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40 Bryce Harper Hair Ideas 2016

It doesn’t matter if you are a baseball fan or not; the following Bryce Harper hair ideas are bound to turn heads and impress people with an eye for fashion.

The biggest advantage of these cool Bryce Harper hair ideas lies in the fact that any hair type would be flattered by such trendy, versatile hairstyle looks.

1. Bryce Harper Hair Idea

Any Bryce Harper hair idea is a good idea. The famous baseball player has a natural fashion sense that highlights his masculinity. This laid back, smooth hairstyle is one inspired choice.

bryce harper hair close up


2. Bryce Harper Haircut Inspiration

The subtly teased top and the shaved sides look great. Bryce Harper hair styles are certainly some of the best-known trademarks of this talented baseball player.

posh bryce harper


3. Bryce Harper Styled Long Top

One of the most popular hairstyles that Bryce Harper has ever sported is the styled long top. The baseball player uses a lot of hair gel to achieve this rad look.

bryce harper on the baseball field


4. Incredibly Smooth Bryce Harper Hairdo

This slicked back hairstyle is one of Bryce Harper’s favorite looks. A lot of men love sporting this hairstyle that has a trendy vibe to it.

hot bryce harper look


5. Sassy Bryce Harper Undercut

That undercut easily highlights Bryce Harper’s long top. This is a very low maintenance haircut that goes well with any fashion style.

cool bryce harper undercut


6. Bryce Harper Subtle Fade

The subtle fade haircut instantly adds volume to any type of hair. Bryce Harper loves playing with textures and hair lengths so this subtle fade haircut doesn’t come as a surprise.

smooth bryce harper haircut


7. Sided Bryce Harper Hairstyle

Bryce Harper likes smooth and simple hairstyles. This sided haircut look requires hair gel and a long top, but other than that, you’re good to go.

bryce harper beard


8. Asymmetric Haircut Style

This asymmetric haircut style may look a bit unusual, but it is the perfect choice for any type of hair, especially thin or fine hair. Bryce Harper sports a messy layered haircut that looks pretty cool.

layered haircut


9. Voluminous Hairstyle

In order to create the illusion of thick, voluminous hair, any guy should play with textures a bit. Just like Bryce Harper does on a regular basis.

bryce harper painted face


10. Pulled Back Hairdo Look

This incredibly long-at-the-top haircut is highlighted thanks to the slick texture and faded sides. Bryce Harper has a soft spot for rebellious looks and hip haircuts.

bryce harper playing baseball


11. Casual Bryce Harper Hairstyle

This short spiky haircut flatters Bryce’s facial features. The simple haircut highlights Bryce’s boy-next-door look.

bryce harper wearing a suit


12. Bryce Harper Spiked Hair

This close-up of Bryce’s spiked hair shows that a little bit of styling can go a long way. Use hair gel or hair spray if you aim for a subtle hairstyle.

bryce harper hair close up


13. Short Bryce Haircut

There are two sides of Bryce Harper: the good guy side and the bad boy side. This short haircut and Bryce Harper’s freshly shaved face make him look very young and sweet.

bryce harper at a tv show


14. Bryce Fohawk Idea

The baseball player likes to highlight his rebellious side by going for an awesome fohawk hairstyle. The fohawk is still trending so there are many men hairstyle variations inspired by this look.

bryce harper goatee and haircut


15. Laid Back Bryce Harper Hairdo

This smooth, laid-back look makes Bryce seem more mature. It’s the kind of hairstyle that is recommended for guys who love exuding masculinity and maturity.

profile of bryce harper


16. Mid Fade Haircut

If you are searching for a versatile haircut that doesn’t require too much maintenance and is still part of the trends, go for the mid fade haircut. Even Bryce Harper sported such a fabulous hairdo.

bryce harper looking in the distance


17. Shaggy Bryce Harper Hairdo

The messy bangs and the shaggy haircut go well together. Bryce’s natural chestnut hair draws attention to his eye color. Go for natural hair colors if you want to highlight your eyes.

bryce harper brown hair


18. Cool Bryce Harper Hairstyle

This is one amazing Bryce Harper hair idea. The baseball player chose a styled haircut that has a retro vibe. It requires some maintenance but it is certainly worth the effort.

bryce harper thick beard


19. Sleek Hairstyle

The world of baseball can be a fashionable world. Bryce has a soft spot for sleek hairstyle and this look in particular highlights Bryce Harper’s bad boy side.

