Learn How To Cleanly Trim Your Beard Like The Pros Men Hairstylist

Learn How To Cleanly Trim Your Beard Like The Pros

If you are reading this, you probably want to know how to trim your beard. What you may not know is the psychological effects your beards trim can have on you. Beard trimming and styling involves more than simple technique; your beard is a reflection of your mentality. How do you look at yourself? How do you want to present yourself? How will you trim your beard? Do you know how to trim your beard?

What Is Beard Trimming?

Beard trimming is the process of manicuring your face. The style you choose to trim your beard into will determine how your face looks. There are far too many men that get stuck wearing the same beard style that they started with when their facial hair began to develop. A guy usually develops facial hair a couple of years after puberty.

Facial hair is a welcomed treat after years of sprouting acne on your face. It is also an early sign of manhood and masculinity. It is at that point in a guys life that he has to consider how to trim this facial hair. During the ages of 13-16, some guys grow mustaches, some grow beards, and some grow both. The objective during those years following puberty is usually to make the facial hair as pronounced as possible; you want your barber to play it up as best he can.



For the men that want to grow a beard or want to change their beard, we have some quality advice for you in this article.

Know Your Face

A stud is going to look like a stud with a bald face or a mangy beard. He was blessed, with naturally good looks. A beautiful stud can take risks and basically do no wrong. For the rest of us, we have to consider how to trim our beards; the same way ladies have to decide how to arch their eyebrows. Your beard is a direct extension of your face. If you have a round face, your beard will grow round. If you have a large chin that will be reflected in your beard. If you have a defined jawline, you will have a beard that grows along with those same lines.

The trim of your beard determines the definition of your face. A defining characteristic of a man’s face is often sharp, hard, strong jawlines. But every man does not have a sharply chiseled jawline. And even for those that have that dashing manly jawline if you do not trim your beard correctly, it can really ruin your entire look. The beauty of the beard is that it can turn a dud into a stud when styled and trimmed correctly.

The key to effective beard trimming is patience. You can go to a professional barber, but even then you run the risk of not getting your desired look. Unlike the hair on your head, the hair on your face is in front of your eyes, so it is as easy for you to trim your beard as it is for a professional barber to trim you up.


Is There a Need for Beard Trimming?

Absolutely yes. The reason trimming your beard is so important is because facial hair will always grow. When you have an abundance of hair growth, it can look like a newly manicured landscape, or it can look like an abandoned home with wild grass and weeds taking over the property. Your face is your real estate. If you want it, all grown over that is your decision. Just know that you can have the caveman look and still have order and structure on your face.

Pick a Style

The first thing you want to do when deciding to trim your beard is to look to celebrities for inspiration. If you have or want the bulky beard which is totally trending now, take a look at Rick Ross, Dan Bilzerian, or Zack Galifianakis. This large beard is quite the commitment and requires real haircare if you want to keep it neat, clean and shimmering. Anything shorter or closer to the face can be fit into numerous beards styles and categories.

1. The Full Beard

full beard

Image CCO to Austin J. Best via Pexels

When you have hair connecting all around your face., the hair will extend from your lip, down your chin to your neck, around your jawline, and to your sideburns. Be careful to manicure the full beard well if you are in a corporate environment. Use beard oils and comb or brush your full beard daily so that you do not look unkempt.


2. Heavy Stubble

heavy stubble

Image CCO to shauking via Pixabay

The heavy stubble look is a popular style even though it makes you look like you are just in need of a trim. It is important to have nice clean lines when you choose to wear the heavy stubble style.

3. Old Dutch

old dutch

Image via Pexels

A full beard style with octagon shape around edges. This is a popular way to style your full beard. It looks neat, clean and responsible. Be sure to line your beard up once weekly with this old Dutch style of beard.

4. Duck Tail

duck tail

Image CCO to rawpixel.com via Pexels

Most reminiscent of the hypothetical Satans beard, it’s attractive and popular. The ducktail is when you make your beard form a sharp point at the bottom. This look is good for concealing a round face.

5. Chin Strap

chin strap

Image CCO to Kaleem-1989 via Pixabay

Most teenagers opt for this close to the face beard that rides the jawline. The chin strap is edgy and urban looking. It is not a popular style for men over 35, but for those that age that chooses this style, it can make you look a little younger.

