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30 Outstanding Zac Efron Hair Designs

Zachary David Alexander Efron raised the bar way up high. At only 21, he is in the first ten sexiest men on the planet. Described as stunningly handsome, with devilish blue eyes, graceful cheek bone structure and flawless hair, Zac Efron is clearly a Hollywood heartthrob. As for the hair, he is always on top of his game, and that makes him pretty much a hairstyle icon as well. From floppy hair to formal side parted haircuts, Zac Efron hair designs are versatile and match his personality. Enough said. We’ve gathered 30 outstanding Zac Efron hair designs that will prove his evolving and fascinating style.

1. Highlighted Floppy Medium Hair

Zac began acting in in the early 2000s. His highlighted floppy medium hairstyle became a trademark. A hairstyle that emphasizes his cheekbones and a color that brings out his dazzling blue eyes. Looking all young and sweet, this is the first time a Zac Efron hair design gave us a Zack Attack.

2. Layered Round Top with Bangs

Zac’s first real Hollywood breakthrough, High School Musical, raised his popularity through the roof. His layered round top hairstyle and the charming teenage bangs made him a high school star boy. Looking fresh and straight out of the classroom, Z’s layered round top with bangs hair design made him more loved and broadened his audience. Most of all, it brought him the Teen Choice Award for TV-Choice Breakout Star.

3. Retro Hair Design

Bringing back the Elvis look, this retro hair design made him a sweetheart. His winsome look drew a substantial crowd of all ages and made Hairspray an award-winning Hollywood picture. As for the hair design, Zac kept it only for the show. Later on, he turned it into a ‘50s Pomp. Keep on reading and discover it.

Zac Efron hair Retro Hairstyle


4. Red Carpet Hairstyle

No one looked this amazing on the red carpet. Tasteful and chic, we dare to call it the perfect red carpet Zac Efron hair design. Side parted and slick, Zac’s hair is the fine print that perfectly complements his appearance. This Zac Efron hair design is nothing less than exceptional.

5. Dark Faux Hawk Hair

The dark hair emphasizes the blue eyes. Zac clearly knew this when he went for the dark faux hawk hairstyle. Dark and blue never looked this good in a long time. Choosing to reveal his whole face with this haircut, Efron owned the dark side.

6. Side Swept Bangs

Zac’s haircuts make him look different every time. We don’t know if it’s the smile or the eyes, but this side swept bangs hair design is such a savory appearance. Side swept bangs Zac’s style is nothing more than a sweet and tempting hairstyle that add values to his angel features.

7. Brown and Messy Hair

Seems like, brown and messy was made for Zac. Add some facial hair and a pair of Aviator shades, and we have one gorgeous Zac Efron hair design. Furthermore, this brown and messy look is one way we can look at Zac and be certain he is completely worthy of our attention.

8. Ivy League

At this point, it is hard to know the exact color of Zac’s hair. However, we could totally live without knowing. Most of all because even this Ivy League haircut, which sometimes is described as simple and dull, completely suits his perfect face. Blonde, dark or highlighted, every Zac Efron hair designs makes him look unconditionally charming, even with a simple Ivy League haircut.

9. The Buzz Cut

Simple and neat, the Z’s buzz cut hairstyle is not just a choice. He played a Marine a few years back, so he prepared accordingly. Closely cropped on the sides and back, this is a serious change. One thing is for sure: this Zac Efron hair design is a major game changer in his appearance.

10. The ‘50s Pomp

Few men make the ‘50s Pomp look like the smart approach. Zac is one of them. He makes the ‘50s Pomp a delicious hairstyle. You have to admit it looks utterly seductive. Undeniably, the ’50 Pomp synthesize an outstanding Zac Efron hair design. We’d love to see more of this.

11. No hair to show

Every now and then, you choose to hide the one thing that completes your appearance. In Zac’s case, the hair. This especially shows us that Zac Efron’s hair is just the cherry on the top, the icing on the cake. Zac himself is the ultimate thrill.

12. Shaggy Cuts

We find this hair design gentle and delicious. Shaggy cuts is a hair design for men with artistic and enthusiastic nature. We love this hair design on Zac most of all. Maybe it brings out his poetic side. Maybe this makes him look like Zac again. We can’t exactly tell. What we can say is what everybody thinks: he is adorable with this hair design.

13. Blonde and Tousled

Brown and messy turned into blonde and tousled, and Zac is rocking it. The tousled look is a perfect combination between the right amount of hair and not too much volume. It has a certain insouciance that makes this an incredibly cool style. Captivating and easygoing. Another Zac Efron hair design that is simply charming.

14. Extra Volume Modern Quiff

Extra volume, short and side parted, iconic or fresh. Zac owns the quiff.  The extra volume makes this one pretty whimsical. This is what we call an outstanding Zac Efron hair design. Audacious. The extra volume modern quiff has a way of saying something about the man who wears it. Yeah, it’s a statement, alright.

