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50 Creative Star Designs Haircuts

Hair designs are also called hair tattoos, and they have taken the world of styling by storm in the past few seasons. One of the main models chosen by men and boys are star designs haircuts. They usually go with undercuts, but you can get anything you like, as you will see from our list.

1. Small Star Designs Haircuts

When you think about star designs, you might be tempted to believe that the possibilities are limited. After all, how many types of stars are there? But you’d be wrong. As you will see from this piece, there are so many ideas you won’t know which one to choose.

2. Cool Star Designs Haircuts

You can pair your star-shaped hair tattoo with other shapes, such as lines or spikes that give them a lot more body and persona and make them look a lot cooler. Let your creativity work for you.

3. Star and Wavy Lines

Continuing on the above, another shape which you can try is wavy lines. Your barber will need to use a razor to create them in the undercut of your hairstyle. They are perfect for little boys.

4. Freehand Star Designs Haircuts

If you don’t know what to get apart from the star itself, allow your stylist a free hand in the shape. He or she will come up with an awesome design that will have everyone at your school envy you.

 star designs haircuts


5. Star Designs Haircuts with a Heart Beat

The great thing about the heartbeat design is that you can get a random or a specific one. Your own or that of the person you love in case you want to swoop them off their feet with the love declaration of the year.

6. Falling Star Design

Falling stars are very romantic. Plus, you get to make a wish whenever you see one. How about you be the falling star this time by wearing one on your head? It’s a perfect design for both kids and adults.

7. Fabulous Star Designs Haircuts

Hair designs don’t always have to have a special meaning. They can also be abstract. In this way, when your hair grows out, you won’t feel sorry about changing them into something completely new.

8. Multiple Star Designs Haircuts

You can’t go wrong when you have the night sky on your head. Or in your head, for that matter. Just be careful about the sideburns, though. They don’t always go with this type of hairstyle or hair tattoo.

9. Beard Star Designs Haircuts

This is a very edgy look that requires you to extend the stars from the haircut into the beard. However, we must warn you that it’s a look which takes a lot of maintenance since your beard grows a lot faster than your hair.

10. Whimsical Star Designs Haircuts

As you can see, hair designs do not have to be limited to the undercut portion of your hairstyle. You can get them all over your head, wherever you feel they flatter your hair or your face best.

11. All Over Star Designs Haircuts

Another rule about hair tattoos that needs to go out the window is this one. Hair designs have to be small and reduced to one portion of the head. No, they don’t. Get them all over your head if you want.

12. Stars and Zigzags

Get liberal with your hair patterns and add some zigzagging lines around your stars to give them a tribal effect. This is a great idea for summer hairstyles when you go on holiday to the beach or lounge by the pool.

13. Outstanding Star Designs Haircuts

This is a work of art in itself. The multiple stars have elongated corners that extend into rounded shapes. In this way, you get the best of both worlds with both rectangular and rounded designs.

14. Fresh Star Designs Haircuts

When you get a star hair design, you have two options. You can get a retro-inspired one or a fresh one. This idea belongs to the latter category. Don’t be afraid to upgrade your look and bring it to the 2010s.

15. Star Designs Haircuts with Long Back

Don’t forget that your haircut is just as important as your hair design. This is a fauxhawk that has been combed over. It also has a long back with a few blonde tips that make this haircut even more interesting.

16. Red Mohawk

Speaking of haircuts, this is a red, fluffy Mohawk. We call fluffy it because, while there are some visible spikes, they have not been gelled as we would have usually seen with the traditional Mohawks from the 70s and 80s.

17. Tribal Star Designs Haircuts

Tribal hair designs can have a significance for you if you belong to such a culture or they can be done purely for aesthetic reasons. Either way, they look gorgeous, and you should definitely try one.

18. Star Designs Haircuts with Swirls

Another hair design that’s perfect for summer is this one that brings together star and sea waves. How cool would you look sporting this bad boy while walking down the beach for all the ladies to see?

19. Star Design and Hard Part

This shooting star design is a continuation of the haircut’s hard part. In this way, it will look a lot more natural. Business in the front, party in the back, right? Or maybe, a shooting stars party?

20. Double Star Designs Haircuts

Two jumbo stars on one side of the head can have a special meaning to you. Perhaps they represent you and your partner? Or it may just be that it’s a simple hair design that you thought was really cool.

