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40 Best Fohawk Haircut Styles

The fohawk haircut also known as the faux hawk has turned out to be one of the most popular, coolest haircuts for men out there. Easy to style and easy to notice, this is the kind of haircut that won’t go out of style pretty soon.

You can style a faux hawk in many different ways. You can tease it, curl it, add subtle waves or highlights, side comb it or go for a taper haircut and a fohawk. Given the versatility of such a haircut, any age group and face shape would be flattered when sporting a fohawk.

1. Fohawk Haircut Idea

The mid fade haircut and the curly fohawk go so well together. This somewhat rebellious look is just perfect for guys who love following the trends.

fohawk haircut closeup


2. Textured Fohawk

Spiky, textured fohawks look incredibly awesome, and they don’t require too much styling either. This is a casual hairstyle that works well with mostly any outfit.

guy in various poses


3. Spiky Fohawk

Soccer players are known to be trendsetters especially when it comes to hairstyles. This fohawk haircut is one of the most popular looks out there. Just make sure to use plenty of hair gel.

spiky hair


4. Faux Hawk Haircut

Some fohawk haircut ideas are simply astonishing. This messy textured haircut is one of a kind and it definitely deserves a go.

guy with messy hair


5. Short Fohawk

Jensen Ackles sure knows how to own that short fohawk haircut. If you are the kind of guy who’s into low maintenance hairstyles, you should consider this look.

jensen ackles fohawk


6. Inspired Fohawk Hairstyle

The asymmetric haircut and the styled fohawk complete a modern look. If you’re into easy-to-notice haircuts, this inspired hairstyle might be your best bet.

guy at the hairstylist


7. Adam Levine Faux Hawk

The talented, handsome Adam Levine couldn’t resist the fohawk haircut either. He is sporting a very hip look that works great with moto jackets. This fohawk haircut is recommended for men with a receding hairline.

adam levine with rad hairdo


8. Taper Fohawk Haircut

Goatees, taper and fohawk haircuts; all of these are trending right now. It’s not a fashion faux-pas to combine different haircuts. As long as they work well together, why shouldn’t you give them a go?

guy with shaved sides


9. Long Fohawk

There is such thing as a long fohawk and it looks so rad. It may look a bit edgy but it’s the perfect look for men who like to be noticed from the get-go.

man with long fohawk


10. Afro Fohawk

An afro and a fohawk at the same time? Why not? Both haircuts are trending; might as well get the best of two different hairstyles.

afro and undercut


11. Subtle Fohawk

Can a businessman sport a fohawk haircut? He certainly can. If you want a subtle fohawk that works for special occasions or formal events, this look can work just fine.



12. Easy-to-style Fohawk

The taper fade and spiky fohawk haircut are meant to flatter one’s facial features easier. If you want a low maintenance haircut, this is your best choice.

asian man sporting spiky hairstyle


13. Edgy Fohawk

This puffy looking fohawk haircut is to die for. Although it takes regular trimming, grooming and styling the effort is worth it since it looks like one impeccable, trendy haircut.

puffy fohawk


14. Medium Shaggy Fohawk Haircut

Zac Efron has some iconic hairstyles to flaunt. This summery fohawk haircut is highlighted by some lighter locks of hair.

zac efron


15. Avant-garde Fohawk Haircut

Some hairstylists focus on creating work of arts. This bold, avant-garde fohawk haircut will definitely turn heads.

stunning modern haircut


16. Cool Fohawk

Some men love the cool guy look. This fohawk haircut does just that; it makes you look hip without too much effort. Go for an effortlessly cool look this season and pick a fohawk haircut to highlight your urban, trendy outfits.

guy with fohawk


17. Floppy Fohawk

The subtle undercut manages to easily highlight this floppy fohawk. The smooth hairstyle needs some hair wax but other than that it doesn’t require any other kind of styling.

swept hairdo


18. Hip Fohawk

There is something incredibly masculine regarding any fohawk haircut. In order to make this kind of haircut more obvious, make sure to tease the top a bit.

teased top


19. Brad Pitt Faux Hawk

One of Hollywood’s most popular actors, Brad Pitt, is also known for some iconic haircuts that most men still copy. The fohawk haircut is just one of the many cool hairstyles that Brad Pitt has sported with style.

brad pitt on the red carpet


20. Curly Fohawk

The fohawk hairstyle works great with any hair type. Take this curly fohawk, for example. It looks cute even if the fohawk is known for its blunt, masculine accents.

