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50 Outstanding Black Men Hairstyles

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Here is a piece that we decided to dedicate exclusively to black men hairstyles. While doing the research for this one, we were amazed to see just how many fantastic options there are. Close cropped waves, flat tops, natural tips, afros, retro flairs are just a few of everything we have to show you. Therefore, all you ...


45 Flawless Zayn Malik Haircut Ideas

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One thing is certain. Style and fashion icon Zayn Malik has never been afraid to experiment with his hair. In fact, it might be a correct thing to say that Zayn has at least attempted if not succeeded to sport every haircut known to man. And you know what? We have made a huge collection of all of them, for your ...


65 Cool Dread Styles for Men

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The next dread styles for men you are going to see are quite versatile, being easily adapted to different hair types and hair lengths. Depending on your fashion style and age you can go for either more flamboyant dread styles for men or more subtle ones. One thing is certain, though. Dreads continue to top the fashion ...


45 Gorgeous Channing Tatum Haircut Ideas

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If we were to pen a letter to this beloved actor stating our adoration for him and his hairstyles, we would say the following. Dear Channing, we have been in awe of all your haircuts, from the buzz cut to the crew cut to the spikes and slick backs. Love, all your fans. Here are 45 Channing Tatum haircut ideas you will ...