo

28. The Smooth Hairstyle Look

Men with thick, curly hair can try to straighten their curls from time to time to get that smooth (and a bit puffy) look. It’s one flattering, elegant hairstyle that deserves a go.

man in a suit

29. The Long Ombre Hairstyle

Jared Leto has always been a trendsetter among men; his hairstyles are really amazing. This long ombre hairstyle, in particular, looks stunning, and it is a low-maintenance kind of hairdo that any man with long hair would appreciate.

Jared Leto ombre hair

30. Double Undercuts

This stylish, daring double undercut looks flawless. The faded haircut goes well with the undercut. It’s the typical choice for men who like the bad boy look.

man with a double undercut

31. The Mohawk Hairstyle

The Mohawk can be traced way back in history. Right now it’s one of the most rebellious modern hairstyles for men that requires constant trimming and maintenance. But it looks great, nevertheless.

guy screaming

32. Faded Undercut and Sleek Hairdo

The top is swept at the back with hair wax while the faded undercut adds a touch of style to this modern hairstyle for men.

perfect faded undercut

33. The Retro Hairstyle Look

This retro hairstyle requires a lot of patience and hair wax. The sided hairstyle is a classic that never gets old.

guy reading the newspaper

34. Punk Hairstyle and Hair Tattoos

This edgy punk haircut is easily highlighted thanks to some amazing hair tattoo design. Hair tattoos are very complex in general, and they require extra time and attention. The best advice is to go to a hairstylist to handle this look for you.

hair tattoo and punk haircut

35. Full Bangs Haircut

If your thick hair seems too common, spice things up a bit by going for some full bangs haircut to add texture and even more volume to your natural thick hairstyle.

messy long bangs

36. The Wedge Haircut

The wedge haircut is yet another alternative in terms of hairstyling for men with thin hair.

wedge hairstyle for men

37. Swept Long Bangs

This is the kind of hairstyle that works for both casual and formal situations. Just make sure you use some hair wax to get that sleek look.

guy smiling and looking down

38. Spiky Textured Hair

Asymmetric bangs and haircut go well with spiky hair. This modern hairstyle looks pretty neat.

man standing against a brick wall

39. Bruno Mars Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour hairstyle has existed for centuries. In our day and age, the pompadour was adapted to suit modern times. Men seem to love this pompous hairstyle, and even Bruno Mars decided to go for such a vintage hairstyle.

Bruno Mars grey suit

40. The Classic Bob Haircut

This trendy looking bob is still one of the most inspired modern hairstyles for men. The subtle layers add volume to fine hair.

stylized bob haircut

41. A Very Subtle Undercut

A very subtle undercut can go a long way, especially for men who don’t like obvious hairstyles that send a dramatic vibe.

Puffy hairstyle for men

42. A Rad Hairstyle and Glitter Hair

There was a particular trend that involved glitter hair and beard for men. It went well for men that sported undercuts and long strands of hair at the top.

glitter hair and glitter beard

43. The Simple Approach to Modern Hairstyles for Men

You can always go for simple short haircuts that don’t require styling. Most men seem to do it; a modern hairstyle has to be practical after all.

guy in military shirt

44. 20s Influences in Modern Hairstyles

If you see a lot of wavy hairstyles, sleek textures and lots of hair wax, it means that most modern hairstyles are influenced by the 20s haircuts and looks.

guy with thick beard

45. Modern Hairstyle for Round Faces

A sleek comb over will always be flattering for round faces. Add the five o’clock shadow or a full grown beard and you have a winner.

comb over hairstyle for round faces


46. Formal Modern Haircut

Special occasions require special haircuts. This formal, simple haircut can do the trick for any formal event you might be attending.

stylized side burns and formal hairstyle

47. Spiky Hair and Short Haircut

Short spiky hair will always look great. Just make sure to add some highlights if you want a more noticeable modern hairstyle.

guy with subtle highlights

48. Modern Short Mohawk

Mohawks come in all shapes and sizes; you can go for a modern short Mohawk if you don’t like obvious hairstyles.

punk style look

49. Subtle Messy Short Hair

If you have thick hair, and you are looking for a low maintenance hairdo, a subtle messy short hairstyle can do the trick. You won’t have to take care of tangled locks, lifeless long hair, and whatnot.

guy giving an interview

50. Epic Modern Haircut

There are some modern hairstyles for men that look more like work of arts than simple haircuts. You can always choose an epic modern haircut if you love standing out from the crowd.

architectural haircut

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