21. Lone Star Designs Haircuts

Are you from Texas? Because you have a Lone Star in your hair. This would be really cool for a true Texan, but it’s not solely for them. It doesn’t mean that, if you’re from another state you can’t wear it.

22. Star Designs with Triple Lines

How cool is this haircut? It has a huge star tattoo on one side of the head, three parallel lines that shoot out of it, and a curly Mohawk to top it all off, pun intended. It doesn’t get any better than this.

23. How to Get Star Designs Haircuts

This is how the process of getting a star design looks like. The barber will pull up all your hair with a clip if it’s medium-length or long and then work or the star design in the undercut underneath using a razor.

24. Star Designs Haircuts with Top Knot

Why stick to one awesome trend when you can combine two or more? This hairstyle brings together the undercut with several star tattoos and the very famed top knot. Which one do you like best?

25. Star Designs Haircuts with Buzz Cut

Evidently, the shorter your hair, the better your hair design will look and the easier it will be for the hairstylist to create it. Therefore, a buzz cut is the perfect choice for this type of trend.

26. Faded Star Designs Haircuts

Not all designs have to be the traditional type. In fact, you can get a faded one in the back, to show off your edge and uniqueness. It will also be easier to grow out if you decide never to get one again.

27. Overlapping Star Designs Haircuts

If your stylist or barber is skilled enough with a razor, he or she can give you this amazing overlapping design. It looks as if the two stars are sitting one on of top of each other in a bit of 3D design.

28. Simple Star Designs Haircuts

Even simple star designs have a lot of impact on the viewer because the star is such a powerful symbol to look at and wear on your head. Therefore, you don’t need to go out of your way to embellish them.

29. Double Lined Star

This is such a simple yet powerful idea that we cannot wait until we try it ourselves! It’s a double lined star that has been cut in half by the bottom line of the haircut. It looks extremely natural, as if your hair just grows that way.

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30. Fantasy Star Designs Haircuts

Most people that get star designs are, in fact, little boys. They are the ones who get the appeal the most since they think it’s so cool to show up at school wearing this kind of haircut instead of a classic one.

31. Geometric Star Designs Haircuts

The geometry in this type of design can follow the natural curvature of your head or it can be random and artistic. Either way, you will end up with a fantastic hairstyle that everyone will be talking about.

32. The Process of a Star Design

Here’s how the process of a star design looks like, from the first leg of a star to the finished hairstyle. You start off with a simple V shape and end with a disconnected haircut that has a shooting star.

33. Star Designs Haircuts with Graffiti

If you live in a big city, then you might be tempted to include some urban elements to your hairstyle. How about some graffiti-style artistry that can accompany the star of your choosing?

34. Blue Star Designs Haircuts

Non-natural hair colors are the big thing of the season. This is a blue curly high top with a disconnected undercut and a shooting star hair design as well as some stray lines that complete the picture.

35. Greek Star Designs Haircuts

This Greek pattern is one of the most well-known in the world. It’s also one of the oldest. It comes to us from the world of the Ancient Greeks where they used it heavily in their decorations.

36. Wicked Star Designs Haircuts

Wouldn’t this star design be perfect for Halloween? It has a wicked feel to it that would add a touch of freshness and coolness to whatever costume you decide to wear this year.

37. Star Designs Haircuts with Curly Hair

Star designs even work with curly hair. The principle is exactly the same. You first have to get an undercut and then shave a star tattoo into it. The details are entirely up to you and your creativity.

38. The Red Mohawk

This redheaded Mohawk has small, gelled spikes just like the traditional Mohawk used to have. But it also has the added fun element of a hair tattoo in the shape of a hollow star plus some extra lines.

39. Brunette Star Designs Haircuts

While you can get this design no matter what hair color you have, it is true that it works best when you have brunette or dark hair. It just shows a lot better whatever shape you decide to get.

40. Celebration Star Designs Haircuts

This design looks like it has a bunch of celebration stars like fireworks going off. It’s a wonderful design which you can wear for your wedding, prom or graduation to mark these big days in your life.


Star designs haircuts are a fun way of upgrading your haircut in case you get a little bored with it or simply want a new look without going to extreme lengths to change it. Stars are simple yet creative, not to mention budget friendly. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these ideas inspired you the most!

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