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25 Easy to Pull-Off Brad Pitt Haircut Ideas

Many of Brad Pitt haircut ideas were for the characters he played. Others were chosen by him for him. We will find out about all of it later. Now, let’s get one thing straight, lads. Brad Pitt was and still is an icon. Nevertheless, he is just as flesh, bones, and hair as all of us. You don’t have to make a million bucks to LOOK like a million bucks. Just choose a haircut that represents you and always wear it like you own it.

This is the reason why we give 50 easy to pull-off Brad Pitt haircut ideas. You will see that there is nothing hard behind than a carefully chosen haircut that goes with the man. No matter if it’s for a part or for the real thing, Brad Pitt haircut ideas are worn with confidence, self-possession and spirit. That’s the secret.

1. The Buzz Cut

The classic military Buzz Cut was rocked by Brad back in the days. Some say it was too heavy on its face, some say it looked manly. It’s true. A guy with a military cut will always look tough. If you are searching for a kind of haircut that brings out the tough guy out. There you have it.

2. Medium Long Hairstyle

Straight long hair is totally worth the trouble. Especially if you have healthy, blondish hair. Luscious, flowing locks are still sexy no matter what other guys think. If you are into you long hair there’s absolutely no reason to cut it. Make sure you use conditioner to keep it look healthy.

Brad Pitt Haircut Ideas Medium Long


3. The Bob Haircut

Men with a bob haircut need so much more than this. Accomplished men wear this haircut. If you are in your early 40s you can easily pull this off. And it will suit you great. A husband, a dad with this bob and you’ll still get the feeling that you are at the top of your game.

4. Ombre

This is a sexy edgy look perfect for summer. If you have medium length hair and you think that highlights are overrated go for (h) ombre. Medium length, sun in is a striking appearance. Brad sported this hairstyle on the red carpet in a tux so if you are worried that it can’t go with a suit he proves you wrong.

5. The Silver Fox

There are men out there that get depressed when they spot their first grey hair. There are also men that consider grey hair a sign of emotional and physical maturity. Those men say that grey hair is actually silver hair, the first step into a new stage of life.  Be a silver fox not a grumpy one.


6. Blonde Joe Black

Joe Black is a synonym for John Doe. Blonde Joe Black is something else. Is a vibrant personality guy that makes the ladies to bite their lips. Not too ripped, the Blonde Joe Black hairstyle will grow into an incredibly classy man. For now, if you are into this haircut you will get your fair share of moments. Enjoy this phase.

7. The Pomp

The ageless pomp is always a great choice.  No matter the hair texture, the color, the pomp is a hairstyle that fits all ages. A simple pomp it’s easy to pull-off you just need to master the right techniques. Brad rocked it on the cover of Interview Magazine wearing a flashy suit and some ostentatious jewelry and a gun. Stick to the hair part. A pomp is tasteful so choose your outfit accordingly.

8. The Ponytail

The ponytail is different than the man bun. The hair is pulled back in a lower position than the man bun. Brad wear it in various stages of his life and every time he looked pretty handsome. If you have long, medium hair and want some refreshing look just pull it all back in a ponytail. Don’t cut it.

9. Waved Brad Pitt Haircut Idea

Short, delicate waves with a side part is an elegant hairstyle. Add some fine print and wear it with a stylish attire. Give your coworkers reasons to get jealous. Give the ladies something to fantasize about. Play the part. The hard to get part. You won’t get a Golden Globe but you will other interesting things.

10. Natural and voluminous

A natural voluminous hair has to be kept out in the open. As it is. Just styled a little. Add some facial hair and you’ll have one lethal combo. This is that kind of hairstyle that gives you a youthful yet masculine glimpse. Any man who is able to pull-off this appearance will be seen as one hot piece.

11. The Rock Star Hair

Nowadays a rock star doesn’t necessarily mean long hair or an Axl Rose bandana. We have come to a point when being a rock star means being a trendsetter. Brad, has definitely set as standard. Sporting this rock star haircut he shows that there’s always a part of us that needs a makeover. Make your appointment to the hairdresser ’cause you’ re going to pull this off. And you’re gonna rock it.

