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30 Alluring Korean Hairstyles

Dazzling, attractive, unconventional, stylish, colorful. A few words that can hardly describe Korean hairstyles. Spikes, layers, bangs, undercuts and a variety of colors. These are fantastic hairstyles choices that are not always suitable for other nationalities considering the difference between hair textures. We give you 30 alluring Korean hairstyles. Find the one you love and own it.

1.      The Candy Top

There is nothing more colorful than this. It’s bold, unconventional, and charming. Better known as K-pop hairstyle, this cut was made famous by South Korean singer and actor, Sehun. It’s a Korean avant-garde hairstyle that is just breathtaking. It’s also certainly of our 30 alluring Korean hairstyles that deserves the top of the list.

2.      Layered Top and Bangs

This one is definitely a youthful Korean hairstyle that looks charming and stylish. Even more, it’s easy to pull off and goes great with all hair colors. A hairdo that requires considerable amounts of hair products to make sure everything stays in the right place. It looks very bewitching, and we just can’t take our eyes off if it. It’s so captivating.

3.      Harry Potter Inspired

Harry Potter is famous all over the world. His round glasses are a must have accessory.  You probably think that this must be a very geeky look. It’s not. Start playing a little with the color of the hair. Once you start, you will notice that this Korean hairstyle is anything but geeky. The Harry Potter glasses are the fine print of this style.

Harry Potter Inspired Korean Hairstyles


4.      Spiky Top

Short spikes, long spikes, dark, blonde, pink. The spiky top is always charming. Even more, it can’t get any easier than this. You roll out of bed, throw some water on your face, brush your teeth, grab some hair gel or some wax and there it is. Ravishing.

5.      Shag Cuts

Weird and cool. Add color, and you’ll get one alluring Korean hairstyle. This innovative design is the kind version of the Anime hairstyle. With all the hair in place, this is more of a laid-back choice. It’s more of a statement of self-confidence. The shag cuts are a style to keep in mind if you are up for it.

6.      Emo Undercut

This is an expressive and appealing Korean hairstyle. It is a  fresh combination that makes you look bad yet good at the same time. The top is cut in layers, all combed on one side – that is the good part. The shaved side is what appears to be the bad side, which makes for an alluring combination. It’s at least one progression of the Emo hairstyle that we love.

7.      Curly Top

It’s hard to pull off a graceful hairstyle with a curly top. Most men just don’t want to deal with it, and they choose to shave it. The other guys wear it proudly and elegant. Some picked fringe and a layered top to make room for those curls. Leave it to flood your forehead nicely. Add some hair mousse, and you get this charismatic look. Rock those curls with this curly top hairstyle.

8.      Business Hairstyle

A business Hairstyle is not just a look. It’s a statement. And we all know how important professional appearance is. This Korean business hairstyle is mature, sophisticated and cultivated. This hairstyle is exactly what you need if you want to close a business deal. Bet on this absorbing hairstyle if you feel uncertain.


9.      Layered Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut is a classic cut. To make it more trendy, the traditional bowl cut turned into the layered bowl cut. This way you get rid of the bowl shape, and you get more of your actual head shape. We are confident it looks amazing no matter the color. Skip the traditional and go with the modern version.

10. The Fine Quiff

First of all, there is nothing more charming than a suit, a tie and a stylish quiff. The difference between the fine quiff and the business hairstyle is the attitude. The fine quiff is a more casual hairstyle that makes you look carefree. Laid-back and informal, the fine quiff is a fascinating Korean hairstyle. If you are not the suit and tie type, go with the leather jacket.

11.  The Buzzcut

Short, sexy, easy to maintain. The Buzzcut is a classic hairstyle that can look really hot. It brings out your eyebrows and face shape. If you think that this is making you look dull, add some facial hair. Classic buzzcuts can vary in length. If you hate classic, leave more hair on the top. Make sure you keep those beautiful eyebrows in sight.

12. Purple Platinum Top

We did say a variety of colors, right? One way to obtain a unique Korean hairstyle is dying your hair. Short hair on the sides, medium length on the top, add a bold color. The perfect “recipe’ for uniqueness. If you want to skip the dying part, it’s ok. It’s delightful on natural colors as well. In conclusion, make sure you use the best products for this hairstyle, since you don’t want to look less than delectable.

13. The Hard Part

A clean and meticulous hairstyle, with shaved sides and a smooth top. This is one of the 30 Korean hairstyles borrowed from Hollywood. It looks glamorous. Tip: for a high shine use pomade.  The hard part is given by the  wet shiny effect of this hair product. Seems like, this Korean hairstyle is though and charming.

14. Blonde and Messy

Put your hands in the hair gel jar, take a considerable amount, twice. Now, put your full-of-gel hands on your head and start moving it in all directions, like you are hesitant. If you are not blonde, dye your hair first. You should know that this hairstyle fits dark hair as well. One electrifying Korean hairstyle. Without any doubt, it has its place on our list.

15. Purple Punk Hairstyle

Creativity and free thinking. The pillars of punk hairstyle adopted by the Korean hairstyle and made it incredibly fascinating. Without the neon colors, the Purple Punk Hairstyle is more trendy and not so hardcore. It’s a daring hairstyle and fits a self-reliant and upbeat personality. One eye-catching hairstyle. One striking hairdo that deserves its place in our list of 30 Alluring Korean Hairstyles.