6. French Fork

french pork

Image CCO to rottonara via Pixabay

Most likely to see at rock shows, this is a long beard that's parted in the middle making two long cone-shaped beards. This style best suits entrepreneurs and digital nomads. If you see someone in your office wearing this beard, they are probably in the tech department. Not everyone is badass enough to sport this style.

7. Neck Beard

neck beard

Image CCO to Sindre Strøm via Pexels

It starts completely under your chin exist solely on your neck. This can offer you the best of both world; you can have a cleanly shaved face and a beard on your neck.

8. Sparrow


Image via Pixabay

Ode to Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp; this beard has two braids hanging from it. You typically only see this beard in cosplay or Halloween. If you have the confidence to wear it, you will certainly be the center of attention in most social circles.

9. The Classic Goatee

The beard length of your choosing that connect to mustaches. The goatee seems like the original beard style. You see the goatee on all types of people because it is an all around good looking beard style.


Image via Pexels

How to Trim Your Beard for Best Results

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Since some reading this do not yet have a beard, we will start with how to grow a healthy bed of facial hair that you can skillfully manicure into the perfectly groomed beard. If you do not have a beard, then you have probably been in the military for years or corporate America where, in generations past, a strong beard was overstated and viewed as an insult. Sorry, if that was your past but congratulations on deciding to grow your beard now.

Growing Your Beard: The Process

The process is as natural as growing the hair on the top of your head. Like the hair on your head, if you do not treat it with care and train it in its infancy, it can grow into a real problematic mess. If you do not mind that mess then simply ignore these instructions and grow out that heavy stubble exactly how you want it to be. If you do not want heavy stubble, you only need to invest in a few minor things for your bathroom cabinet.

Tools You Need


Image CCo to Nick Demou via Pexels

First, you will need a comb. The size of the comb varies depending on the texture of your hair, but you typically cannot go wrong with a comb that has teeth well spread apart. The hair on your face is more like the hair under your arms than it is like the hair in your head, so do not get too small a comb. When the teeth of the comb are bunched together, it can be a real pain to tame your facial hair. There are ways how to trim your beard without a comb or brush, but they are not optimal.

Also, it is wise to purchase a semi-firm brush. The comb works best if you plan on growing your beard over a half an inch in length. Most people do not go that long, but it is good to have a brush and a comb so when you start trimming you can tease out your hair as much as possible to achieve a truly even cut.

Depending on how serious you are about your beard growth, you can buy vitamins and nutritional supplements that support beard growth. There are companies that sale beard vitamins all over the internet. Make sure you wash your face with an exfoliating scrub at least once per week.

Start Trimming

Now that you have some hair on your chinny-chin-chin, it's time to trim. If your dad never taught you how to trim your beard, don't worry, we got you covered. Find inspiration in magazine and celebrities with a look you would like to have for yourself. These looks should give you a clear idea of how to trim your beard stylishly representing your personality. Then get a trimmer with good reviews and as many height settings as possible. For those with the large full beards, you may not be able to find a guard for the peak of your beard.

Each style has its own technique so we will not go too far into details of how to trim your beard into each style. Just remember to wash your face with warm water and use shampoo and conditioner on your beard before cutting. If you are going to use a razor edge with a straight blade, then you should also have alcohol and shaving cream available.

Cleaning after Trim


Image CCO to Josh Sorenson via Pexels

If you are only trimming your beard down, you will not need alcohol, but if you are giving it a new shape and getting close to the skin with your trimmers always have alcohol or peroxide (burns less and sanitizes equally) in your bathroom cabinet. Fashion your beard in a style you like and go slow when trimming. Patience is a virtue, and there is nothing worse than removing more hair than intended. Always remember that with trimming you can always take more off, but you can never put more on.

To Trim or Not to Trim

Now that you have everything in your beard trimming kit you will be able to trim your beard the same quality as any of your local barbers. It is fun when you are able to teach your significant other or children to trim your beard for you. The final thing you need in your beard kit is a good quality beard oil. Facial hair is often tangly, and a good beard oil works wonders when you need it to shine and run a comb through it. By now, you should have a beard trimming kit and have the basic on how to trim your beard. Check out our other posts for all of your hairstyle needs.

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