12. Brushed Back Highlights

There is nothing more casual than a brush back hairstyle. Nice and very easy to get, this hairstyle gives you a laid back look combined with a high-class appearance. A winning combo that will good on your no matter the age and hair color. No statement needed for this one. Laid back and stylish is everything there is to it.

13. Curly Top

Another one of Brad Pitt haircut ideas that will get at least one or two ladies not able to get their eyes off you. At least. With clipped sides and a little more hair on the top, grab that hair gel and make those curls alive. Leave some messy ends and add facial hair. A discrete goatee or a small beard will add some length to your face shape.

14. 50 and Fresh

We all need a fresh 50 look. It’s kind of an important milestone so why not celebrate it with one of the Brad Pitt haircut ideas? 50 can be an age or it can be THE age. You know what they say about the wine. It gets better with age. Be a delicious, tasteful wine.

15. The Undercut

It’s well known, stylish and very good looking. The undercut is no dull hairdo. It’s classy and it’s captivating. Tough and masculine. Brings out your face shape and your million-dollar smile. Don’t skip this one. It’s one of the most popular of Brad Pitt haircut ideas.

16.  Messy and Spikey

Messy we’ve seen. Spikey we’ve seen. Messy and spikey and this amazing we’ve seen only Brad wearing it. But, hey, why not try it out? It’s a Fight Club and Seven mix that can’t go wrong. Especially if you are in your twenties. Blonde or dark hair, if your hair texture matches this hairdo don’t think about it. Do it.

Brad Pitt Haircut Ideas Messy and Spikey


17.  Old Hollywood Glam

Who doesn’t enjoy some old Hollywood glam? Neatly slicked and side parted and old fashioned. Ladies really dig this and now we see why. There;s nothing more reassuring than a man that revives and old style. Brad’s confidence in the good old days is making us try this. And we should. It’s easy and looks fabulous.

18. Side Parted Feathered Fringe

A feathered 2-inch fringe is not a deal breaker when it comes to haircut choices. Make sure you have the rest in one place and the top hair side parted. Let loose some of that on your forehead like it’s a little messy. See? We can figure this out on our own. But show this picture to your barber just in case.

19. The Bleached Short Blonde

Bleached hair was always a bold choice. Very popular among young men, the bleached blonde will remain a hairstyle that characterizes a youthful rebel. But it’s also a special feature that gives you a unique look. If you want to stand out, this is it.

20. Brad Pitt’s Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is easy to pull off as it fits most faces and hair textures. The thing is it takes a certain type of personality to sport it. But it’s all cool because once you’ve decided to get Brad’s faux hawk you’ll figure out that the personality is there.

21. The Gable-esque Stache

The ‘stache is coming back. Brad obviously knew that before all of us and pulled a short wavy haircut and added a Gable-esque Stache. One staggering combination that is chic, elegant and sexy. Maybe this one is not so easy to pull-off, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

22. The Tendril Haircut

First thought. Men tendrils? I don’t think so. It’s probably better to show you than to write about it. Nevertheless, men tendrils, worn like Brad are one of the best things you can do with your bangs. It’s easy to pull off once you get the vibe. Rock your tendrils.

23. Textured Mullet

Brad always found the courage to experiment. Always found a totally different look and wore it like his own. The textured mullet is so different than what he used to sport. This is the thing. Once in a while dare to choose a different hairstyle than what you used to. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

24. Brushed Forward With Feathered Fringe

The wet look is always a got idea. Brad is just showing us this. Pretty easy if you get your hands on the right hair product. Cut your hair short, brushed forward and get a little messy with the feathered fringe. Messy and wet. A haircut that fits all ages and hair colors. A Brad Pitt Haircut Idea that is easy to pull off and very, very nice.

25. Voluminous Messy Highlighted Top

If you are lucky enough to have a voluminous, nice top hair, learn to work with it. Look at Brad. He did it. Some highlights will add a little depth to the volume. E perfect pairing. Classy and handsome.

Brad Pitt is one of the most appreciated actors in Hollywood and he has been a trendsetter for the last decades, so it’s no surprise that men get inspiration from his style. To pull off one of the iconic Brad Pitt haircut options, you need attitude and a lot of self-confidence. Find the right hairstyle for your features and you can look like a Hollywood A-lister too!

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