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45 Throwback Blowout Haircut Ideas

What exactly is a blowout haircut? Simply put, the hairstyle became a hit back in the late 90s and early 2000s when celebrities started sporting it. The haircut consists of short hair in the back and around the temples with a much longer top that needs to be styled in different ways, according to your choosing.

Back then, most teens and young adults used to wear it in college. Therefore, the blowout haircut was heavily gelled and had spikes, just like you’re going to see in these 45 throwback pictures we’ve prepared for you. However, it seems to be making a comeback. Hence, it’s now worn with a slick back or even a pompadour. Enjoy!

1. The Wild Blowout Haircut

Remember back in the 2000s when you and all your classmates used to sport this hairstyle? You can still do. All you need is a lot of hair gel or, maybe, some hair wax because, let’s face it, times have moved on.

2. The Curly Blowout Haircut

A blowout haircut can also be considered a curly one that has been grown to a medium length. You can ask your stylist to cut it in a halo around and head. However, you should know that this type of cut requires a lot of maintenance and trimming.

3. The Nick Lachey

Oh, the good, old times when Nick Lachey was on TV and had a successful show and music career! He was the perfect boy band type of guy, with his classically handsome features, blue eyes, beautiful, blonde wife, and, of course, small and gelled blowout haircut.

4. The Zayn Malik

Here’s singer Zayn Malik demonstrating how to bring the blowout to a more modern shape. He has tapered sides and a very high top that has been styled into beautiful waves. You can add a few accessories to the look, such as face piercings.

zayn malik blowout haircut


5. Fade Blowout Hairstyle

This is a very textured and modern quiff with short and faded sides that belongs to the now very branched out blowout haircut. We especially love the color of the hair, which is a brown and caramel ombre, perfectly displayed by the layers of the cut.

6. The Matthew Gray Gubler

Whether you know him from Criminal Minds or Alvin and the Chipmunks, Matthew Gray Gubler is undeniably a handsome guy, as attested by his work as a model. Here he is modeling a gorgeous wavy blowout haircut with a small quiff in the front.

7. Short Blowout Haircut

Although the blowout works best if you have medium hair, that doesn’t mean you cannot attempt it on short either. This is what it looks like on a traditional short hairstyle, with a large, asymmetrical quiff right up front.

8. The Unicorn Quiff

Speaking of quiffs, here is the father of them all, the unicorn quiff. What you need in order to create this magnificent work of art is a hairbrush and a vast quantity of hair wax. In addition, you can also use some hairspray to make sure it sits upright.

9. The Cartoon Strip Blowout Haircut

Among the more modern types of the blowout, you can also find the cartoon strip one. It’s called thusly because it greatly resembles what a villain’s hairstyle would look like in a comic book. Needless to say, we love everything about it, from the red copper color to the architectural shape.

10. Curly Bangs

A blowout haircut can also mean this. Cut your hair short in the back and on the sides and leave it longer on top if you have curly hair. In this way, you get the best of both worlds and an amazing summer haircut.

11. The Platinum Slick Back

The most striking thing about this particular modern take on the blowout haircut is the color. It’s a very chalky and whiteish platinum blonde with a few shades of purple and beige added to it, for extra volume and depth.

12. The Layered Blowout Haircut

Not only is this fiery red copper shade absolutely to die for, but the cut in itself is absolutely fantastic. It’s a short and layered modern blowout that looks positively urban and fresh. Pair it with a denim shirt for the ultimate hipster look.

13. The Windswept Blowout Haircut

Are you looking for a very low maintenance yet uber cool haircut? Look no further because you have just found it. This modern rendition of the blowout makes it incredibly easy for you to look effortlessly fashionable. Just run your fingers through your hair and let the wind do the rest.

14. Temple Fade Blowout

Not only is this a blowout haircut with superb attention to the temple region where it has been faded into perfection, but it also has a massive pompadour on top. It features ombre hair that goes from beige to brown and, we suppose, a huge amount of hairspray.

