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40 Goatee Styles Trending in 2016

One of the most popular facial hair styles out there is the goatee. There are plenty of goatee styles available right now and it’s clear to see why. There’s a type of goatee for every age, skin color and face shape. Business men, workers, college students and hipsters all love the goatee look. Even celebrities can’t get enough of this manly look, sporting a goatee regardless of the year and fashion trends.

But goatee styles require maintenance so get ready to put your shaving skills to the test.  You will need a beard trimmer and you have to decide which goatee shape to go for but other than that you are good to go.

1. Robert Pattinson Goatee Style

It looks like Robert Pattinson gave in to the goatee style look. Celebrity goatee styles prove once more that having a goatee can really make a difference.

Cool Robert Pattinson Goatee2. 80s Chin Goatee Style

This grey goatee style is a killer. Older men can look amazing just by going for the chin goatee style that works well for any age group and hair color. This was one of the most popular chin goatee styles back in the 80s and it seems it still has its legion of fans.

The chin goatee style3. Stylish African American Looks

The right accessories (the shades, the jewelry and whatnot) can highlight a flawless look from head to toe. Not to mention a small goatee that goes well with an urban look.

inspired african american goatee photo4. The Barely Noticeable Goatee

This popular look has been redefined by fashion whims and trends, looking better and better each passing day thanks to the new shapes invented by celebrities, barbers and stylists. The barely noticeable goatee is the perfect choice for those men who prefer to play the subtle card.

are goatees still in style5. Ice Cube’s Famous Goatee

There are many images that capture Ice Cube’s iconic goatee. The abundance of black male goatee styles makes it hard to pick a favorite. The 90s popular goatee styles keep making a comeback thanks to celebrities like Ice Cube.

Ice Cube and his goatee6. Will Smith’s Grey Goatee Style

Will Smith is one trendy actor that is also famous for his inspired looks. His grey goatee has been trimmed to perfection.

Will Smith at a movie premiere7. Cool Mustache Goatee

The classic look for goatees usually implies having a moustache and a beard. Men have been preoccupied with their facial hair for centuries now and the goatee is the result of decades of experimenting. So feel free to try out different looks with or without a mustache, depending on your face type.

Fashion model sporting a goatee8. The Laid Back Look

More and more hipsters are into goatee coloring to look older. You can actually dye your goatee any color that you can think of, but if you want to achieve the laid back look better go for grey goatees.

Carefree atittude and goatee9. Styling a Goatee

Beards, goatees and mustaches all need to be styled. It may take a little extra time from your part, but in the end it’s worth it.

Guy with undercut and goatee10. Leonardo DiCaprio Goatee Style Beard

Everybody knows that Leonardo DiCaprio is a man’s man so it’s only natural that he would grow a beard to match that stunning goatee.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his goatee11. Nice Looking Facial Hair Goatee Styles

This subtle cool goatee style deserves your attention. It’s the kind of goatee that goes well with any fashion style that you can think of.

Asian sporting a goatee12. Goatee for Bald Men

This seems like the perfect choice for bald men who like the bad boy look. The shades seem to draw attention to a flawless goatee.

Bald man with a goatee13. Goatee for Black Men

Amazing can’t even begin to describe this flawless looking goatee. Its avant-garde cut can leave anyone breathless. African American goatee styles are very popular since they flatter black men so easily.

Well trimmed goatee for black men14. Black Men Goatee Styling

Black mens goatee styles lean more towards an audacious look; a daring goatee trim that can be spotted from miles away.

Different goatee styles for black men15. Thin Goatee

The thin goatee style is recommended for older men who want to look younger. It’s a very low maintenance goatee style that is worth a chance.

thin goatee styles for black men16. Full Goatee Style

The lumberjack look has received a modern retouch. It is also recognized thanks to the full goatee style that highlights one’s masculinity.

man with full goatee17. Relaxed Goatee

What men seem to appreciate the most when it comes to best goatee styles is the fact that any goatee look can be altered as to flatter one’s facial features. This unique trait can make any man feel good about himself.

man on a couch with goatee18. The Gray Goatee

Styling beards isn’t that hard; especially when the beard is highlighted by a perfect goatee. Older men can look incredibly handsome when sporting such a fine goatee.