slicked hairstyle bryce harper


20. Caramel Highlights Bryce Harper Hairdo

Even natural looks can be “adjusted” at times. Harper went for some subtle caramel highlights to draw attention to his flawless haircut.

bryce harper medium length haircut


21. Teased Top

Teased hairstyles are becoming more and more popular among men these days. This Bryce Harper hair idea is stunning; the teased top helps Harper achieve an edgy look.

bryce harper watching the game


22. Bryce Harper Sun Kissed Hair

These subtle blonde highlights make it seem as if Harper’s hair has been sun kissed. It’s a very chic, natural look that can be manly, given the right clothes and the right attitude.

natural looking bryce harper hairstyle


23. Puffy Bryce Hairstyle Look

The beard highlights this puffy Bryce hairstyle look. The long top and the styled hairstyle work for any kind of informal situation and fashion style.

bryce harper thick hair


24. Edgy Faux Hawk

It seems that edgy looks work best for Bryce Harper’s facial features. This Bryce Harper hair idea is as awesome as it can get.

bryce hsrper cheered by the audience


25. Bryce Harper Textured Hair

Adding a few subtly waved locks here and there can really make a difference. This is the trick that Harper used to get that textured hair look.

bryce harper cool haircut


26. Bryce Hipster Look

The trendy shades, the hipster haircut and the attitude make Bryce Harper look iconic, trendy and ready to conquer the world.

bryce harper selfie


27. Bryce Harper Comb Back Hair

This half-modern, half-retro haircut works well for any hair type. The shaved sides send out a modern vibe whereas the comb back top has a vintage feel to it.

retro hairstyle for bryce harper


28. Subtle Taper Cut

Bryce Harper is a man of contrasts fashion-wise since he sported such different, versatile hairstyles. He chose a subtle taper haircut that is low-maintenance and so appropriate for guys who are always on the go and don’t have time to constantly style their hair.

taper haircut bryce harper


29. Blonde Dyed Hair

Bryce isn’t afraid to try different looks out. His blonde dyed hair goes well with his stunning blue eyes.

bryce harper wearing all black clothes


30. Smooth Undercut

The stylized undercut makes Bryce Harper’s haircut noticed from the get-go. This Bryce Harper hair inspiration can turn any simple haircut into an amazing one.

bryce harper paying attention to something


31. Elegant Bryce Harper Haircut

It seems that Bryce Harper’s chameleonic hairstyles are a source of inspiration for many men. And given Harper’s versatile fashion sense, it’s no wonder why men with so many different fashion styles copy Harper’s looks. This elegant hairstyle is as smooth as it can get.

classy bryce harper look


32. Platinum Blonde Hair

Who would have believed that Bryce Harper can be such a daredevil, fashion-wise? He went for a very bold hair color but from the looks of it, platinum blonde is the perfect shade to highlight Harper’s beautiful eyes.

close up of bryce harper


33. Bryce Harper Blonde Ends

A subtle ombre or simple blonde ends can turn any simple haircut into a fantastic look. This is a great Bryce Harper hair idea that can make an inspired choice especially during summer.

bryce harper messy hair


34. Wet Hair Look

There is something incredibly sexy when it comes to sporting the wet hair look. Bryce’s attitude deserves a sexy hairstyle such as this one.

bryce harper staring down


35. Bryce Harper Spiky Top

Men can sport stylish hairstyles even when they’re at the gym. Bryce’s spiky top sure looks great and it doesn’t need too much styling either.

bryce harper at the gym


36. Bryce Harper Beard and Taper Fades

Bryce Harper enjoys sporting beards and taper fade haircuts. The truth is that beards go hand in hand with taper fade cuts.

close up of bryce harper's profile


37. Lumbersexual Bryce Harper Haircut

More often than not, Bryce Harper enjoys sporting a typical lumbersexual hairstyle. If you’re not into high maintenance looks, this is the hairstyle to go for.

surprised bryce harper


38. Bryce Harper Ponytail

Since Harper is known for his long tops, it’s no surprise that he also sports practical ponytails from time to time. This look doesn’t require any kind of maintenance or trimming.

bryce harper high ponytail


39. Classy Bryce Harper Hairstyle

This smooth, sleek hairstyle is as classy as it can be. Bryce Harper sometimes sports more retro looks that suit him as a glove.

bryce harper and his girlfriend


40. Bryce Harper Cool Hair Idea

This incredibly voluminous hairstyle can be achieved by teasing your hair. It seems that any Bryce Harper hair idea can be exploited to the maximum.

bryce harper pompadour


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