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50 Undercut with Curly Hair Styles for Men

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The undercut is a perfect match for curly hair. It’s an awesome way to modernize your look if you have curly or wavy hair and you’re tired of looking in the mirror. Adding an undercut or even an under shave to your look is an incredible way to get the best of both worlds. One the one hand you get to keep your ...

50 Goatee Styles Trending in 2018

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One of the most popular facial hair styles out there is the goatee. There have always been plenty of goatee styles available, and it’s clear why. There’s a type of goatee for every age, hair color, and face shape. Business men, workers, college students, and hipsters all love the goatee look. Even celebrities ...

A List Of 5 Classy A Line Haircut

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With this summer being such a scorcher, it seems many people have been abandoning long locks for the shorter, angled bob-like silhouette of the A line haircut. This cut, especially with loose curls, has been popular this year to highlight complex color work such as ombre, multi-colored fades, balayage, and opals just ...

How To Style Frohawk Cut And Other Tips

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In the world of black men's hairstyles, the 90s are back. It's hard to go anywhere these days without seeing an old school Kid N'Play hi-top fade. But a boxy hi-top isn't the only way to jump on the 90s trend. What style bridges the gap between the 90s (think "Fresh Prince" era Will Smith) and today (think NFL player ...