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50 Inspirational Man Bun Hairstyle Choices

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While some people view it as the modern mullet and some as a haircut sent from styling heaven, the man bun hairstyle has surely been the cause of a lot a controversy. It made a lot of ink pour and many opinions to be dropped about whether or not it’s a masculine or classy enough style to be worn all the time and on ...


45 Modern Emo Hairstyles for Guys

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The emo culture has its roots in the crazy 80s. Back then, it was a type of manifestation that branched out from underneath the punk movement. Even though it had its ups and downs in the past almost 40 years, it still holds it ground, nevertheless having appeal and allure to many boys and girls around the world. Most ...


45 Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairlines

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Losing your hair comes with age. It’s a natural thing that one can hardly ever fight. The vast majority of men will begin experiencing or seeing their hair thinning or even falling off by the time they reach 36. Later on, by the age of 50, most men will already have one form or another of baldness. One of the ...


45 Unique Dread Styles

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Dread styles are all about creativity and uniqueness. They say a lot about your personality and who you really are by how you wear them. Dreadlocks are a particular hairstyle that has always managed to intrigue people with its singular beauty. Even though dreads have been with us for decades now, they still manage to ...