Older man with goatee and beard19. Ryan Reynolds’ Hunk Look

You can shave your goatee or let it look a bit messy. Take Ryan Reynolds’ goatee for example. The slightly negligent look suits him like a glove.

ryan reynolds and his goatee20. Mel Gibson’s Daring Goatee

Mel Gibson shows that long goatee styles can be one inspired choice. Goatee and mustache styles have been around for quite some time and many actors have decided to revive this look because it is associated with manliness.

Mel Gibson and a Long Goatee21. Mustache and Goatee Style

Styling a goatee can be tricky at times; this is why you should go to a barber’s salon first and go for what the stylist recommends you in terms of length, shape and hair care. You should know that the best goatee beard styles for men are the ones that come with a fabulous mustache.

subtle mustache and goatee22. Bradley Cooper’s Take on Goatees

Short goatee styles can easily pass as the five o’clock shadow. Bradley Cooper is a big fan of the all-American, masculine look and he definitely owns that goatee.

smiling bradley cooper23. The Pirate Look

Orlando Bloom looks like a bad guy which proves that short goatees can be very versatile and the difference is marked by style, attitude and face shape.

Orlando Bloom goatee and mustache24. So Classy, So Beautiful

Mens goatee styles are appropriate in various contexts from business appointments to formal meetings or casual dates and whatnot. Fawad Khan’s goatee is close to perfection.

Fawad Khan's Manly Goatee25. Wide Goatee Types

Stylists recommend men with long, oval shaped faces to go for any goatee style because their facial features are more flattered this way.

wide goatee and black man26. Beards Are In

Beards have been trending for years now. Add a stylish goatee and you can nail one inspired look.

Man with thick beard and goatee27. With or Without Glasses

The good thing about beard and goatee styles is the fact that this facial hair look goes well both with and without glasses.

Man with glasses and goatee28. Freestyle Goatee

Goatees don’t need too much styling. If you want to trim a goatee, remember that you can do so only when your facial hair is dry.

Man with bowtie and goatee29. Chris Evans’ Elegant Look

A well-trimmed goatee can make you stand out in the crowd. Chris Evans is the living proof that goatees can be the perfect ingredient to an elegant look.

chris evans with goatee30. The Horse Shoe Goatee Sported by Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson’s horse shoe goatee was a big thing during the 90s. Chances are that a lot of men will end up going for this awesome look.

Samuel L Jackson with horse shoe goatee31. Robert Downey Jr. and One Chic Goatee

Who can resist Iron Man’s charms? Or his goatee for that matter?

Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man32. The Typical Look

Goatees have started as facial hair growing on a man’s chin. In time, due to its increasing popularity, the goatee has suffered numerous changes.

Man with goatee and fluffy scarf33. Undercuts and Goatees

The hairstyle is as important as the goatee itself so if you plan on drawing people’s attention, go for an undercut to match a thick goatee.

A guy with an undercut and goatee34. David Beckham, the Trendsetter

Everybody perceives David Beckham as a fashion icon and he certainly deserves this title. His type of goatee is recommended for guys with round faces.

david beckham and goatee35. Modern Goatee Style

Most goatee styles for men are a modern interpretation of the old ones. There are so many different styles of beards and goatees, thus helping any man find the right style for him. This is the main purpose of a modern goatee style.

Guy with modern goatee style36. Thick Goatee 

There are plenty of goatee styles for older men. Most of them are low-maintenance and require regular trimming but that’s about it.

Man with thick goatee37. Goatee without Mustache 

Some men prefer a goatee without a mustache and the look goes well with casual fashion styles best.

Man with goatee witout mustache38. The Long, Manly Goatee

This kind of goatee beard style requires more maintenance but it is worth the trouble nevertheless.

Asian with long manly goatee39. Bryan Cranston Is Too Cool for You

Bryan Cranston proves how inspired a goatee can be for a bald, older man.

Bryan Cranston with goatee40. Man Buns and Goatees

Another inspired choice is highlighting a goatee by going for a man bun. It’s a trending look and it may not last for too long, but it is certainly worth a shot.

Man with man bun and goatee

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