guy with blonde curly hair


21. Stylish Fohawk

If you’re all business, then you can show it with the help of an inspired haircut. This flawless look, the undercut and the styled fohawk have a retro air that would match any formal look.

vintage cut


22. Teased Fohawk

Teased hairstyles are still trending and you can also try sporting a teased fohawk if you’re into combining different hairstyles.

man with rad haircut


23. Amazing Fohawk

The mid taper fade is meant to highlight this amazing fohawk. The contrasting hairstyles create an edgy look that seems the perfect choice especially when it comes to making a fashion statement.

mid fade tapercut with fohawk


24. Cristiano Ronaldo Fohawk

Cristiano Ronaldo’s spiky fohawk is recommended for men with thin hair. So if you feel there’s time for a change, pick this haircut and see how it works for you.

cristiano ronaldo on the soccer field


25. Short Curly Fohawk

Any kind of fohawk works with short haircuts best. It all depends on your fashion style, too. Short haircuts are for men who prefer simple looks that require little to no styling.

guy with curly short hair


26. Trendy Fohawk Look

The shaved sides and the styled fohawk are the perfect choice for most men out there. This layered fohawk adds volume to thin hair so if you’re in search for texture and volume look no more.

retro photoshoot


27. Messy Fohawk

If you’re a fan of natural, stylish looks this messy fohawk can be an inspired choice. It’s easy to style, it looks chic and it works well for men with medium length haircuts.

guy's profile and messy hair


28. Faux Hawk Hairdo

This sleek faux hawk is the best thing since sliced bread. You have definitely spotted this haircut before; it’s way too popular not to be sported by most men nowadays.

guy showing off his muscles


29. Fohawk Taper Haircut

If you’re into incredibly short haircuts, this cool look might just be the right choice for you. It requires no styling but you can stylize your fohawk a bit using hair gel or hair wax if you feel like it.

guy with tapercut


30. Afro Top Fohawk

This may look like an unusual blend of hairstyles, but it’s the original style that counts. If you want to stand out from the crowd, go for something original.

blonde dyed afro


31. Subtle Dyed Fohawk

Men like sporting highlights, too. The most natural looks can be “personalized” a bit using a few highlights here and there. Your fohawk definitely deserves to be noticed with ease.

guy staring at something in the distance


32. Puffy Fohawk

If you have thick hair but got bored of your current hairstyle, go for a fohawk haircut. It’s trendy, it’s classy, it’s masculine and it goes well with mostly any outfit you can think of.

fohawk from behind


33. Hair Tattoo Fohawk

Shaved sides can look so much better with hair tattoos on them. Add a fohawk hairstyle and you’re good to go. These modern haircuts for men can look incredibly well and it’s nice to see how many variations a fohawk can support.

guy with star shaped hair tattoo


34. Tousled Fohawk Hairstyle

Big fans of rugged looks would love this tousled hairdo. It looks messy, manly and easy to style. So if you don’t want to constantly trim or groom your hair, go for this tousled fohawk.

man with teased top


35. Stunning Fohawk

This incredible, multilayered fohawk definitely catches people’s attention. It’s incredibly gorgeous and even if it requires some styling it is totally worth it. Would you try it out?

messy medium length hair


36. Awesome Fohawk Hairdo

The fading shades and the blunt fohawk make any guy look rad. It’s the kind of haircut that requires some trimming and maintenance, but other than that the fohawk doesn’t require any other kind of styling.

guy with blunt haircut


37. Swept Back Fohawk

The fohawk is the kind of haircut that looks great from all angles. If you want a more formal look go for the swept back fohawk. If you want a little edge, go for a spiky or teased fohawk. There are many styling options so go for something that suits your personality.

swept faux hawk


38. Side Taper Fohawk

The faded goatee looks impeccable and so does this side taper fohawk. This modern, stunning haircut is one of the most popular looks this season.

guy with goatee


39. Short Twirled Fohawk Haircut

This is the kind of haircut that is recommended for all ages. Its timeless simplicity makes it a popular favorite among most men these days.

blonde guy with faux hawk


40. Curly Textured Fohawk

Nothing compares to a textured hairstyle. It makes any hair type look shiny and healthy and an attractive hairdo can go a long way. Go for a curly textured fohawk if you’re the kind of man who likes to look sharp no matter what.

guy with earring


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