16. Medium Long Layered Hair

A medium-long thick hair, cut in layers tends to “free” every end. This way it forms little waves, naturally, all the way to the ears. It’s not an easy hairdo. If you pull it off and looks good on you, keep it.  You will have one graceful Korean hairstyle if your hair is charcoal black. There is always hair product if your hair doesn’t form waves naturally.

17. Bad Boy Quiff

A quiff is a manly and a stylish hairstyle. A quiff with an undercut is “an attention grabber.” The perfect choice for the outgoing men and an inviting look for the ladies. The Bad Boy Quiff is more of an attitude than just a hairstyle. Seems like, it doesn’t get more provocative than this. If you own some tattoos, this is the right choice for you.

18. Popsicle Top

An outstanding, out of the box appearance. It’s one of the Korean hairstyles that brings more than just color in the picture. It has style, character and phenomenal grit. There is no way you get this hairstyle and don’t stand out. We would love to see more of this Korean hairstyle. We heard it comes in different “flavors”. Like raspberry, mint, pistachio. All the “flavors” are just as luscious as this one. Take notes, Hollywood. We can’t wait to see this one on the red carpet.

19. Samurai Bun

Let your hair grow at least six to nine inches if you want to choose this one from our 30 Korean hairstyles list. The styling is relatively easy. The samurai bun has its fair share of fashion as the Samurai were known to be very fashion forward. This original look goes way back to the Japanese Military. The Samurai was a noble class of warriors.

20. Slicked Back Long

For a slicked back hairstyle, you don’t necessarily need an undercut or hair products. You can dry your hair combing it from the forehead all the way to the back. No razors, no fades, no hair products. This is one choice that will make you look more youthful, raw and kind.

21. Blond Spikes

The short and spiky haircut is one of the most attractive hairstyle ever. Blonde spikes, highlighted spikes, spikes with an undercut. The blond spikes with natural shaved sides hairstyle is the good boy gone bad. Probably, it is that irresistible bad boy. Blond spikes Korean hairstyle looks good and it feels better. The Bad Boy look.

22. Classic Bowl Cut

The classic bowl or  the mushroom head is one haircut that will never die. The best word to describe this hairstyle is simplicity. The concept of less is more is maintained by this classic bowl cut, a haircut that has no age restrictions. If you look good, you just stick with it. Blonde, dark, brown hair. No color restrictions.

23. Bruce Lee Inspired

A hairstyle that fits perfectly black, thick, straight and dense hair. It is simple and very easy to maintain. Most of all, a hairstyle that takes a few years of your face. As a result, celebs like Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher from Oasis embraced it later-on.

24. Wavy Medium

One thing is for sure. Wavy medium hair is charming. Cut in layers, the waves must form naturally. Wavy hair can be styled in different ways. If you face shape is your strength, choose to wear it medium and let the waves bring out the seductive part of you. The best part about it is that you can style it using just your hands. We find this Korean hairstyle mesmerizing.

25. Short and Red Highlighted

Highlights are one way to dye your hair if you want to keep the natural part as well. Add a twisted fringe, and the contrast is even better. The red highlights are the answer. When you don’t settle for classic yet you still want to play it safe, choose this hairstyle. Discreet and elegant. Or one word. Alluring.

26. One Side Bangs

A flattering, approachable look that kind of says: “I feel good about myself.” What’s not to love? We are just hearing that the side swept man bangs is making a great comeback in 2017. A black hair with side bangs looks captivating with or without the facial hair. Keep it classy. You will hear a lot more about the man bangs this year.

27. Pointy and Messy Ends

Embraced by men of all ages this undefined hairstyle looks all natural. This Korean hairstyle is all about natural appearance. The hair is essentially set loose with no trimmings. Hair products are involved, yet, it needs to look original. It’s no news,  men are really into hairstyles that offer a natural appearance. This is one of it. And we find it lovely.

28. Side Parted Quiff

The side parted quiff is no walk in the park. An authentic side parted quiff is the final result of blow drying, combing and shaping, and styling with hair products. You can see that not every man has the patience to do all this. If he has, marry him. It’s simple. If he has the patience to do his hair, be sure that shopping with you will be a breeze.

29. High Pomp

Making its way on our list of Korean hairstyles, it’s the pomp. It’s a timeless hairstyle made famous by The King. The high Pomp is more of an exaggerated pomp. It fits perfectly for some types of personalities. Most of all, it’s a very high maintenance hairstyle. Therefore, if you want this hairstyle, patience is a must.

30. Curly Black Medium

Medium Curly Black hair is one of the most romantic Korean hairstyles. And there is a thin line between romantic and charming. Well-groomed curls look fabulous. Take the patience to define those curls. Wear it proudly. Curly Black medium hairstyle is an alluring hairstyle in a bohemian kind of way. It made it to our list of 30 Alluring Korean Hairstyles.

These 30 Korean hairstyles show us men going, with no fear, the extra mile. Beyond any doubt, the Korean hairstyles are gutsy and lively. Apart from the hairstyling lesson, there is one more thing we need to embrace. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being bold.

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