15. Blowout Spiky Hair

Just how cool are these icy spikes? This is definitely how you are supposed to take an outdated hairstyle and make it look cool in the modern age. You can try this at home if you want, but we suggest you see your stylist for such a massive undertaking.

16. Blowout Mohawk Haircut

In case you were wondering, this is a faux mohawk, otherwise known as a fauxhawk which has been artistically sprayed and styled. It has a set of very longs bangs that have been blown out into a quiff, platinum beige in color.

17. The Medium Length Blowout Haircut

Yes, this qualifies as a blowout haircut as well. It might look weird, after all of the blown, out of proportion hairstyles we’ve seen so far. Pun intended. However, this does, in fact, count as a blowout.

18. How to Give Yourself a Blowout Haircut

The simple answer here would be – you don’t. You find a specialized stylist and let him or her work his magic fingers into giving you the hairstyle of a lifetime. However, if you insist, you can find tutorials on YouTube.

19. Comb Over Blowout

The comb over or the slick back as it is referred to nowadays can be a branch of the blowout haircut family if you perform it correctly. That means that you need to rise it as high as you can by using your hair dryer and some hairspray.

20. Trimmed Sides Haircut

Trimmed or even shaved sides work perfectly well if you have very curly hair. In this case, you can shave the sides and back of your head and leave the top untouched. It will elongate your face and slim it, highlighting your cheekbones at the same time.

21. The Wavy Blowout Haircut

Even though it’s a marvelous asset for a man, wavy hair is, sometimes, not enough, especially if you’re going for that handsome, gentleman look. This is where your blow dryer comes in. Use some product for your hair and spring the dryer into action.

22. Afro Blowout Haircut

Afros can be considered a type of blowout as well. You can grow your afro to a medium length and combine it with tapered sides or even a disconnected haircut. In this way, you can rest assured you have one of the most modern hairstyles around.

23. Spiky Blowout

Spikes were all the rage back in the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. Moreover, seeing as the blowout is a throwback hairstyle, you will have to try some spikes yourself. However, they can be as modern as you want them to.

24. The David Beckham

Speaking of spikes, here’s soccer superstar David Beckham sporting a fauxhawk which he created out of some blonde spikes. He used a handful of gel or hair wax to make it and the best part is you can do it right at home.

25. The Paul Rudd

Another celebrity which you can use as inspiration is American nation treasure Paul Rudd. Here he is wearing a small quiff and some messy spikes in his natural dark brown chocolate hair. The haircut highlights his broad forehead and his caramel eyes.

26. The Teenage Blowout Haircut

How familiar does this picture look to you? As familiar as looking around you in class in high school and college and seeing all your colleagues and friends sport this very hairstyle? Or as familiar as looking in the mirror?

27. The Movie Teen Villain

If you were in a movie or TV show back in the 90s or 2000s and you were playing the ‘evil kid,’ then this is what your hair would have looked like. Brown hair with blonde frosted tips and, of course, gelled spikes all over.

28. The Brandon Walsh

The actor’s name is Jason Priestley, of course, but we all know and love him as Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210. He used to sport a very cool and retro blowout haircut inspired from the 50s and 60s, with a very Elvis or James Dean feel to it. It was actually pretty awesome, even by today’s standards!

29. The Lance Bass

Who was your favorite NSYNC? Was it Lance Bass? Sure, let’s say that it was. You know, for the sake of the argument. He used to wear a sandy blonde short haircut back then, with lots of gel and spikes all over. But it’s ok. Everyone had an unfortunate blowout haircut at the time.

30. The Razor Cut Blowout Haircut

Speaking of unfortunate haircuts, let’s talk about the razor cut layered blowout. This was, probably, intended as a cross between the classic emo cut and the spiky blowout, but it got lost somewhere in the middle. We do appreciate the Tony Stark goatee, however.

31. The American Pie

It’s hard to fancy now that hairstyles such as these were ever fashionable, but it’s true. When smash hit American Pie first came out, back in 1999, these platinum frosted tips on Jason Biggs’ head were all the rage. It kind of looks a little bit like he had a hedgehog on his head, don’t you think?

