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Best Haircuts for Medium Hair

45 Hot Men’s Shoulder Length Hairstyles

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Growing your hair out will be one of the best styling decisions you ever make. There’s just something about medium hair that looks so casual yet slick, confident, and sexy at the same time that the ladies simply cannot resist. And when you model your hairstyle on a celebrity, it’s even better. Here are the hottest ...

50 Inspirational Man Bun Hairstyle Choices

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While some people view it as the modern mullet and some as a haircut sent from styling heaven, the man bun hairstyle has surely been the cause of a lot a controversy. It made a lot of ink pour and many opinions to be dropped about whether or not it’s a masculine or classy enough style to be worn all the time and on ...

50 Superb Medium Hairstyles for Men

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More and more guys these days choose to grow out their hair as part of the ever-changing styling trends. Therefore, it has become extremely fashionable all over the world for men to have luscious locks. A medium cut might be the perfect choice for you as well, given the fact that it is versatile, easy to maintain, ...

60 Hipster Haircut Ideas

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Trying to find a definition for the hipster haircut is a difficult thing to do. Generally speaking, the hipster haircut is a variation of a style coming to us through the ages from the Roaring 20s or the rock’n’roll 50s. Apart from that, it can also be a haircut borrowed from ancient cultures, to which a modern ...