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25 Easy to Pull-Off Brad Pitt Haircut Ideas

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Many of Brad Pitt haircut ideas were for the characters he played. Others were chosen by him for him. We will find out about all of it later. Now, let's get one thing straight, lads. Brad Pitt was and still is an icon. Nevertheless, he is just as flesh, bones, and hair as all of us. You don't have to make a million ...


40 Brilliant Caesar Haircuts

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The Caesar haircut tends to be outgoing and tough as well among men today. It emanates a strong presence in the room without actually overdoing it too much. Men who get this haircut are, mostly, quite bold personalities in their outlook towards individual situations and life, not to mention that the Caesar haircut is ...


40 Exuberant Afro Hairstyles

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The outset of Afro hairstyles is a controversy. What started as a revolutionary statement stands now as pure art. The 'fro is now a hairstyle embraced by more and more people all over the world. Afro hairstyles are and will be a very long living trend that offers so much to explore. The hair, due to its unique texture ...


30 Outstanding Zac Efron Hair Designs

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Zachary David Alexander Efron raised the bar way up high. At only 21, he is in the first ten sexiest men on the planet. Described as stunningly handsome, with devilish blue eyes, graceful cheek bone structure and flawless hair, Zac Efron is clearly a Hollywood heartthrob. As for the hair, he is always on top of his ...