32. The Joey Fatone

The second NSYNC member on our list of blowout haircut ideas is Joey Fatone. He used to sport messy spikes as well, with blonde Dalmatian patches in his dark brown hair. And, of course, the ever-present goatee.

33. The Mullet

If we were to crown a king of the blowout haircuts, it would have to be the mullet. Of course, if we were to crown a king of haircuts in general, the mullet would win as well. Whoever came up with this baby, please know that our hearts are with you!

34. The Paul McCartney

It’s hard to fathom that Sir Paul McCartney ever wore a mullet himself, but it’s true. And, seeing as he is the legend that he is, he took it far. His is not only a mullet, but he added asymmetrical bangs, and a high blowout in the front, along with a moustache.

35. The David Bowie

Actor and singer David Bowie was cool no matter what he did. Even when he attempted a blowout haircut with some messy spikes and some bangs of his own, he still nailed it. This is what happens when you have style and fashion sense in droves.

36. The Dapper Blowout Haircut

Let’s leave the nonsense and throwback pictures behind for a second and look at a modern take of the blowout. This is the dapper pompadour, clean and symmetric, that works perfectly well for square or oval faces.

37. The Salt and Pepper

When it comes to hair and hairstyles, salt and pepper actually means black and white. This is a super cool and fresh take on the old mohawk, with a pompadour instead of the iconic spikes. You can pair it up with a well-trimmed beard.

38. The Side Part Blow Out Haircut

Side parts usually guarantee one thing. That you will look, dapper, put-together, clean-cut and very much the dashing gentleman and good guy all girls want to take home to meet their mothers. Nice!

39. The Justin Bieber

Here’s a pic of the Biebs back when he was still an innocent looking teen. He used to wear his hair short in the back and on the sides with a set of long spikes in the front. This has changed a lot since then, but we still appreciate the teenage Justin Bieber.

40. The College Blowout

College hairstyles have always had a special category of their own. They began with actual ‘college haircuts,’ such as the Ivy League or the Oxford, which were worn by the boys attending these universities. Quickly, however, they spread into the mainstream.

41. The Neon Blue Blowout Haircut

There’s so much going on with this particular hairstyle that we don’t even know where to begin. This is a modern fauxhawk with a pompadour replacing the old punk-inspired spikes, colored in a mesmerizing neon blue, and with turquoise roots. The sides and back are tapered and a natural brunette.

42. The Gentleman’s Blowout Haircut

Grab a hair brush or a fancy comb and your hair blower because it’s about to get dapper in here! Oh, and don’t forget the hair wax or the hairspray, depending on your preferences. This haircut works marvelously for really square faces, seeing as it sweetens them up a bit.

43. The Jared Leto

Actor and singer Jared Leto has been through numerous hairstyles in his life. And yes, he has sported the old blowout with blonde, frosted spikes as well. Here is a throwback picture of him to prove it. We just love how it highlights his steely blue-gray eyes.

44. The Zac Efron

Since we’re on the subject of throwback pics, here’s one of former Disney star Zac Efron. The high and messy pompadour that reminds us a bit of a very modern and urban ‘rebel without a cause,’ does real miracles for his cheekbones, making him look like a model. And although we cannot see it in this black and white pic, you can just tell it also brings out the lovely baby blue of his eyes.

45. The Leonardo DiCaprio

He might be a suave gentleman, a dapper man, and a full-on Hollywood hunk now, but Leo was just like the rest of us in his youth. This idea means that he used to style his natural dirty blonde hair in a set of very sharp and edgy spikes using all the gel that he could find, by the looks of it. But who cares? He’s Leonardo DiCaprio!


Here are the 45 throwback blowout haircut ideas we promised. From mullets to frosted spikes to gelled messes to Lance Bass and Jason Biggs in American Pie, we’ve shown you what a blowout haircut is all about. We suggest you take these ideas and build on them, creating a new and modern style which you can wear in this generation. Have fun!

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