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10 Unique Crew Cut Looks For Men

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Insert ImageInsert Image A crew cut is a stylish, but low maintenance, hairstyle popular with men of all ages. This haircut has remained popular over the years as it is well-suited for all hair types and face shapes. The masculine cut is also said to give a man a more athletic and chiseled look. While there are ...


Why Do We Care So Much About Our Hair? The Crazy Evolution of Men’s Hairstyles

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No matter how far back in human history you go, there are some things that never change. One of those things is our interest in our hair. Men’s hairstyles and women’s hairstyles have always been important to us, and we still care deeply about our personal coifs.Of course, speaking from an evolutionary ...


10 African American Hairstyles

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Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash African American hairstyles give life and volume to your hair. When you have curly hair, you need not worry about the dull look of flat hair and you can try different hairstyles to complement any look you want. African American women have the advantage of working with ...


10 Coolest Curly Haircuts For Men

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Photo from ​Pexels​​​ Let 'em flow, let em 'rule! Let's face it—curly hair rocks. Curly haircuts have often been associated with fun and spontaneous attitudes and they are styles that always catch the eye. Curly hair is a blessing, but it can be also be a curse if left to its own devices. Curly hair is ...