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Classic Hairstyles

50 Eccentric Mohawk Haircut Ideas

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The Mohawk haircut looks insanely attractive and eccentric. There are various kinds of variations of this hairstyle that have cropped up since it was introduced in the 70s. However, this article lists the trendiest and the coolest Mohawk haircuts for men. Scroll through our exhaustive selection below so that you can ...

A List Of 5 Classy A Line Haircut

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With this summer being such a scorcher, it seems many people have been abandoning long locks for the shorter, angled bob-like silhouette of the A line haircut. This cut, especially with loose curls, has been popular this year to highlight complex color work such as ombre, multi-colored fades, balayage, and opals just ...

How To Style Frohawk Cut And Other Tips

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In the world of black men's hairstyles, the 90s are back. It's hard to go anywhere these days without seeing an old school Kid N'Play hi-top fade. But a boxy hi-top isn't the only way to jump on the 90s trend. What style bridges the gap between the 90s (think "Fresh Prince" era Will Smith) and today (think NFL player ...

35 Hunky Frat Haircuts for 2018

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Even though we now share one, general stereotype about what a frat boy should look like, there are actually a lot of different styles that divide them. College boys differ based on their background, the part of the country they are in and the fraternity they have joined. But one thing is certain. A massive part of ...