15.  The Grease Monkey Hair

After a polished Red Carpet appearance, it’s hard to believe that Zac looks satisfying as a grease monkey. As you can see, he does. Not bad considering that Zac Efron’s hairstyle is always meticulous.

16. Spikes with sideburns

Sideburns have a job: to give a particular contour or to shape your face. Zac’s sideburns do a great job. Teamed up with the spikes, it makes his beautifully shaped face to just pop out and stare at it. Give it a try for the same effect.


17. Side parted and short quiff with Highlights

We did say that Zac owns the quiff. Here’s another one that proves it. This side parted and short quiff is the obedient version. We are obviously talking about the quiff. But we already know that Zac is not going for obedient. Therefore he added some highlight to reverse that.

18. Blonde Slicked Top

In 2016 when Zac Efron’s hair color went from highlighted brown to blonde. The first reaction was: “OMG, Zac Efron just Bieber-ed his hair.” Settle down because the best is yet to come. The only reason he went blonde is Baywatch. It offers a bolder look that will look great in the blazing hot sun.

19. Elevated Textured Top

Cool and popular. You can’t go wrong with this one. Zac never went wrong. He went sideways or platinum blonde but never wrong. He is always being Zac. The elevated textured top, a Zac Efron hair design with his fingerprint on it.

20. Small Faux Hawk

Described as both cocky and edgy, the faux hawk is a hairstyle that will never die. Zac’s small faux hawk completed by a pair of Aviator shades is the best example. It’s a hairstyle adjusted according to his facial components. Probably one of the best short hair designs that suits Zac’s style.

Zac Efron hair Small Faux Hawk


21. Light Curls

A soft, kind hair design. With his cheekbones, this hairstyle makes him look like a school boy again. It’s exactly what we are used to since Zac got his way into our hearts as a Disney star. The light curls can perfectly frame your face even if they fall out of place.

22. Blonde Wavy Top

The blonde top is now a little wavy but still drop-dead gorgeous. Fans all over the world went into meltdown seeing his new look. It’s fresh, modern, and excellent for anyone who wants to make an impact.

23. Formal Side Parted and Comb Over

There is nothing regular about this hairstyle. This is another winning hair design, perfectly suited for him that concludes a stunning formal appearance. Formal or informal, Zac owns each and every style adding a personal touch. No matter the occasion, this will look absolutely stunning for those who want a clean and neat style.

24. The Small Top Head Bun

Speaking of personal touches, this is exactly what we mean. A man bun with a personal touch is the small top head bun. It’s not his best look. Reminder. However, you can add these little details to your own style if you have the features to pull it off. High cheekbones? Bright eyes? This will place attention to them, so make sure you’re emphasizing the right aspect of your face.

25. Informal Side Parted

With an informal side parted hair design and an unshaven (angelic) face, Zac still looks like a human doll. It’s a perfect style for those with younger faces that want to add that touch of masculinity to it. Add a bit of facial hair and you’re golden.

26. Textured Quiff

Just like a quiff Guru, Zac is trying almost all the versions of this hairstyle. It all works out great for him. While the classic quiff is a hair design that needs specific techniques, this textured quiff is not so hard to pull off. The proper tool you need is a hand full of hair product. It takes a lot of maintanence, so make sure you’re willing to comitt to look this good.

27. Spiky Fringe

One of the hairstyles that he occasionally wears looks incredibly handsome. Pretty hard to wear and to maintain, Zac doesn’t confront with any of these problems. Making it an etiquette, Zac’s spiky fringe was spotted on many celebs. Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles is one of them. Do it like Zac, though.

28. Side Parted and Wavy

There were times when Zac didn’t worry too much about his hairstyle. His blue eyes were enough. Things were simple. Natural color, natural hairdo. Meanwhile, celebrity struck, and that’s when all the hair transformations started. Don’t get us wrong. The journey was extremely captivating. Just so you know, this good old Zac haircut looks just as good.

29. The Mop Top

We admit that this hair design got us a little conflicted. The young Zac look is Beatles inspired. Beatles references aside, this mop top hairstyle gives Zac a fresh 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll look. Seems like he’s picking the most unexpected hairstyles and turns it into brand new must-haves. This is a 2009 Zac Efron hair design that you can still pull of today.

30. The “What is this ?!” Zac Efron Hair Design

As much as we want to go on and on about Zac Efron hair designs, this is where we need to stop. We saved one delicious hair design for closing. We don’t have a specific name, but it’s totally worth mention it. It’s a fresh one. It comes with a confession. Zac misses his “High School Musical” days.

It seems like only yesterday Zac was a newbie on Disney Channel. He stole our hearts since he was just a little boy and kept it safely all these years. His celestial blue eyes and face are one of the best things we’ve seen on the Red Carpet. The Zac Efron hair designs we’ve collected for this article are just a few of his best appearances. Furthermore, the best thing about Zac is that he is more than eyes can see. We are always looking forward to seeing him on the big screen and what new hairstyles brings inspiration to all.

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